Belkin Router Not Working After Reset? (We Have a Fix!)

Is your Belkin router not working after reset? Belkin routers are among the best home and small office network appliances you can buy. But just like any other router, at times, you might run into issues.

A hard reset fixes most problems with Belkin routers. Insert a paperclip into the reset hole until you hear a click. Power cycle the power chord while holding the reset button to hard reset your Belkin router.

If your router stops working, there are several things you can do to try to get it running again. In this guide, we will discuss options when your Belkin router isn’t working.

A hard reset fixes most problems with Belkin routers. If a hard reset doesn’t work, there are some more options, but it’s always a good place to start. Here’s how you hard reset a Belkin router:

  • Unplug all cables from the router. 
  • Locate the small reset hole on the back of the router.
  • Insert a paperclip into the reset hole until you hear a click. That’s the button.
  • While continuing to hold the reset button, reinsert the power cord.
  • Continue to hold the reset button in for 15 seconds after reinserting the power cord.
  • Then release the button. 

After about 30 seconds, your Belkin router will boot back to the original factory default settings. The default IP address for a Belkin router is The default username is admin. Leave the password blank, and it will let you in.

NOTE: The Power LED on your router might blink for a few times during the reset procedure. 

Belkin Router Still Not Working After Hard Reset

It’s relatively common for a Home Wi-fi router to give you trouble from time to time. Like anything else, problems with your Belkin router can usually be resolved on your own.

In this article, we go over several topics as to why your Belkin router might not be working. We will also discuss the best way to troubleshoot Belkin router problems and how to keep your Belkin router secure and updated along with what the Belkin router orange light means.

Why is my Belkin Router Not Working?

If your Belkin router has stopped working, it could be for several different reasons. Basic Belkin router troubleshooting involves simple things like making sure the power cable is plugged in, resetting the device, checking the ISP connection, and firmware version. 

First, check and make sure that all the cables are properly connected. It’s always a good practice to remove each cable and reattach it. You never know when dust or other debris creeps its way down into the connectors.  

If your Belkin router still isn’t working after that, then it’s time to start resetting things. 

Before you reset your Belkin router, try to reset your cable or DSL modem first. After power cycling your modem, wait 2 to 3 minutes and try to connect to the internet again. If that doesn’t work, restart the router. 

To restart your router, all you have to do is remove the power cable for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. From there, try to connect again. If it still isn’t working, see further troubleshooting below.

Before attempting to access your Belkin router’s web-based setup, make sure the router is powered ON. Then, connect a computer to one of the router’s wired LAN ports. After that, open up a web browser and go to

How Do I Fix my Belkin Router After Resetting it?

Step 1 : Connect your computer to your Belkin router with either a LAN cable or over a Wi-Fi connection. 

Step 2 : Open up a web browser and go to, because that’s the default address for Belkin routers. You will be redirected to the Belkin login page. Here you will be able to access your router’s settings.

Step 3 : Because you reset your Belkin router, you need to enter the default login credentials.

Default Belkin Router Username: admin

Default Belkin Router Password: [LEAVE PASSWORD BLANK]

Step 4 : Once you get to your router’s settings page, go to WAN or Internet settings and make sure DHCP is enabled. This will make sure your router automatically receives an IP address from the modem.

Step 5 : After that, go to the Security Settings page. Once you are there, make sure to select WPA2 because it’s the best wireless network security option.

Make sure to use a strong password that has a healthy combination of lowercase and uppercase characters along with some numbers. Don’t forget to throw in a special character for good measure.

Step 6 : You have successfully set up your Belkin router after reset! You install and software CDs that may have come with your router. They are not required for it to function, but there may be some special features that you would like to take advantage of.

Those are the steps that need to be taken when configuring or setting up a Belkin router after it has been reset. Hopefully, this guide was helpful in your question to fix your Belkin router.

What Does an Orange Light on my Belkin Router Mean?

When you see a solid orange light on your Belkin router, that usually means that the router is connected to the modem, but the modem appears to have no internet connection.

Check the cable that connects your Belkin router to your modem. If those cables are connected properly, then you may want to call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and find out if there is an outage in your area. 

I’ve tried all of this and my and my Belkin Router Still Won’t Work

Belkin router not working after reset? Then it might have a hardware problem. Although the cost is low, a network router is still a very complicated piece of equipment that has to be mass-produced in order to reach you in the market.

Because of this, sometimes, components fail, parts break down, and things just quit working on a hardware level.

How Good is a Belkin Router?

Belkin routers are known to be as reliable as any other router. So, reliable enough, for the most part. Wireless Belkin Routers are well known for their great range, good Wi-Fi speed, and excellent coverage area. Belkin routers also have robust security features.

A router lets all the computers and different devices in your home or office to the internet and each other. This is helpful if you plan on browsing the web, playing games, or checking your email. 

Belkin routers come with a built-in web-based setup page. This convenient web interface allows the owner to customize the router’s settings and configure advanced features like port forwarding. 

Are Belkin Routers Worth Repair?

These days, unless it’s very expensive corporate network equipment, it’s not worth repair. If your Belkin router ends up showing signs of hardware failure, it’s best to replace it.


So, those are the things you can try if you Belkin router is not working, and restarting the device did not help. Sometimes a hard reset can do the trick, and other times there is a hardware failure that prevents the router from being able to function.