DLTray.EXE | Application Error


Usually, whenever we find a .exe extension for any file, it refers to an executable file for sure. The file may harm your computer in some cases but not always. So, by coming content, you have to decide whether DLTray.EXE is some Trojan affecting your computer, which you should immediately remove or whether it is … Read more

STService.exe | System Error Windows 7


ST Service stands for Scheduled Transport Service, while the .exe shows that it is the executable file and not the windows core file. This file is basically and genuinely a software component of Dell DataSafe Local Backup by Dell. Let’s make it clear that Dell DataSafe Local Backup is a utility application. It creates system-wide … Read more

What is ppcontrol.exe?


Have you ever seen the folder name ppcontrol.exe on your computer? You may think what it is, and is it safe to have this executable file on your computer? And ppcontrol.exe stands for what? These are the common questions that arise in our minds while exploring the windows.  The process name is PestPatrol tray application, … Read more

Setpoint.exe Runtime Error [Fix it Quickly]


Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPointP\SetPoint.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information. Have you encountered the setpoint.exe runtime error on your Logitech computer? This is an issue that has been popping up specifically for users of Logitech computers running the … Read more

 ETDCtrl.exe – Is it A Virus ? [What 2 Do About It]

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UBD.exe Entry Point Not Found [Solved]


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SETHC.exe Missing, Exploit, and Virus [A Comprehensive Analysis]


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HPSF.exe Has Stopped Working [Solved]


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Wisptis.exe Application Error | Running Twice [Solved]


Windows file protection makes deleting or renaming the program very difficult as it immediately reinstalls Wisptis.exe when next your computer boots up. Wisptis.exe is installed on your computer with the newer version of Microsoft office or abode product. This is another reason why Wisptis.exe is very difficult to remove as it reinstalls when next you … Read more

Avastsvc.exe | High Memory CPU Usage [Solved]


Have you noticed an executable process called avastsvc.exe consuming a large amount of your Windows computer’s CPU and memory? This could simply be a bug or error in the functionality of the executable process. However, the culprit could also be a virus or malware disguising itself as avastsvc.exe. If this is the case, it is … Read more