How To Fix Err Spdy Inadequate Transport Security | Spotify Error

The Err_Spdy_Inadequate_Transport_Security Spotify Error is an error that occurs when the webpage at a website address is temporarily down. This error can occur when the website address has moved permanently to a replacement web address.

Chrome users are facing the “Err_Spdy_Inadequate_Transport_Security Spotify Error” while attempting to access a website. Here, we will see the reasons for this error and a few ways to solve it. If you cannot wait, we suggest starting with solution # 2

The Err_Spdy_Inadequate_Transport_Security appears when a website is temporarily down or moved permanently to a replacement web address. This error hinders you from getting through to any website. But it can be addressed by following the instructions we’ve prepared below.

What Are The Causes? 

This problem happens because of the HTTP/2. This means the location started an HTTP/2 connection but there was a blacklisted cipher negotiated. This means the Chrome browser has shut down access.

So, the standard solution for this is often to reorder the cipher suites to satisfy the wants of the HTTP/2. Many things can cause it. A major factor is that IIS in Windows Server 2016 makes HTTP/2 come on normally. The sole disadvantage is that the older HTTP/1.1 if the browser doesn’t allow HTTP/2.

HTTP/2 on the other hand has new browsers supporting it. You should know it has stricter requirements than HTTP/1.1. One major issue with the Windows Server is what it faces with these browser errors. 2016 attempts to support HTTP/2 in-browser but the windows server did not work out. This is because the weaker SSL Ciphers are not supported by HTTP/2.

How To Fix It?

Use the SSL Labs to see the configuration of your server. The results from SSL Lab can help you set the configuration much better. Click here to go to their official site and test the server. There are some sound publications on TLS and SSL.

Solution 1: Use IIS Crypto 2

IIS Crypto is usually for administrators. This controls the various protocols, hashes, and cipher suites on the servers. Check more about reordering SSL/TLS cipher suites. The issue with the ordering of the cipher suites according to the IIS, this tool is often wont to solve the difficulty.

IIS Crypto 2 comes with the simplest Practices option that helps in selecting the acceptable cipher suites. When you select this feature, it’ll automatically include or exclude the ciphers counting on the wants of HTTP2. Check these steps for IIS Crypto 2

You should try using repair tools. They usually check through the corrupt, missing, or damaged files. You will see that the difficulty originated from system corruption. 

Step 1: Click here and download the version suitable for you
Step 2: Once downloaded, install and open Crypto 2
Step 3: Simply click the Best Practices button
Step 4: Crypto 2 will automatically select and deselect the boxes from each column
Step 5: Once the Crypto 2 has selected the acceptable Protocols, Hashes, Cyphers and Key Exchanges, click Apply
Step 6: Reboot and that is it. It should fix the issue for you.

If your cipher suites aren’t arising on the Crypto then confirm you’ve got the newest version of it. The older version won’t be able to detect everything.

Solution 2: Reorder the Cypher Suites

Check here. You will the list of what makes the HTTP/2 works effectively. You should not use any cipher that is already listed on the blacklist. Most times, this error is because you opted for a blacklisted cipher. It’s simple. Use the appropriate protocols and ciphers. 

Reordering the cipher suites should also be done as per the requirements of the HTTP/2. Restart once you are done with the changes e.g. enabling and disabling cipher suites.

When you just upgrade the IIS webserver to Windows Server 2016, you may come across a Ns_Error_Net_Inadequate_Security error in Firefox or an Err_Spdy_Inadequate_Transport_Security error in Google Chrome.

At the server level, there are a couple of options you’ve got to resolve this issue. First, you’ll disable the weaker cipher suites, which are suggested for security purposes, and leave HTTP/2 enabled. Another is to disable HTTP/2 in IIS and only use the older HTTP/1.1 standard. We’ll walk you through both options.

Disable Weak Cipher Suites

The easiest thanks to toggle cipher suites and SSL protocols is by employing a utility called IISCrypto which you’ll download here. When you open IISCrypto, you’ll use the simplest Practices button. This will prevent the workings of insecure protocols and weaker cipher suites.

Restart so that you can see the changes you made. If you’re more advanced, you’ll fine-tune these protocols and cipher suites manually using IISCrypto also.

Disable Http/2 In IIS On Windows Server 2016

If you opt to disable HTTP/2 in IIS on Windows Server 2016 and only use HTTP/1.1, you’ll do so by adding two DWORD registry keys.

Step 1: You can copy the text within the box below into an empty Notepad file and reserve it as a .reg file.
Step 2: Then double-click the file to import the registry keys and reboot.


“EnableHttp2Tls”=dword: 00000000

“EnableHttp2Cleartext”=dword: 00000000

You can choose to launch HTTP/2 later, delete the registry keys or change their designations to one.


How to Disable Http/2 In Firefox

You can get the said error NS_ERROR_NET_INADEQUATE_SECURITY in Firefox. This could happen even when you are not the controller of the server, you’ll disable HTTP/2 in Firefox.

Step 1: Open Firefox and sort about: config within the address bar
Step 2: Click on I Accept The Risk
Step 3: Search for network.http.spdy.enabled.http2
Step 4: Change the value to False
Step 5: Restart your browser


If none of the methods worked, we recommend using Restoro Repair Tool which can scan the repositories to replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the difficulty is originated thanks to a system corruption. This will also optimize your system for maximum performance.