How To Edit Videos: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

In this immediacy period, no one has enough time to go through the details. Whether you have a blog or a video, very few people go through the details. This is why online videos have become much more popular than the conventional video format. These videos are made to meet the video-on-demand format

For most businesses, online videos have come with a golden chance to boost the business. They use these videos for their online marketing campaigns. Without an appropriate video, it is very hard to stay ahead in this tough competition era and stand out from their competitors.

This is the main reason businesses that fail to include video marketing campaigns in the entire marketing strategy will fail miserably to achieve the goal. Making a video viral is not luck, but it needs appropriate strategy and creativity while preparing. The video production process plays a crucial role in making the video popular. If the viewers don’t find anything interesting in your video, they jump out.

Video editing is the best part of the video-making phase, making the video free from any flaws. This is where all the footage comes to create the appropriate flow for finalizing the video. A video that has been edited smartly multiplies the chance of connecting with the targeted audience and engaging with them effectively compared to other videos.

Editing a video can be hectic if the editor is not equipped with the proper knowledge and tools. But, thanks to the internet, someone can find several online video editing tools to edit the video and make that a perfect one. But, before jumping to the online video editing tools, it is crucial to remember that most of them come with limited functions, and they may not meet your requirements properly. So, it is a recommendation to know everything before editing a video.

Here is a guide to video editing for beginners.

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Prepare your hardware

You should make sure that the editing software you have chosen has everything you need for the editing. However, most of the time, people overlook the hardware configuration, which is crucial to running the software smoothly and enhancing performance. The hardware plays a crucial role while running the video editing software.

While going to upgrade the hardware, make sure that your system has ample storage space for storing the extracted files. Therefore, installing an SSD is the right way to go. These are a hundred times faster than the conventional cards and can deliver an outstanding result.

While talking about the RAM, the more space in your RAM, the speedier your video editing task. So, upgrade your RAM and make it suitable to run the editing software smoothly. You will need at least 8GM of RAM for smoothly running the editing software. Once you have enhanced the system hardware configuration, you can go to the next step.

Never compromise on quality

The main objective of video editing is to maintain the overall quality. While editing the raw footage, editors should make sure that the quality of the video is high. Viewers only prefer to watch a glitch-free video where there is the absolute absence of any flaws.

However, today, capturing high-quality video has become much easier than before. Even quality footage can be recorded through smartphones, and high-end phones can deliver good quality high-resolution footage that is important to make a video properly.

Video editing plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of the video. It mainly allows you to make the video look professional and entertaining. So, as a beginner, it is a recommendation not to compromise with the quality while editing the video production.


Learn to cut and assemble the videos

Once you have completed marking the crucial frames, assemble the video at the right time. Though this step is simple, it is important, and it needs preciseness for performing these assemblies and cutting the video footage. Here the timeline comes to the play. The timeline is all about what it sounds like, and this is a long line that indicates where the video starts and where it ends. You can move the videos on the timeline to create a sequence and better arrange the footage.

Once you have properly managed to make a story that emerged from the clips you have shot, this is the right time to de-clutter the flaws in the raw footage by using a video trimmer. It will rightly make a great impact on the video footage to keep them free from any additional flaws. After using the trimmer, the footage will be flawless and easy to assemble.

4. Adding transitions to the video

Adding transitions to the video is about improving its quality and making it attractive. No one would like to watch simple videos, but the final product would be truly attractive when some transitions are added to the video. Simple transitions like fade, swipe, and jump-cuts are enough when you put them in the right place.

Each transition effect creates a different mood for the video. So, try to implement them to make a bridge between the scenes. If you want to put extra creativity, you can play around with the clips that you have shot to create amazing transitions.

5. Mixing sound and background music

Sounds play a crucial role in shaping the mood of the viewers. The same thing is also applicable for the background music, and it provides an overall message to the viewers. Therefore, before rendering the videos, you need to add the best background music or voice-over to finish the video editing.

Wrap up

Basic video editing operations, such as cutting or trimming videos, adding music, and applying transitions between shots, do not require a computer with high-end equipment. Video editing needs proper skill and the right kind of technique and skill. If someone wants to take video editing as his career, he needs to follow these basic video editing tips for producing jaw-dropping videos that will attract maximum viewers.