ntvdm.exe Has Stopped Working [Find Out What To Do]

Firstly, we should know that what a ntvdm.exe file is? The ntvdm.exe file is also known as the Windows NT Dos Virtual machine and belongs to the Microsoft Windows family. This operating system is quite helpful to users by providing an environment for a 16-bit process to execute successfully on a 32-bit platform. It is … Read more

Libcef.Dll Virus Infections | Removal Guide

Libcef.Dll Virus

Firstly, we should know what Libcef.dll is? It is a chromium embedded framework (CEF) and is used by numerous programs. This DLL file is digitally signed by a valve and is used by steam and many other applications for their operation. The DLLs are files containing codes that can also be reused. However, we should know that … Read more

Sink to Receive Asynchronous Callbacks [Easy Solution]

Sink to receive asynchronous callback

The Sink method is used by Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) or AVG Technologies to collect asynchronous callbacks for WMI client applications or WMI. The file has a Microsoft signature on it. When a program needs to send and receive data from a remote server, this software is required. Unsecapp is a technical term for an application that … Read more

An Error Occurred While Reading The FLP File [Easy Fix]

Error Occurred While Reading The FLP File

The files with .FLP are the ones categorized and classified as audio files. Moreover, they are also the ones with disk images plus audio files. The extension is well used by the software product named FruityLoops and most interestingly, these are the only files describing music file references instead of any music/audio files .In simple … Read more

Google Play Store Error Code 910 [Solved]

The ‘error Code 910’ is commonly occurred when the client attempts to install, update or uninstall an application from Google Play Store on an Android gadget. This is normally known to happen if the client beforehand uninstalls preinstalled applications. The Google Play Store is the default store for Android gadgets where you can get the … Read more

Dell Error code 2000-0511 | Possible Fixes

Error code 2000-0511

There is the error named 2000-0511, which arsies in DELL laptops very frequently. This normally appears when user tries turning machine ON. The situation becomes really annoying when computer doesn’t  really start and user gets irritated. It doesn’t let yo do any work properlyu and you can’t  perform any operation basically. The same is caused by … Read more

Fixing Netio.sys Error | Windows 10 BSOD On Boot

Netio.sys Error

Many windows users experience this BSDO error i.e. Blue Screen of Death error known as NETIO.SYS error on their screen.  They receive this error randomly on their screen and there are various ways the error is displayed to the users frequently These include: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (NETIO.SYS) IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL (NETIO.SYS) KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (NETIO.SYS) PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (NETIO.SYS) If you are experiencing the NETIO.SYS … Read more

vbe6ext.olb Could Not Be Loaded [3 Easy Solutions]

VBE6EXT.OLB could not be loaded

Fixing VBE6EXT.OLB is a bit technical job to do because the file is not same as other system files. It is basically an extension of Visual Basic and specifically returns error when there is a corruption in any office application or Visual Basic programs. The error shows to the users on the screen saying “VBE6EXT.OLB … Read more