How To Build Your Own Server? [Affordable Way]

Businesses, gamers, and working-from-home employees are all jumping on the bandwagon of building their own server. 

Not only is this a great idea for privacy, safety, and general internet protection reasons, but it can give a great sense of ownership and also be quite a fun project for those who enjoy setting up their technology!

Although these kinds of setups and the parts for them can be quite expensive, there is definitely a cheaper way to make your own server. Servers don’t need to be expensive, especially if you use refurbished parts!

Below we will cover the process of acquiring parts and putting them together, all while keeping costs down. 

Why should you build your own server?

A lot of people that choose to build their own server do it on the basis that they can then control their data and improve privacy and security (for them or their business), as opposed to storing their data in the cloud with Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, or DropBox. 

Additionally, some people may feel that building their own server can save them more money overall, rather than paying the set fee monthly for space in the cloud. Therefore, building your own server can be cost-efficient as well. 

This is especially true if you’re working with sensitive data that you cannot afford to lose. In this case, having your own personal server for data backups can be really useful as well. Again, this can show how building your own server can be great for ensuring data protection.

In short, building a server can be fun as a project, and also offers a whole host of benefits in the process too. 

What do you need to build a server?

To build a server, you will need the basics of a computer, a stable network connection, and an ethernet cable. You’ll also need a rackmount, tower or blade cooling system, adequate memory cards, and also a good storage system if you wish to keep your personal server out of the way of your usual, everyday setup.

How can you find cheaper parts?

If you’re looking for cheaper parts, you can follow this link to ETB Tech to see the latest processors and server components that are available at a conveniently discounted price:

Not only are they cheaper, but when the parts are second hand there is the option to buy refurbished parts. Here the quality of the product is retained, but for the sake of not having original packaging or perfect cosmetics, the price is lower. They have a solid warranty policy as well, so if anything happens you are covered – giving you peace of mind even when purchasing refurbished parts.

What kind of refurbished parts can you buy?

There are a wide variety of refurbished parts that you can buy, ranging from processors to controllers with different numbers of ports to suit your personal home setup. On many tech sites, you can filter for the exact brand and capacity of the product you’re looking for to make your server building process much more efficient. Don’t hesitate to ask an expert if you’re not sure what’s right for you.