Error Wc-34891-5 Playstation | Invalid Debit/Credit Card [Solved]

Misconfigured system files in your Windows operating system will cause Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4 error codes in one way or another.

if you’re having trouble with Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4, we strongly advise that you download the (Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4) Repair Tool. The content shows how to manually and automatically repair your Windows Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4 error. It will also show you how to troubleshoot some popular error messages associated with the Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4 error that you can get.

There are a variety of reasons why your PS4 is unexpectedly stuck on an error screen with a code. The error codes on PS4 are marked by a sequence of letters and numbers, as well as a summary, much like in many other operating systems. However, this knowledge may not be sufficient to understand not only what the error entails, but also how to correct it. We’ll show you the possible PS4 error codes, what they mean, and how to fix them in this TLDR (but search) post.

What exactly is Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4?

The reference format of the error caused is Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4. This is a standard error code format used by Microsoft Windows and other Windows-compatible device and driver vendors.

The vendor uses this code to figure out what went wrong. The error code Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4 has a numeric error number and a technical definition. In certain cases, the Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4 format might have more parameters. The address of the memory locations where the instruction(s) are loaded at the time of the error is represented by this additional hexadecimal code.

The error codes are the same in all PS4 models

The error codes we see, as well as the potential solutions, are the same regardless of which PS4 model we have: Slim, Pro, or PS4. These error codes can be caused by a console failure, a problem with a game, a bad internet connection, or a problem with our account. 

Popular solutions to PlayStation 4’s major issues

While it is required that we check for the error that is displayed in our PS4 in the following list to quickly and easily determine the cause and solution, the truth is that there are some effective methods to some of the most common problems with which we can solve the majority of the problems, such as

Firmware should be updated

If you have a Smart TV, an obsolete version of the firmware on our television or game console may cause such errors due to a lack of audio, video, or even internet connectivity.

Examine the HDMI ports.

It’s important to double-check the status of our console’s HDMI ports and cables, as well as the TVs.

Examine the hard disk’s condition: Needless to say, any flaw in the disc or a faulty cable will cause us to have issues with our PS4. As a result, performing these types of tests before doing something else is always a good idea. You can check and run tests and see if hardware issues exist

Check the power supply’s status.

To make sure, press and hold the power button on the console for several seconds, or until the machine beeps twice and shuts down. After that, we disconnect the power cable and inspect the connectors and cables to ensure they are in good working order and do not have any visible damage.

Perform a factory reset on your computer.

If none of the previous checks or suggested solutions work for any of the PS4 errors mentioned below, we can try restoring our console’s factory settings.

The reality is that it is a more drastic approach, but we might have no choice but to accept it if necessary. Of course, we must first understand that restoring our PS4 by performing a factory reset entails a complete wipe of the console’s hard drive. As a result, we must first build a backup copy of everything we don’t want to lose during the process. After that, we’ll restore the factory values by performing the following steps:

  • Turn on the console.
  • Enter your information in the fields given below. Please write everything correct and there must not be any typo mistake as this can cause real issues for you
  • Select the Initialization option from the configuration options.
  • Select the PS4 Initialize choice.
  • Choose the Complete choice.
  • To begin the process, select Initialize.
  • Confirm by clicking yes, and then wait for the console’s factory settings to be restored.

We must not turn the console off or do something about it during the procedure. After that, you can log back in and check if the error has been fixed by restoring the backup that you saved with all of your data.

What causes Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4 error?

Damage to Windows system files may be the source of the Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4 error. Corrupted device file entries can pose a serious threat to your computer’s health.

There may have been several incidents that resulted in machine file errors. An incorrect deletion of applications or hardware, as well as an incomplete installation or uninstall. It can also happen if your computer is recovering from a virus or adware/spyware attack, or if you shut down your computer incorrectly. Both of the above actions can cause the entries in the Windows system files to be deleted or corrupted. The missing and incorrectly connected I will be caused by this corrupted device disc.

Some More Error Fixes

Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4 Error can be fixed in two (2) ways:

(manual update) Advanced Computer User Solution:

  • The program data on the hard disc may be partially corrupted.
  • The first step in this situation is to back up the games on a USB storage system or the PS Plus online storage
  • Then, when highlighting the application icon on the home screen with the remote, we press the options button and pick the delete option to delete the app.
  • After that, we’ll need to reinstall the program.
  • As a result, if the game is a physical edition, we insert the disc into the PS4 device, or we access the library to download it if we bought it from the PS Store.
  • Log in to your computer as an administrator.
  • Pick All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then System Restore from the Start menu.
  • In the new window, click Next after selecting “Restore my machine to an earlier time.” Click Next after selecting the most recent device to restore point from the “On this page, click a restore point” list.
  • On the confirmation window, press Next.
  • Once the repair is complete, the machine is restarted.
  • Select (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Account Information] to access and edit account information. Depending on the country or area you’re in and the type of account you have, you’ll have access to different account details. Visit the customer service website for your country or region for more information.

Solution for Novice Computer Users (completely automated):

  • Download and run the (Error Wc-34891-5 Ps4) repair tool.
  • Start the software and select Scan from the menu.
  • When the scan is done, click the Fix Errors button.
  • Turn off and on your machine.

Check your credit card details twice

If there is a problem with your credit card details, PS4 error WC-34891-5 can occur. To double-check; consult the Sony PS4 user guide.

As you can see, the information mentioned below is right

  • Name
  • The number on the card
  • CVV Code is a code that is used to identify
  • Expiration Date
  • Address for Billing

Check that your bank statement’s billing address matches the billing address you entered, but don’t use special characters like slashes (/) or asterisks (*).

Sony PS4 does not accept pre-paid credit cards. Use a passport with a physical address. Do not, for example, use a PO Box or a BFPO address. This is something personal and authentic. Therefore, it makes things easy and can be verified easily 


The error arises when credit card information is either shown invalid or improper. By improper means if visa or master is asked, user enters wring brand.. Also, if number is wrongly types, error is shown. Hence, If your name or address contains characters such as ‘ß’, ‘ä’ or ‘ç’ please replace them with the nearest letter from the standard 26 letter Latin alphabet (for example, for ‘ß’ use ‘ss’, for ‘ä’ use ‘a’ or for ‘ç’ use ‘c’). Last but not least, please make sure you enter correct card details including CVV and expiry date must also be correct. This will save you from any issues, which you may face later.

Fixes we have mentioned are all general and it is totally up to the environment giving you error plus the solution you choose to solve the same. It can either be a technical issue or a genuine one. You better need to check solutions online or visit some expert to make things work