How To Fix Amazon Fire Tv Stick Not Working

FireStick is not Working—this is a problem many users of the Amazon Firestick have had to deal with at some point. Some of the problems you may encounter on the device include FireStick freezing, crashes, app-related errors, blank screen as well as visual and audio problems. 

According to the provider, most of these problems may be fixed by just restarting the streaming device. In other cases, you may be required to pull off the power cord, in order to reset the device. However, there are other issues that may persist even after restarting the device, requiring more advanced solutions. 

Throughout this guide, you will learn what causes a good number of FireStick errors, as well as how you can troubleshoot and fix them. 

Despite being a powerful streaming device, your Amazon FireStick may be plagued by different problems from time to time. You may be surprised to find the device not working while it has been working fine previously. Amazon FireStick not working may be caused by several things, including pairing issues, wifi connection issues, and low battery. 

Troubleshooting Steps for When the FireStick is Not Working 

It can be very frustrating to find that your Amazon FireStick device is not working. The problem could be a blank screen, problems streaming content, or just that the remote control features not working. Depending on the particular problem you are experiencing, different methods may be used to fix the issue. 

Here are a few methods and steps you may use to troubleshoot and fix Amazon FireStick when it malfunctions: 

Method 1:Restart The Fire Stick

As mentioned earlier in this guide, most problems associated with the Amazon Fire Stick device may be resolved by restarting the device. Rebooting your FireStick will clean all temporary files from its storage, forcing the device to start afresh. 

From the main screen, select the settings icon at the top of the screen. Now scroll to the right of the screen, and select the “My Fire TV” option. From this list of options, click on the Restart option. This will bring up a prompt for you to confirm this operation, select “Restart” on this prompt.

Allow the device enough time to reboot fully before trying to operate it. 

Method 2:Solution for FireStick Blank Screen

A blank screen is a rather common issue on this streaming device. In such a case, the device will only show a blank screen when you turn it on. This is often caused by a broken or loose cable connection. Again, the FireStick blank screen problem may occur because you are using the wrong connection cables.

To begin with, ensure that you are using the cables that come with your FireStick device. Check to see whether the HDMI cable is securely plugged into the TV/Screen. If this cable is not in good working order, you need to replace it with a genuine HDMI cable.

Thereafter, you need to restart the Amazon FireStick device several times to fix the blank screen issue.

Method 3:FireStick Screen Mirroring Problem Fix  

Are you having a problem mirroring the screen of your devices to the Fire Stick? If so, you first need to ensure that the devices are compatible with the feature. You will encounter the mirroring error if you use a device that is not compatible. 

For instance, the FireStick device does not support such devices as iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers for mirroring. If you are using an Android device for mirroring, it must be Android Version 4.2 or later as earlier versions are not supported. 

Again, you also need to check whether your FireStick device supports screen mirroring. To check this, press and hold the Home button on your FireStick remote. If it shows the Mirroring Option, your Fire Stick supports mirroring compatible devices to the stick. 

Method 4:Amazon FireStick App Crashes Solution 

If one or several of the apps you have on your Firestick tends to crash from time to time, the simplest fix would be to clear the cache and data files for the app(s). To do this, you need to navigate to the main screen on your Firestick and select settings. 

Under the settings options, select Applications and then click on the “Manage Installed Applications” option. This will display all the apps installed on the fire stick. Now select the problematic app from this list, click on it and scroll down to the “Clear Cache” option. 

While at it, be sure to select the “Clear Data” option as well. Repeat these steps for all the apps that tend to crash frequently. Once done, launch the app(s) to check whether the problem was fixed. If not, select Uninstall to remove it. You should the re-download the app from the Amazon App store. 

Method 5:Fix Buffering Issues On Your Fire Stick

Buffering is an issue a considerable number of Amazon FireStick users encounter while streaming content online. To resolve this issue, you need to disable data monitoring on the FireStick device. In this regard, you should select settings from the main fire stick screen. 

You should then scroll to the right, and click on the Preferences option. On the context menu that appears, select the “Data Monitoring” option. If this selection is On, you should click on it to toggle it off. By so doing, data monitoring on your FireStick will be disabled. 

Method 6:Fix Internet Issues On The FireStick

If your device keeps disconnecting, you have an internet problem. Other users have reported having problems connecting the device to the internet. If you are having such a problem, you first need to ensure that your internet connection is active. 

Try to reboot the modem/router and then re-connect the FireStick device to the router/modem. If you would rather connect the device to a Wi-Fi network, open the Settings menu from the FireStick home screen. From this menu, select Network and then select your Wi-Fi network. 

Now press the hamburger button on your Fire Stick remote to reconnect the device to your Wi-Fi network. 

Method 7:Fix for FireStick Remote not Working 

You may also find the FireStick remote unresponsive when you operate it. If your Firestone remote is not working, there are several ways to fix it. In most cases, the problem occurs when the batteries are depleted. 

To check whether this is the problem, open the Settings menu from the FireStick main menu. Navigate to the “Remotes & Bluetooth Devices” option. Next, you should select the “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” option. 

From the list of options displayed, select the remote to check its battery status. If the status is “Dead”, you need to replace the batteries. You may also install the Fire Stick app into your Smartphone, hence use it as a remote for your FireStick device. 

The Most Common Causes

Pairing Issues 

One of the commonest FireStick problems is unresponsive buttons. If the buttons on your FireStick remote are simply not working, you may have a pairing problem. In most cases, this issue occurs when the remote is not properly paired with the device. 

To fix this problem, you only need to pair the remote once again. In this regard, you should press and hold the Home key on the remote for 8 to 10 seconds. If this does not solve the issue, you may need to reset the FireStick remote, and then try pairing it once again. 

Wi-Fi Connection Problem 

If the FireStick device goes offline every once in a while and will not stay connected, you probably have an internet connection problem. This issue may also be as a result of a power outage, or just password error. To begin with, you should endure that your Amazon Prime account password is different from the Wi-Fi password. 

If a password is not the issue, you may be having some form of interference between the FireStick device and the Wi-Fi signal. This could be a physical obstruction that needs to be removed. 

Low Battery Charge 

Amazon FireStick Remotes are known to be ‘power-hungry’. As such, they tend to deplete their batteries a bit faster. Again, the device does not have any low-battery warning to let users know when the battery is running low. 

If you find the FireStick device to be unresponsive to remote operation, chances are that the battery is low. If this is the problem in your case, you need to replace the batteries on the remote with quality alkaline batteries.

Final Verdict  

The FireStick not working problem may also be caused by outdated software. Ensure that your Amazon FireStick device is running on the latest software updates by the provider. If none of the above-described solutions seems to solve the problem, you should consider resetting the device to factory settings. 

Ranging from a blank screen to an unresponsive remote, there are several things that can cause your Fire Stick not to work. As you have learned throughout this guide, different methods may be used to restore the device to its former working condition. 

Regardless of the cause, this guide will help you fix any FireStick not working problem on your own.