MSVCR120.dll is missing | What To Do About It

The msvcr120.dll file is an important file for the Windows OS, used for extracting resources for third-party applications. This file has a connection with the C++ programming language. When it is missing, programs that are running in the C++ language will not launch successfully.  However, you can fix this problem with some operations. This guide … Read more

How To Fix logilda.dll Error Message On Startup [Solved]

logilda.dll Error Message

“There was a problem starting C:\Windows\System32\logilda.dll /The specified module could not be found.” Are you getting this error message while starting or shortly after starting your computer? The problem is commonly associated with Logitech Download Assistant.  If you are getting this error, the Logitech Download Assistant is not installed correctly or was moved to a … Read more

How To Fix Citizengame.dll Error Fatal Error?

When playing Grand Theft Auto V, there are a lot of things you can do to mod the game to your liking. With so many different options, it can be easy to get carried away and cause glitches within the base game that make it inoperable when used in tandem with the mods. Even single … Read more

Unityplayer.dll Caused An Access Violation [Fix It Quickly]

Unityplayer.dll Caused An Access Violation

Errors identified with unityplayer.dll can emerge for a couple of various reasons. For example, a flawed application, unityplayer.dll has been erased or lost, ruined by malignant programming present on your PC or a harmed Windows vault. The most generally happening error messages include: The program cannot begin as unityplayer.dll is absent from your PC.  You … Read more

vcomp110.dll is missing Error [Troubleshooting Guide]

vcomp110.dll is missing

Any fatal error or missing file issue irritates, and if not solved, all dependencies and pending works are stopped. This DLL missing error, i.e., Vcomp110.dll missing, is due to a library file known as DLL file, and Microsoft has developed this library. This means that the mentioned file is a mandatory system file and must … Read more

Vcruntime140.dll is Missing From Your Computer [Wamp Fix]

Vcruntime140.dll is Missing

WAMP is a very common and frequently-used application, which is abbreviated as Windows, Apache, MYSQL, and PHP. Basically, the application is well used by IT professionals, programmers, and software developers for purposed of application and web development. You can also install them all separately too if you wish but WAMP makes it very easy and … Read more

dlcfinsb.dll is missing [Not Found Error]

As its file extension denotes, dlcfinsb.dll is a vital DLL file and it’s a component of the software INS bitmap resource DLL developed by Windows Software Developer. The latest version of dlcfinsb.dll file is and MD5 value is a2344d1bd8bbf56ee2a4b6622df292a5. What’s dlcfinsb.dll File? INS bitmap resource DLL and the Windows will generate dlcfinsb.dll error when … Read more