What Is Javaw.exe virus [Easy Removal Guide]

Javaw.exe virus

Sun Microsystems’ javaw.exe is a legal file. It’s an executable file that shows error messages as they appear during the installation of a program. It’s an essential Java file that’s usually found in c: program by default. To spread viruses around the internet, malware programmers write virus codes and save file names that look like … Read more

Splwow64.exe error | What is It & How To Fix It

Splwow64.exe error

Windows OS is so huge that a single mistake made takes your breath away. You need to be very careful especially treating DLL and exe files. Executables are more likely to harm your machine and are eventually caught by the antivirus and anti-malware programs.  The same SPLWOW64 is an executable windows process, which normally runs … Read more

Is Regsvr32.exe A Virus ? [Detailed Removal Guide]


Regsvr32.exe is a legitimate file within the Windows operating system. It’s generally stored in C:\\Windows\System32. It’s a command-line utility used to register and deregister ActiveX controls and DLLs within the Windows registry. This is strikingly similar to Idconfig in Linux. This command-line registers a DLL file and the associated files are added to the Windows … Read more

ss3svc32.exe On Startup Windows 10 [Fixed]


Are you worried about how ss3svc32.exe is consuming a lot of your system resources and, at times, even running at the same time? You are not alone in this as several users have reported this activity of ss3svc32.exe using a lot of their system resources and sometimes running. Many users have also reported that some … Read more

DLTray.EXE | Application Error


Usually, whenever we find a .exe extension for any file, it refers to an executable file for sure. The file may harm your computer in some cases but not always. So, by coming content, you have to decide whether DLTray.EXE is some Trojan affecting your computer, which you should immediately remove or whether it is … Read more

STService.exe | System Error Windows 7


ST Service stands for Scheduled Transport Service, while the .exe shows that it is the executable file and not the windows core file. This file is basically and genuinely a software component of Dell DataSafe Local Backup by Dell. Let’s make it clear that Dell DataSafe Local Backup is a utility application. It creates system-wide … Read more

What is ppcontrol.exe?


Have you ever seen the folder name ppcontrol.exe on your computer? You may think what it is, and is it safe to have this executable file on your computer? And ppcontrol.exe stands for what? These are the common questions that arise in our minds while exploring the windows.  The process name is PestPatrol tray application, … Read more

 ETDCtrl.exe – Is it A Virus ? [What 2 Do About It]

Have you encountered this executable process on your Windows computer? Many users have reported pop-ups of the etdctrl.exe process appearing on their computer. Most of these users are also unsure as to the functionality and necessity of the process. This article will expand on what etdctrl.exe does for your computer, whether or not the process … Read more

UBD.exe Entry Point Not Found [Solved]


Have you encountered a variation of this error during startup on your Windows computer? This is an issue that has plagued Windows users who have allowed Apple to download an update allowing iCloud functionality on their computer. This article will detail what exactly the ubd.exe process does for your computer, why this error message might … Read more

HPSF.exe Has Stopped Working [Solved]


Have you encountered this error message while using your Hewlett-Packard computer? Many Hewlett-Packard users have experienced problems with the hpsf.exe process so there are many reference points when looking for solutions to this issue. This means that Hewlett-Packard users have identified a range of different causes for hpsf.exe to have stopped working. Fortunately, this also … Read more