Google Play Store Error Code 910 [Solved]

The ‘error Code 910’ is commonly occurred when the client attempts to install, update or uninstall an application from Google Play Store on an Android gadget. This is normally known to happen if the client beforehand uninstalls preinstalled applications.

The Google Play Store is the default store for Android gadgets where you can get the entirety of your most loved applications. Downloading an application is as simple as tapping on it and sitting tight for it to appear on your cell phone. In any case, you have any issues with your PC or Android gadget; do not hesitate to reach experts around you or users with same OS. 

Causes of Error

Experts have figured out how to find the absolute most basic causes that will trigger this specific issue. They have done this by giving a look at different client reports and the maintenance systems that they used to get the issue settled. Here is a waitlist with basic situations that sets off this specific error message:

  • Corrupted data stuck in the Cache folder – It is confirmed that the issue can occur due to some badly cached data in the installation folder. Several users encountering this particular error code have managed to get it sorted by clearing the cache & application data of the Google Play Store app.

  • Glitched Google Account – This particular error can pop up if you are dealing with a corrupted Google account. These things are known to happen with no apparent trigger. However, luckily, you can rectify most issues related to your Google account by signing out & in of it.

  • Data present on the SD card is inaccessible – The frequency of this error code is much higher on Android devices that are using an SD card for extra memory. There is no official explanation why this occurs, but some users speculate that it is probably related to the fact that the SD card is formatted with a different file system. In this case, you will be able to resolve the issue by moving the app to the internal storage and update it while it is there.

  • Corrupted Data on the SD card – There is a scenario where the error code is encountered because of corruption present on the SD card. Several affected users have managed to get this resolved by physically or virtually ejecting the SD card before trying to update the app.

  • Google Play Store is preventing the update to complete – Another possible reason that would trigger this error code is an incompatibility between your device model and the application. The Google Play Store is responsible for determining that, so you can probably get around this inconvenience by side loading the app from an external APK website.

  • Blackberry Launcher does not have admin privileges – This scenario is exclusive to Blackberry Priv devices running Android 6.0+. As it turns out, a system bug might cut the privileges of Blackberry Launcher whenever Google Pay is enabled on the device. In this case, you can resolve the issue by disabling the admin access of Google Pay and enabling the admin access of the Blackberry Launcher.

  • Severe App corruption – This scenario will not occur unless you side load the app, try to debug it or interfere with its files. However, if you have done this and you are unable to update or install the application, the only way forward is to use the ADB utility to remove the application package manually.

Possible Solutions

Fix-1 – Clear Google Play Store Cache

This is the most basic solution to all system halts. Here, this error 910 can be reset and resolved easily. This, on android devices, can be removed if cache i.e. storage cache is cleared. If issue is due to some bad sectors or poor cached date and prevents any system updates, clearing cache can fix issues permanently.

Let us now see how we can clear the cached data of the Google Play Store application on an Android device:

Note: The Android is a big market. Maybe, old devices and frameworks introduced in same OS vary and things work differently. It is not something strange to mention that you might be dealing with a customized ROM, depending on the manufacturer. Because of this, some steps might be slightly different from what you see on our screens. However, you should have no problem replicating them on your device.

Please follow below-mentioned for possible solution of the same

  • On the home screen of your Android device, tap on the Settings menu. Inside the Settings menu, tap on Apps & notifications. Please keep  in mind if you are not reaching there directly, you can click App  or Apps in Settings
  • Now, please scroll through the list of apps and locate Google Play Store. Once you see it, tap on it open
  • Now, From the Info menu of Google Play Store, tap on Storage to reach the option about clearing data.
  • Inside the Storage option, click on Clear Cache. Once the process is complete, follow through by clicking on Clear Data.
  • After you have cleared the data of Google Play Store, restart your computer and try to update or download the app that was causing the issue again.

If the fix mentioned above doesn’t fix your issue, Please reach out down at Fix-2

Fix2:  Re-link your Google account

The fix has been clearly documented and presented in official Google documentation of Google specifically for the mentioned error code. Even more, many affected users have confirmed that signing in and out of their Google account resolved the issue and allowed them to install or update the application that was previously failing with the ‘Error Code 910’.

Here are the steps to remove your Google account from your device and re-add it in order to resolve the Error Code 910:

  • On your Android phone, open your Settings app and access the Accounts menu
  • Inside the User & accounts screen (Accounts), find your Google account and tap on it. Once you are inside your Google account settings, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on Remove.
  • Accessing your Google account
  • Once the Google account has been removed, return to the User & accounts screen (Accounts) screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on Add account.
  • Then, from the Add an account window, tap on Google and follow the on-screen instructions to re-add your Google account. Re-adding the same Google account
  • Once you re-link your Google account by reinserting your credentials, restart your computer and try to update or download the app at the next startup.


Still not worked? Keep going down.

Fix- 3: Moving the app from SD to Internal

Another popular fix to get around Error 910 when trying to update an already installed application is to move the app from your external SD storage to internal storage.  Chances are the app will update normally after being moved on internal storage. After the update is complete, you can move it back to its initial place (external SD card). Several users that struggling to resolve this error have confirmed that the steps below served as a permanent fix for them.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Open your Settings menu and go to Apps & Notifications. Then, tap on Apps (Application List) to see all your installed applications.
  • Apps & notifications
  • Inside the list of installed applications, locate the app that is refusing to install and tap on it to expand its menu.
  • Tap on Storage, then tap on Change storage location and move the app to Internal Storage.
  • Moving the App to internal storage
  • Once the app has been moved to internal storage, update the application again and see if the procedure completes without issues.
    Note: If you are still getting the same error code (‘Error Code 910’), jump straight to Method 4.
  • If you manage to update the app while it is moved to the Internal Storage, you can move it back to the SD card once the procedure is complete.

If still you did not solve, please continue.

Fix 4: Ejecting the SD card from the Settings menu

Early on into the investigation stage, we observed that most of the users that we are encountering this particular error used an SD card.  Even more, some affected users have managed to resolve this issue by simply ‘ejecting’ the SD card via the Android Settings menu.

This procedure will not require you to physically take your SD card out of your phone – Android has a built-in function that will virtualize this scenario. Here is what you need to do in order to virtually eject your SD card and resolve the ‘Error Code 910’:

  • On your Android device, open the Settings menu and tap on Storage. Accessing the Storage option 
  • Inside the Storage screen, tap on Unmount SD card and confirm to force your Android into pretending that the SD card has been physically removed.
  • Open Google Play Store again and redownload/update the app that was previously showing the error message.


There can be many more fixes like you can download APK from any third party website and put here manually in your PlasyStore, you can disable Google Pay admin, or you can use ADB to uninstall the application.