UNCServer.exe | Should You Remove it?


Have you noticed uncserver.exe on your Lenovo computer? This executable process is digitally signed by Lenovo so it should not be harming your computer. However, some users have reported their uncserver.exe to run when it is not supposed to, eating up large chunks of their CPU and bandwidth. Some users have even reported uncserver.exe to … Read more

iType.exe Has Stopped Working | Is it A Virus?


Have you encountered this executable process on your Microsoft computer? Despite its appearances, iType.exe is not an Apple process but rather a Windows service that controls Microsoft keyboards. Unfortunately, as is the case with many executables, some users have reported viruses on their computers to be mimicking the iType.exe file name. This article will expand … Read more

Wermgr.exe | Application Error [Problem Reporting]

Has your Windows-operating computer experienced issues as a result of the Wermgr executable process? This executable process takes up a significant chunk of internet bandwidth to function which can cause serious issues for users with slow or limited bandwidth. The process has also been linked to security concerns. This article will expand on what Wermgr.exe … Read more

Upc.exe Error – File Corrupt [The Procedure Entry Point]

Upc.exe file corrupt

Ucp.exe is an executable file that is developed by Uplay launcher, which belongs to Uplay. It locates in a subfolder of ‘C:\Program Files (x86)’. This file is not a part of the Windows system. This application requires LAN, internet, or the ports to connect. It is an invisible program. Upc.exe can manipulate various programs or … Read more


Avast anti-virus is presently one of the most famous and top-ranked security applications running in the market. This software is a Czech company that provides security software products on the internet. This freeware security¬† (Avast free anti-virus) is available only for home or noncommercial use. The Avast free anti-virus is accessible for Mac OS, Microsoft … Read more


Acrobat reader, also called Adobe reader, is one of those programs developed to review files in the PDF format. It is one of the oldest programs and gets updated from time to time. Its latest version has features including highlighting options, accessibility options, editing tools, footnotes, various screen modes, and touch screens also support this … Read more

Wbengine.exe High Disk Usage Windows 10 [Solved]


There is a file named wbengine.exe on the computer‚Äôs hard drive, which is an executable. This executable file has machine codes. When you try to start the Microsoft Windows Operating System on the computer, it will execute the commands carried in wbengine.exe on your computer. Within the RAM, the file loads, and it works there … Read more