How To Solve dismhost exe high cpu usage Issue?

Have you encountered the dismhost.exe file on your Windows computer? Do you believe this executable to be causing problems of high CPU usage on your Windows computer? Many Windows users have been questioning the reputability of dismhost.exe, with some believing it to be malware. This article will expand what dismhost.exe, its security merits, and outline … Read more

is Rlvknlg.exe Safe?


Rlvknlg.exe is developed by TMRG, Inc. as an executable file.  Rlvknlg.exe is part of the relevant knowledge program which monitors user’s internet behavior. It reports back your internet behavior to a server for data collection purposes; the software is about 6.6 MB. It has a digital footprint which indicates that the developer is registered with … Read more

wermgr.exe windows problem reporting [Is It a Virus?]


Has your Windows computer experienced issues as a result of wermgr.exe? This executable process takes up a significant chunk of internet bandwidth to function which can cause serious issues for users with slow or limited bandwidth. The process has also been linked to security concerns. This article will expand on what wermgr.exe is, outline steps … Read more

Should You Remove Jucheck.exe? [How To Guide]

Jucheck.exe pop up

The jucheck.exe is a component of the Java Update Mechanism. This occurs when you don’t update your Java client and malware is trying to access the disk drive on your computer. Few users are facing the “jucheck.exe” and it is affecting the performance of their computer. Here, we will see the causes of this error … Read more

What Is Javaw.exe virus [Easy Removal Guide]

Javaw.exe virus

Sun Microsystems’ javaw.exe is a legal file. It’s an executable file that shows error messages as they appear during the installation of a program. It’s an essential Java file that’s usually found in c: program by default. To spread viruses around the internet, malware programmers write virus codes and save file names that look like … Read more

Splwow64.exe error | What is It & How To Fix It

Splwow64.exe error

Windows OS is so huge that a single mistake made takes your breath away. You need to be very careful especially treating DLL and exe files. Executables are more likely to harm your machine and are eventually caught by the antivirus and anti-malware programs.  The same SPLWOW64 is an executable windows process, which normally runs … Read more

Is Regsvr32.exe A Virus ? [Detailed Removal Guide]


Regsvr32.exe is a legitimate file within the Windows operating system. It’s generally stored in C:\\Windows\System32. It’s a command-line utility used to register and deregister ActiveX controls and DLLs within the Windows registry. This is strikingly similar to Idconfig in Linux. This command-line registers a DLL file and the associated files are added to the Windows … Read more

ntoskrnl exe Critical Structure Corruption

Critical Structure Corruption

Usually, users will know about the existence of the ntoskrnl.exe file only after the appearance of the “screen of death,” which is called BSOD. It indicates failures that are incompatible with the continued operation of the OS, usually of a systemic nature, and sometimes technical. Windows itself ntoskrnl.exe is the executive file of the Microsoft … Read more

ss3svc32.exe On Startup Windows 10 [Fixed]


Are you worried about how ss3svc32.exe is consuming a lot of your system resources and, at times, even running at the same time? You are not alone in this as several users have reported this activity of ss3svc32.exe using a lot of their system resources and sometimes running. Many users have also reported that some … Read more