The Blue Screen of Death 101: Everything You Need to Know

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) can be as scary as it sounds for Windows computer users. BSODs appear on a screen when Microsoft Windows detects a critical error that it can’t recover from, usually resulting from faulty hardware or software. Although a BSOD warning is less common today, it can still appear and interrupt your computer’s … Read more

A List of Common GoPro Errors and How to Fix Them

GoPro camera is a versatile camera everybody wants to own. This is due to its ability to shoot photos and videos even from angles that seem impossible, thanks to its wearable feature. Besides, you can also recover deleted GoPro videos. However, even though this camera brings many beautiful features to your shooting life, the adventure never … Read more

Web Scraping 101

Technology is no longer a field limited to geeks and Silicone Valley Mega Heads. With more and more daily life happening online, it has become almost essential for anyone hoping to make it in any field to have some semblance of mastery in all things internet. Concepts like firewalls, VPNs and web scraping are now … Read more

Advantages of Getting a Programmable Thermostat for Your Home

In many houses around the country, programmable thermostats are now the norm. Many people are discovering that simply switching to a programmable thermostat has numerous financial advantages. Aside from being an excellent home automation gadget, programmable thermostats have a variety of value for air conditioning systems. Let’s look at a few of the advantages, and … Read more

A beginner’s guide to implementing time tracking for contractors

Independent contractors are on the rise. They like the freedom that comes with the job, like managing their own time. However, there are challenges associated with being independent contractors. If you don’t find a way to track time, you could end up with missed deadlines. Efficient management depends on having an overview of your availability … Read more

Factors to Consider Before You Open Your Business in Texas

Texas has always been an excellent place for small businesses to grow. Entrepreneurs come from around the country to set up shop in the Lone Star State, and many of them succeed. However, it’s not all that simple. Before you open the store to the public, there are many factors to consider. For example, have … Read more

Player Props: The Bet Few Know About

Many people think of betting against the spread, or Moneyline bets when they think of sports betting. They may even take a chance on the over/under. What are the similarities between these wagers? They have something to do with the game’s outcome – even at halftime, period or quarter. Betting on props becomes more specific. … Read more

How to Make Your Columbia Home Smarter with Smart Devices

South Carolina is a beautiful place to live, with cities like Charleston and Greenville coming to mind. The city of Columbia should not be overlooked, as it offers warm Southern weather and charm, stunning scenery, a wide array of things to do and eat, and a low cost of living.   Columbia houses for sale … Read more

How To Salvage Data From a Corrupt SD Card

It’s life shattering. You’ve lost all of your memories, videos, and photos. Today, I’m going to teach you how to salvage data from a corrupt SD card Have you ever had your computer throw an error at you when it couldn’t read a file off your SD card? It was probably pretty annoying. If you … Read more