How To Fix CE-30774-1 PS4 Error Code? [Software Update Error]

PS4 cannot find the update file CE-30774-1. Are you getting this error message when you try to update the PlayStation 4 firmware from a USB storage device? If the console is not connected to the internet, the best way to update the firmware would be using a portable USB stick. 

However, the process may not go as smoothly as it should, and numerous users have reported getting error code CE-30774-1 while at it. Basically, this error is to tell you that the console cannot update the system firmware from the portable device as is. 

This may be as a result of Corrupted update files, incorrect file naming, or structure in the disk. You will also get this error message if the file you are trying to install is in the wrong location. Regardless of the case, fixing PS4 error code CE-30774-1 is rather easy, as you will learn throughout this guide.  

What Causes PS4 Error CE-30774-1? 

If you are getting error code CE-30774-1 on your PS4 console, the problem is either the USB portable storage device or the files you are installing. This error cannot be caused by a malfunction in the console or even the firmware the console is running on. 

So, what exactly triggers the “PS4 cannot find the update file CE-30774-1” error message? 

Corrupted Firmware Installation Files 

You need to be careful with the things you install on your PlayStation 4 console. If the patch file you are using to update the system firmware is corrupted, it will just not work. To be on the safe side, you should only download PS4 updates from the official manufacturer website

Incorrect File Structure 

The file structure refers to the file storage path on the portable USB storage device. If the structure is not set correctly, you will end up getting error code CE-30774-1 whenever you try to run the update. The correct update file structure should be USB Storage> PS4> UPDATE. 

Again, you may also get the error message simply because the update file is not named properly in the USB disk. To avoid installation error code CE-30774-1, you need to ensure that the folder named are in capital letters, as illustrated on the pathway example above. 

Check to ensure that the update file name is PS4UPDATE.PUP, as improper naming can also trigger such an installation problem. 

Wrong USB Storage Device Formatting

Before saving the System firmware update file in the USB storage device, you need to ensure that the disk is formatted to the correct format. For the purpose of PS4 firmware updates, you need to have the disk formatted to either the FAT or the exFAT format. 

If the disk is in a different format, it will be impossible for the PS4 console to read the update file, even if the naming and structure are correct.

How to Fix PS4 Error Code CE 30774 1

As you can see, the error code CE-30774-1 message you are getting has nothing to do with the console or the firmware you are currently running. As such, you will find the issue a bit easier to resolve in a matter of minutes. 

Discussed below are some of the most effective methods and procedures you may use to resolve PS4 error CE-30774-1:

Method 1: Format the USB Stick 

First things first, check to see whether your USB storage device is formatted to either FAT or exFAT format. If not, insert it into a USB port on your PC/Mac computer. Once it has been detected by the computer, right-click on it. Now select Format from the context menu that comes up. 

On the Format dialog box displayed, click on the “File System” field to expand it, and then select either FAT or exFAT. Click on the OK button to format the disk. Note that this operation will clear all the data stored on the USB storage device

Method 2: Use the Correct File Structure 

Having set the disk to he right format, you now need to save the update files for your PS4 console into the USB storage device. While doing this, be sure to use the correct file structure so that the console can read it. This should be done using a computer. 

Insert the USB disk into the computer and allow it to be detected. Open the USB storage device on the computer and create a new folder, name this folder ‘ PS4’. Now open the PS4 folder you just created and create another folder, name this one ‘UPDATE’. 

Now you need to copy the PS4 firmware update file you just downloaded and paste it into the UPDATE folder on the USB disk. Be sure to name the update file ‘PS4UPDATE.PUP’. Otherwise, you will continue to get the “PS4 cannot find the update file CE-30774-1” error message. 

 Method 3: Download a New Update File  

If you are still getting the CE-30774-1 PS4 error code after the above-described solutions, chances are that you are using Corrupted update files. In such a case, you will need to download a new update file, and copy it into your USB storage disk. 

The right procedure to do this will depend on whether you replaced the hard disk on your PS4 or not. This is how you should go about it:

If You Are Using the Original PS4 Hard Disk Drive 

Visit this website to download the firmware, here . On this webpage, click on the ‘Download Now’ link to get the genuine firmware update file. Insert the USB storage device into a USB port on the computer and ensure that it is formatted as FAT or exFAT.

Now, you need to create a folder on the flash drive and name it PS4 (case sensitive). Open the PS4 folder and create another folder named UPDATE (case sensitive). Copy the update file into the UPDATE folder in the flash drive. 

At this point, you will need to power cycle the PS4 console. To do this, turn the console off, and unplug it for about 3 minutes. Plug it back in and power the console on. Now insert the USB storage device to see whether the PS4 error CE-30774-1 code has cleared. 

If The PS4 Hard Disk Drive Was Replaced 

Visit the manufacturer website to download a copy of the Firmware update file, here While on this page, navigate to the  “Perform a new installation of the system software.” Section and click to expand. Next, click on the “DOWNLOAD NOW” link to get the update file.

Insert the USB drive into the computer and format it to either FAT or exFAT. On the flash drive, create a new folder and name it PS4 (case sensitive). Inside this folder, create another one named UPDATE (case sensitive). Now transfer the update file from the download folder on the computer to this UPDATE folder on the USB storage device. 

Next, power the PS4 console and unplug it for 3 to 5 minutes. This operation is meant to power cycle the console. After the 3 minutes, plug the console back in and power it on. 

Final Verdict 

The ‘PS4 cannot find the update file CE-30774-1’ error message means that the console is unable to read the update file from the USB drive you are using. This may occur because the update file is corrupted, the drive is not properly formatted or the file structure used is wrong. 

The problem is fairly simple to resolve though. You need to format the disk and use the correct file structure as discussed throughout this guide. With this guide, you will have an easy time fixing PS4 error code CE-30774-1.