What Is a JPEG and How Do You Convert to One?

There are five main digital image file types, which might seem like a manageable number to some and overly complex to others. And on top of those five, there are other lesser-used file types and new ones popping up all the time.  While you’re asking “what is a JPEG?”, there are file formats like WEBP … Read more

Can You Trust A Free VPN Service?

A Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as VPN in short, is a downloadable multi-platform software which has the sole purpose of providing a user with a ‘secure’ connection to ensure internet privacy. There are literally hundreds of options out there to choose from. You will find the software on proprietary websites as well as on app … Read more

Security Vulnerabilities In Databases [How To Solve It]

Security Vulnerabilities In Databases

s your database optimally secured? Even though everyone wants to answer, yes, many may stumble upon it. If you are confident to answer this question with a confident yes, keep on reading.   Nowadays, on keenly following it, you cannot get past a single day without hearing news about some data security breach. Many companies are … Read more

Robotic Process Automation is transforming accounting

Robotic process automation is nothing but a new innovation in technology which promotes basic AI features to diminish human involvement and such repetitive tasks get performed. RPAs are bots and even at times they are called robo-accountants. For accounting purposes, RPAs were deployed to grasp bulks of transaction from vendor invoices to financial closes and … Read more

How To Use Instagram For Advertising [Pro Tips]

Many marketers think that there’s nothing more to Instagram marketing than pushing out high-quality and engaging posts. While as necessary as the tactic might be, smart marketers should also explore the opportunity of advertising on Instagram even though it does require you to spend some money to get results. However, there are many compelling reasons … Read more