How Do You Fix Invalid Teleservice ID? [Error 4]

Error 4: Invalid Teleservice ID is a text message failure that could occur on your Android device. You are likely to get it when you are using multiple SIM cards on your device.  You probably set the inactive SIM as the default SIM, therefore triggering the error. However, you can fix this error with some … Read more

How to Stop Firefox From Opening Last Session

Stop Firefox From Opening Last Session

If terminated unexpectedly, the Mozilla Firefox browser is configured to restore up to 10 of the tabs, and the last three windows. While restoring the last session can be convenient at times, it can be annoying if it happens every time you open the browser.  These settings may also compromise your privacy as they will … Read more

Explorer.exe Class Not Registered Error [5 Solutions]

Explorer.exe Class Not Registered

The error, File Explorer.exe Class Not Registered is one that stops you from launching various applications on your system. It usually happens when your system files are corrupt due to malware or virus. It may also mean that your antivirus has deleted some critical system files while battling malware. However, this error can be resolved … Read more

Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed [4 Solutions]

Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed

The 503 no service error is an HTTP status code that points out that the website’s server is not functioning. It is not restricted to any particular operating system. This error can even occur in smartphones and nontraditional computers. It interrupts your browsing experience, and I get how bad this can be. Therefore, I have arranged … Read more

Do You Need Windows Firewall If You Have Antivirus?

Computer safety is a rising concern for users as we have seen many leaks, hacks, and other instructions into a world growing increasingly reliant on cloud storage initiatives to store personal data.  Many rely on antivirus or firewall solutions to safeguard their device, but they fail to pair the two together to ensure optimal security. … Read more

Xbox One Startup Error e105 [4 Steps]


Xbox One Startup Error E105 is an error that occurs after an Xbox One update. In this post, we will go into what it is, what causes it, and of course how to fix this error.  This error shows up after you’ve tried to turn your Xbox One on and are then interrupted by this … Read more

Netflix F7701-1003 Error Code | A Few Simple Solutions

Netflix F7701-1003 Error Code

Netflix Error Code F7701-1003: Pardon the interruption. We’re having trouble playing Netflix. Please make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox and try again. Have you encountered this error code while using Netflix on Mozilla Firefox? Have you had no luck in resolving the problem? Before relenting and calling Netflix customer support or … Read more