A List of Common GoPro Errors and How to Fix Them

GoPro camera is a versatile camera everybody wants to own. This is due to its ability to shoot photos and videos even from angles that seem impossible, thanks to its wearable feature. Besides, you can also recover deleted GoPro videos.

However, even though this camera brings many beautiful features to your shooting life, the adventure never ends without errors. Common setbacks include video freezing, Bluetooth connection errors, and many more. To ensure your shooting process is not severely affected, you must understand the common GoPro errors and their fixes. 

If you visit the GoPro official website, go to the “Most Helpful Articles,” and you will find some of the models listed under the troubleshooting section. If your model is one of the most detailed, this guide should help you troubleshoot some of the most common GoPro errors, including the GoPro SD card error

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Camera Freezing 

Camera freezing is one of the most common GoPro camera errors to deal with. The error is caused by several factors, with the most common cause being the firmware being outdated.

If you use a GoPro camera with outdated firmware, you will most likely experience camera freezing errors more frequently. But this should not make you worried as it is a problem you can quickly fix.


How to fix camera freezing 

The most appropriate fix for camera freezing GoPro camera errors is to perform a system update. This can be done using the GoPro App. 

If your GoPro App is updated to version 2.3 or later, you will be able to update your Hero series GoPro cameras wireless using the app itself. Older versions cannot, however, be updated this way. You will be required to download the app from the official site before you can update the firmware. 

Connect to the internet using a smartphone or tablet and download the update. Ensure that the camera has at least 2 bars of battery and that an SD card is inserted before beginning the update process. Also, switch on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi of the camera to make sure you can recover videos from GoPro, including your photos, without corrupting or losing them in the process. 

If camera freezing causes loss of your files, you can use Disk Drill by CleverFiles to recover them. Whether you lose photos or videos, it is the best GoPro SD recovery software.

GoPro App Camera Connection Error

The other common GoPro error is the GoPro app camera connection error. This error commonly occurs when your mobile device cannot find the Wi-Fi network of your GoPro camera to be able to establish a connection.

In many cases, your phone displays error messages such as “Wi-Fi Network Not Connected,” “Connection Lost,” and “Connect Your Camera,” 


How To Fix GoPro App Camera Connection Problem

A straightforward way to fix this problem is to reconnect the GoPro camera manually to your phone. Follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Begin by deleting the camera from the list of paired devices in the Bluetooth settings. 

Step 2: Remove the camera from the menu of your GoPro app.

Step 3: Open the GoPro App and choose “Connect Your Camera.”

Step 4: Select “Edit” from the main camera screen to delete the device. 

Step 5: Now pair your camera to the phone as a new device by following the steps listed in your instruction manual. This will register the GoPro camera to your phone and app again. Check that the issue is resolved and SD card recovery data is intact.

 Poor Mobile Playback Quality 

As mentioned earlier and even from your experience, the GoPro camera is a modern, versatile camera with capabilities beyond the normal video cameras. However, while your GoPro camera shoots high-resolution videos, your mobile device may not support HD video playback. As a result, you end up with poor playback quality.

How To Fix Poor Mobile Playback Errors

Fixing mobile playback errors is a simple process. Since we understand the main problem is your phone and not the camera, we recommend you check the resolutions and playback options supported by your phone first. 

If the resolution is supported, but your phone still gives you poor quality, transfer the videos to your computer and lay using your computer programs. Also, you can opt for a different phone with better-supported playback modes.

SD Card Not Recognized 

Generally, the GoPro Hero Series camera supports a wide range of SD cards. However, if you happen to use an SD card that is not supported by the camera, is faulty, corrupted, or has an incompatible format, you will likely get an error message. 

For instance, although a class-4 SD card may work well with your GoPro camera, it might easily get corrupted, especially when filming in higher resolutions. Generally, class 4 SD Cards work best with the HD HERO and HD HERO2. On the other hand, class-10 SD cards are recommended for the HD HERO3. 


How To Fix SD Card Errors

The best fix for this error is using the recommended SD cards class with your GoPro camera. Also, if you experience problems with the card, it is recommended that you format the card within the camera itself so that the camera can find it more effortless to read and write to it.

 If you lose data due to this error, GoPro file recovery with good recovery software is the best fix.

GoPro Wi-Fi Network Undetectable 

Sometimes your phone or tablet may fail to recognize or detect the Wi-Fi network of your GoPro camera, and as a result, you cannot share photos and videos or even carry out system updates. This is, however, a problem you can quickly fix. Check the section below to troubleshoot the problem. 

How To Fix GoPro Wi-Fi Connection 


  1. Restart your phone or tablet, or Wi-Fi connection to reset the connection process. Once you have done that, switch off your GoPro camera and back on again. This should resolve the issue. 
  2. Set the GoPro camera to phone/tablet mode or the GoPro app mode. You should be able to see a WI-Fi icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen of your camera. It shows that your phone or tablet can now connect to the camera. 
  3. Turn off your device firewalls as you attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi network of your camera to ensure the connection is not interrupted and the signal is stable. 
  4. Uninstall apps that affect data compression and transfer together with the APN settings of your device to restore those settings to default. 
  5. If the problem is not fixed until then, try to update the camera’s firmware again.