Bitwarden vs KeePass

Bitwarden offers simple to utilize applications for work area and versatile, including web and order line interfaces. You can utilize it cloud-facilitated on their Microsoft Azure workers or put it away inside your network.KeePass Password Safe is a free and open-source secret word director principally for Windows. It formally upholds macOS and Linux working frameworks using Mono. Also, there are a few informal ports for Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices.KeePass Password Safe is an alternate creature in the secret key administrators’ universe. Albeit numerous devices are free, KeePass is additionally an open-source-based secret phrase supervisor. This has a few ramifications that are significant in choosing whether this is the correct apparatus for you. 

Bitwarden is an open-source secret key director that stores every one of your accreditations in an encoded vault, secured by an expert secret word. KeePass is certainly not gaudy, simple-to-utilize programming. Contrasted with other free secret word directors, like LastPass or RoboForm, which include a cutting edge and cordial interface, KeePass is lingering behind; indeed, a client with no foundation (even an essential one) in manual programming setup and giving basic contents something to do maybe befuddled by its plan and absence of instinct. 

Nonetheless, the genuine estimation of KeePass is in its astonishing measure of highlights, security strength, and adaptability—on the off chance that you are up for the assignment of figuring out how to utilize it. In the wake of taking a gander at very nearly 70 secret phrase supervisors, this is what I thought you truly need to think about this extraordinary instrument.

What is Bitwarden?

Bitwarden is open-source programming that we accept to be outstanding amongst other secret phrase chiefs accessible today. It’s easy to understand and profoundly secure and incorporates nearly everything people, groups, and organizations need in a secret key supervisor.

Features and utilities

Bitwarden’s fundamental plans center around the meat of secret phrase the board, yet even the free plans incorporate multi-gadget sync, discretionary self-facilitating, and limitless distributed storage. 

  • Premium plans remember reports for your passwords that feature things like frail passwords and unstable sites. A Data Breach Report can disclose to you whether an email address has been undermined in a known information breach.
  • The strategies incorporate highlights for dealing with the passwords of a bigger labor force, with secret key sharing, fine-grained admittance control, client gatherings, two-venture login, and multifaceted validation. 


  • Bitwarden’s establishment cycle is direct. There are download catches on the site for work area applications, versatile applications, program augmentations, and order line installers, and you can get to the Web Vault from any program by going to
  • If you download the work area application, you can make your Bitwarden account from inside it by providing an email address and an expert secret word. It’s all exceptionally clear and straightforward.

Plans and valuing 

Bitwarden has a free close-to-home arrangement, a free marketable strategy, an exceptional individual arrangement, a family plan, and two paid strategies. 

  • The free close-to-home arrangement incorporates all the center highlights of Bitwarden, including multi-gadget sync and limitless things in your vault. Moving up to the $10/year Premium arrangement adds 1GB of encoded record stockpiling, two-venture login with outsiders, and need client care. 
  • The Family Plan costs $1/month for five clients, with shared 1GB scrambled document stockpiling. 
  • The free marketable strategy incorporates dividing among two clients however restricts you to two shared secret phrase assortments.
  •  Moving up to the Teams plan costs just $60/year for five clients (in addition to $24/year per extra client) and opens limitless assortments and 1GB encoded record stockpiling. 
  • The Enterprise plan costs $3/client/month (charged every year) and incorporates an abundance of added highlights, for example, client gatherings and RESTful API access.

The competitor

In case you’re willing to spend, Dashlane includes distinguish burglary security along with everything else. This adds credit observing, character reclamation backing, and wholesale fraud protection that conceals you to $1 million. 

  • Another paid secret key director with a larger number of highlights than Bitwarden is LastPass. Prominently, LastPass can autofill passwords on work area applications, something that a few organizations will discover important.

Using Bitwarden vs. KeePass

  • The most striking contrast between Bitwarden and KeePass is the interface. The two interfaces are significantly less smooth than those of business secret phrase administrators like LastPass and 1Password, be that as it may. 
  • KeePass takes this to a limit with a work area application interface that is directly from the ’90s. That is no immense shock, as it’s been around since 2003. 

KeePass’ fundamental screen 

  • KeePass is a substantially more exemplary work area application for “power clients.” For instance, its menus are fairly language-filled contrasted with present-day paid secret phrase administrators. 
  • This application runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, even though it’s written in .NET and the non-Windows customers go through the Mono system. 

A KeePass menu 

  • Bitwarden, then again, offers a more current, smoothed-out client experience befitting of a program that was dispatched in 2016. 
  • Even though it’s not as smooth as, say, LastPass, it’s significantly more clear and considerably more idea out than KeePass in such a manner. It simply looks better and is much more natural to utilize. It additionally chips away at Windows, Mac, and Linux just as on Android and iPhone. 

Bitwarden’s primary screen 

  • The contrasts between KeePass and Bitwarden run more than shallow. Other than being simpler on the eyes, Bitwarden is likewise simpler to utilize on account of having an internet browser autofill and worked in programmed sync.
  • Autofill is the exceptionally helpful capacity to have your secret key supervisor naturally fill in the username and secret word fields on any site that you need to get to. It’s what lifts secret key chiefs from being just valuable to being life hacks: Not just do you not have to recollect passwords, you likewise don’t have to type them out. 
  • Programmed sync (another way to say “synchronization”) is the point at which you can utilize a similar program on various gadgets (like your PC and cell phone) and have the data consequently moved between them.
  •  Any record that you make on your PC, you can autofill on your cell phone, for instance. Bitwarden does this naturally (and with Visa and ID numbers, as well), while KeePass makes you move the document with your passwords physically. 

Adding new things to Bitwarden 

  • Autofill and match-up are probably the handiest highlights that a secret word administrator can have, and it’s difficult to suggest any program that is deficient with regards to one, not to mention both. 
  • Nonetheless, KeePass has its secret weapon as its modules. 

KeePass Plugins 

While Bitwarden is a program that is put out by an organization, quite a bit of KeePass’s usefulness outside of the base programming is given by its local area through modules.

  • These are expansions of the program that add a particular capacity to KeePass or even run it on Android gadgets, iPhones, and iPads. 
  • The KeePass people group is very dynamic and offers a wide range of modules, including ones that can add autofill and programmed sync, so you could simply add that usefulness that way.
  •  As a rule, adding a module is simple on KeePass: You can download and unload the record into the KeePass registry, and afterward add the module utilizing the menu in the fundamental KeePass customer, albeit some modules may require extra advances. 
  • Be that as it may, there’s whether or not adding modules is something you need to do in any case. As secret key directors should be programs that make life simpler, it may appear to be illogical to some to add an entire pack of additional means to add some usefulness that other programming, as Bitwarden, has worked in out of the container. 
  • That being said, KeePass’s modules are extremely helpful for tech lovers who like to dabble with programs. When utilizing the privilege modules, for instance, you can change the appearance of KeePass or add works that a large number of its rivals don’t offer, similar to programmed reinforcement or progressed scripting. 
  • To put it plainly, the distinction between KeePass and Bitwarden with regards to ease of use is that Bitwarden is simpler to utilize. However, as a rule, when utilizing it as its designers planned, KeePass gives you significantly greater adaptability, yet at the expense of being harder to utilize. 
  • In that capacity, KeePass could be an incredible fit for individuals who feel comfortable around a PC, while Bitwarden is likely a superior choice for individuals who are searching for a more buyer well-disposed arrangement. 

Bitwarden versus KeePass Security 

  • Up until now, we’ve talked about the primary contrasts between Bitwarden and KeePass. Presently, we should inspect some significant similitudes between them. Whichever you wind up picking, your passwords and any close-to-home information you transferred will be protected.
  •  Bitwarden stores your passwords in the cloud, yet scrambles them on your machine utilizing the “military-grade” AES-256 code, implying that they’re garbled to anyone taking a gander at them on the worker. The organization is likewise consistently reviewed by outsider security firms to guarantee that client information is protected. 
  • KeePass utilizes a similar encryption key, however stores all passwords on your PC, implying that you need to ensure that no one who should approach draws near to it. 
  • Be that as it may, regardless of whether someone gets access, KeePass likewise encodes your passwords. It utilizes AES-256 naturally, yet you can likewise look over among different choices, as ChaCha20. 
  • What’s more, the two projects are open source, implying that anyone can take a gander at their code on GitHub and see whether there are any issues with it.
  •  Bitwarden likewise permits individuals to report any bugs or security blemishes that they discover and get an abundance. 
  • Likewise, with all secret phrase supervisors, the lone genuine shortcoming is your lord’s secret word, which is the one you use to get to the program. On account of KeePass and Bitwarden, this specific issue is obscure to them. 
  • This implies that on the off chance that you lose your lord’s secret phrase, it’s lost for eternity. Simultaneously, it additionally implies that it is extremely unlikely for anyone to discover what it is except if you offer it to them. 

Are KeePass and Bitwarden Free? 

  • The beneficial thing about the two projects is that they’re free, even though you can give to individuals behind KeePass on the off chance that you’d prefer to help them. 
  • Bitwarden’s fee arrangement is a completely utilitarian secret word director, and accordingly, you never need to pay for it, even though it offers some high-level capacities for paying clients. 
  • Bitwarden offers a Premium Account for $10 each year and offers more choices with regards to coordinating two-factor validation arrangements (like YubiKey or U2F Key) and vault wellbeing reports, which investigate the security of your passwords. The Family/Organization Plan is $40 each year and permits you to impart the record to up to six clients.
  •  This implies that everyone can share some safe information—it’s helpful for family Netflix accounts or the organization VPN.

Is it safe to use KeePass?

KeePass upholds a few encryption guidelines, AES and Twofish, that are viewed as exceptionally secure. It scrambles the whole information base and uses SHA-256 to hash the expert key parts. It secures passwords even while KeePass is running and makes word reference and beast power assaults more diligently by utilizing key induction capacities.

Is KeePass the best password manager?

KeePass is the best secret phrase director for the DIYer who will exchange the comfort of cloud-based frameworks like LastPass for complete power over (and customization of) their secret phrase framework.

Is Bitwarden safe?

Indeed. Bitwarden secures client passwords with 256-digit AES encryption, which makes it fundamentally unthinkable for programmers to get to the information on Bitwarden’s workers. Bitwarden likewise has a zero-information strategy, which implies that not even Bitwarden can get to your information

Is Bitwarden the best?

Bitwarden isn’t only a standout amongst other free secret word administrators accessible, it’s so usable and includes stuffed it could make paid secret word directors bankrupt. The free arrangement has limitless capacity and multi-gadget sync, AES-250 encryption keeps everything secure, and the source code is all accessible to examine


Regardless of whether you use KeePass to work on your regular day-to-day existence, done expecting to jot down passwords on irregular pieces of paper, or use it to build the security of your entrance codes, these two territories are significant benefits you can appreciate with this product. 

The steadily expanding local area behind the KeePass open source project is meriting acclaim, with their responsibility and energy the motivation behind why it’s the most well-known scrambled secret key director arrangement out there today. 

This ubiquity has just been put forth conceivable by the attempts of this devoted local area who has advanced this creative programming throughout the long term. 

You can discover KeePass in the two its Portable and Classic renditions for Windows, macOS X, Linux, BSD, and a lot of additional working frameworks. For porting to different stages, forks, and KeePass modules, counsel the guide for the best approach to go. Bitwarden isn’t only a standout amongst other free secret word chiefs accessible, it’s so usable and includes pressed it could make paid secret word administrators bankrupt.

 The free arrangement has limitless capacity and multi-gadget sync, AES-250 encryption keeps everything secure, and the source code is all accessible to examine. We’d prefer to see a couple of additional highlights like work area application secret key autofill, however other than that we enthusiastically suggest Bitwarden.