How to Change Your Name on SoundCloud

Using SoundCloud is a great way to listen to music and other audio content from various creators and musicians worldwide. You can save and bookmark your favorite artist by creating an account with SoundCloud and share your self-made content. What if you made a SoundCloud name a long time ago and no longer like it? 

if you would like to change your username on SoundCloud, the process is straightforward. All you have to do is navigate to your profile page and find the proper settings to make the adjustments.

However, the steps will be different depending on what device you are using. If you would like to know how to change your name (and more) on a computer, Android phone, or iPhone, continue reading!

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How to Change Your SoundCloud Name on a Computer

Changing your name on SoundCloud on your desktop or laptop computer is arguably the easiest way to do it. If you prefer to use a computer to change your name, use the steps below. 

  • Open any current web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  • Go to the SoundCloud website. 
  • Sign in to your SoundCloud account
  • Click on your profile image on the top part of the webpage.
    • In the dropdown menu, select “Profile.” 
  • In your profile screen, click on the “Edit” icon near the top left of the page.
  • In the menu that opens, you can edit the field called “Display name.” 
  • Click on “Save Changes” after you type in your desired new SoundCloud name. 

As you can see, changing your name on SoundCloud through a web browser on your computer is quite simple. The change will take effect immediately. However, you may have to refresh your browser to see the update. 

How to Change Your SoundCloud Name on a Mobile Device

To change your SoundCloud name on a smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the SoundCloud mobile app. It can be downloaded for Android devices from the Google Play store and for Apple devices from the Apple App Store. 

Once you have the app on your mobile device, login to your SoundCloud account, from there, click on the library icon in the last row of the options screen (it looks like a stack on books with the third book leaning.) 

In the library, tap your profile image icon. Next, if you are on an Android device, select the pencil icon to “view public profile,” and on Apple devices, you will tap “edit profile.”

From here, you can type your display name into whatever you want. You can also add in your city and country too if you wish. Once you are finished, select save. 

What Happens When You Change Your SoundCloud Name? 

When you change your name on Soundcloud, your new name will immediately pop up on your profile. However, it will probably not immediately appear in Google nor show up in their search results right away. 

Why? It is due to the Google search cache, which is refreshed at specific intervals. Once Google’s search cache is refreshed, your new Soundcloud name will appear in their search results. 

You and SoundCloud cannot influence Google to update the search cache any faster. You are at the mercy of their update. Typically, this happens within a matter of days.  However, it could take longer than a week. Just be patient. It will happen soon enough. 

How to Change Your SoundCloud URL

If you are looking to change your username, i.e., name, on SoundCloud, you may also be interested in changing your SoundCloud URL. Part of your rebranding may involve switching to a more unique URL along with your username change. 

SoundCloud URL changes can be accomplished on mobile devices and your computer with similar steps as changing the username. To change your SoundCloud URL, follow the same steps as changing your name.

However, you will instead edit the URL. Try to pick a unique URL that is easy to remember; this will allow you to grow your listeners and market yourself more easily. 

What Happens When You Change Your SoundCloud URL?

If you have many past links shared on websites, emails, etc., changing your URL could be detrimental to your SoundCloud account. If you change your SoundCloud URL, all of your past links will be directed to an empty page.

Unless you can get all your links updated, there is no way around this problem as SoundCloud does not provide redirect services for new links. 

Embedded SoundCloud player posted after 2010 will still play your SoundCloud tracks. However, when a user clicks through to your page in the embedded player – they will again find the empty page. 

Similar to changing your name on SoundCloud, when you change your URL, it may not immediately pop up in Google Search results. There is no way to make that process faster. The only thing you can do is wait for Google to update their search cache. 

Reasons You Would Change Your Name on SoundCloud

Changing your name on SoundCloud could be done whenever you wish, and you can change it an unlimited number of times. People change their SoundCloud names for a wide variety of reasons.

However, most of them opt to change their name instead of creating a new account to retain their followers. Here are some of the top reasons to change your name on SoundCloud: 

  • Rebranding – Perhaps you changed music genres, or you think you need a better name to stand out and gain more followers. Whatever your reason, be sure to carry a “formerly known as” detail on your page for around a year, so you do not confuse your followers.
  • Partnered with a new band member(s) – You may have added a new drummer, singer, guitarist, or cow bell ringer to your ensemble. Adding a new member may make your style different, or your new band member(s) want recognition through the new name.
  • Your band broke up – If your band broke up and you are the sole remaining member, you may want to show this change through the name on your profile now that you are solo. If you ever get the band back together, you can always change it back.
  • Your name is too similar to someone else – If you are frequently getting confused with another SoundCloud user or vice-versa, you might decide to change your name on SoundCloud to avoid this problem entirely.
  • You feel like making a change – Sometimes, you do not require a good concrete reason to change your name. After all, you own it. Why do you have to have a reason? 

Regardless of why you decide to change your SoundCloud name, the steps are the same and just as easy. No, you do not need to provide SoundCloud a reason you choose to change your name. 

Where Does Your Name Appear on SoundCloud?

Your SoundCloud name will appear at the top of your profile when you log in. To your followers, your name appears in multiple places on your SoundCloud account. Your name is shown on your profile page next to your picture and is always shown directly above each and every one of your tracks. 

In the search and browsing listing on SoundCloud, your name is shown below your track that pops up in the search listings. Your SoundCloud name also appears on Google search results and any external website, emails, and social media posts linked to your content. 

If you prefer your SoundCloud name not to be seen by everyone, you can set your SoundCloud account to private. 

How to Make Your SoundCloud Account Private

Perhaps you are considering changing your SoundCloud name because you no longer want specific individuals finding or listening to your content. If that is the case with you, you may be better off just setting your SoundCloud playlists or your tracks to private.

To put your SoundCloud tracks or your playlist to private, here are the steps: 

  • Log in to your SoundCloud account.
  • Go to the “Basic Info” tab on the edit page.
  • In the private or public selection, check private. 

If you ever want to make your SoundCloud public again, follow the same steps but check the public option instead. Once you set your SoundCloud playlists or tracks to private, no one but you will be able to listen to your tracks unless you share the link with them.

Setting playlists or tracks to private is the best way to allow only your desired and chosen listeners to enjoy your content.