How To Farm Imperials In Destiny 2 [Step-by-Step]

Are you wondering how to farm imperials in Destiny 2? If you are, then you are not alone. When playing Destiny 2, you might run out of imperials. Imperials are meant to help your gaming process. Without imperials, you wouldn’t be able to unlock new upgrades and do many other things that are critical to the game. In this article, we will go over some of the most effective ways to farm imperials for yourself.

When it comes to farming Imperials in Destiny 2, the first thing to do is upgrade your Chalice’s power and efficiency to level II. Then, make sure to collect and complete your Werner 99-50 weekly bounties. Also, its important to open chests on Werner 99-50’s barge and complete all of your Menagerie triumphs. After that, make sure to check out all the readily known Menagerie triumphs and you will be good to go.

What Are The Imperials In Destiny 2 Used For?

Imperials are required when you need to unlock new upgrades for your Chalice of Opulence. This, in turn, gives you improved and more customizable rewards when you complete the Menagerie mode. This could range from giving you multiple Powerful Gear and Runes per week. It also gives you the ability to slot additional rune types that guarantee certain gear types drop.

If you’re interested in the Menagerie and the many rewards on offer, then it’s worth working out how you could maximize your effort. You could do this by getting Imperials from a variety of sources, especially since most upgrades cost thousands of Imperials each. Now, let’s move on to how you could get imperials in destiny two.

How To Get Imperials In Destiny 2?

There are several methods to get Imperials in Destiny 2. Well, you can earn Imperials from multiple sources by doing the same few activities.

Let’s move on with the essentials.

Step 1: Upgrade The Chalice With Power And Efficiency II

Once you’ve concluded the Invitation questline, you’d have completed your first Menagerie run. That should have taught you how to upgrade your Chalice.

Step 2: Collect And Complete Your Werner 99-50 Weekly Bounties.

If you are wanting to know how to farm Imperials in Destiny 2, the next step is to do your Werner 99-50 weekly bounties. This will provide you with Powerful Gear and a Legendary Rune. Also, make sure to pick up all four Weekly Bounties from Werner 99-50. A lot of these aren’t even connected to the Menagerie. Right from gaining experience to finishing Vanguard bounties looting Legendary Engrams from the ground. I’d suggest that you pick these up on reset before doing anything else for a secure supply of Imperials.

Once you are done, you’d have to find an Imperial Treasure Map location. Note, you may not find so many for each one, but completing each one for the first time also unlocks an associated Triumph. They each would worth 500 Imperials each. 

Step 3: Open Chests On Werner 99-50’s Barge

Once you are done with The Invitation questline, you’ll be pointed towards chests at the back of the barge. That is where Werner 99-50 resides on Nessus.

Each of these should cost about 5,000 Glimmer to open and gives you 150 Imperials and a Rune.

This may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up. They should also reset every week, which makes it a reliable and secure method, assuming you have Glimmer burning a hole in your pocket.

Step 4: Complete All Your Menagerie Triumphs

Launching the Menagerie doesn’t automatically give you Imperials. Even with the Power and Efficiency II upgrade functional, it’s not sure. You would have to earn them by completing several associated Triumphs. 

These are completing several activities, and boss encounters with specific requirements. Each one is worth 500 Triumphs, so you should keep them in mind.

Step 5: Check Out All The Readily Known Menagerie Triumphs

If you are wondering how to farm Imperials on Destiny 2, getting your completions and unlocks taken care of is one of the most important factors.

Completions And Unlocks.

  • Unlock any Chalice Slot – A Taste of Power.
  • Unlock any upgrade for the Chalice- Purchase Makes Perfect.
  • After that, unlock every Chalice Slot -Drink Deep.
  • Slot runes in your Chalice to collect rewards from the Menagerie (Around 200) -Rolling Deep.
  • Complete encounters with the Menagerie (Around 50) – Sightseeing.
  • Earn the complete Menagerie weapon set  -Fire is the Test of Gold. 
  • Earn the Season of Opulence collections badge  -Mine in Box

Whether you are wondering how to farm Imperials in Destiny 2 or not, doing your weekly bounties are very important to the structure of the game. So, if you ignore those, there is a lot about the game that you will be excluded from.

Weekly Werner 99-40 Bounties

  • Complete the bounty’ Benevolence’ – Benevolence.
  • Complete the bounty’ Golden Experience’- Golden Experience.
  • Then, complete the bounty ‘Imperial Bestiary’- Imperial Bestiary.
  • Complete the bounty’ Trial by Combat’ – Trial by Combat.
  • Complete the bounty’ Trial by Wits’ – Trial by Wits.
  • After that, complete the bounty’ Trial by Valor’ – Trial by Valor.
  • Complete the bounty’ Gaze into Death’s Eyes’ – Gaze into Death’s Eyes.
  • Complete the bounty ‘The Emperor’s Embrace’- The Emperor’s Embrace.
  • Once that’s done, complete the bounty ‘The Imperial Salute’ -The Imperial Salute.
  • Complete the bounty ‘Salvaged Goods’ -Salvaged Goods.
  • Complete the bounty ‘Revered Treasures’ – Revered Treasures
    Then, complete Werner 99-40’s weekly prizes (16 total) – Treasure Hunt 
    Complete the bounty’ Spoils of War’ – Spoils of War. 

Menagerie Trial Challenges

  • Complete The Crystals in the Menagerie with time left on the clock – Time Manipulation.
  • After that, complete The Arkborn in Menagerie with time left on the clock – Faster than Lightning.
  • Complete The Riposte in the Menagerie with time left on the clock – Parry, Strike, Parry.
  • Complete The Hunted in the Menagerie with time left on the clock – The Hunted Becomes the.
  • Defeat the Ogres in The Mockery in the Menagerie with all three havens preserved – Safe Haven. 
  • As a fireteam, light one of your lamps each during The Lamp lighting in the Menagerie – Dangerous to Go Alone. 
  • Get an excellent score in The Gauntlet by having all six players complete every lap before time runs out – Going the Distance.
  • Complete a run through the Menagerie without running out of time in any encounter – Like Clockwork.
  • Then, complete a run through the Menagerie in a complete set of Opulent gear – Imperial Finery.
  • Complete a run in the Gauntlet where all six players complete any lap – Chariots of Fire together.

How To Farm Imperials In Destiny 2

Follow these steps below if you want to know how to farm Imperials in Destiny 2:

Step 1: Once you have gotten a stack of Glimmer, move to the barge on Nessus.  There you’ll find Werner 99-44 and a bunch of chests. These chests cost you roughly 5000 Glimmer each and will net you 150 Imperials per crate.

Step 2: Finishing Menagerie also runs a surefire way of getting Imperials, though it does need more effort.

Step 3: Once you’ve accumulated 3000 Imperials, you should purchase the Power and Efficiency 2 Chalice improvement. That should permit you to buy a consumable that will increase your odds of receiving 500 Imperials. This is majorly after finishing the likes of Gambit, Crucible matches, or Strikes.

Step 4: Werner 99-44 also has Weekly Bounties.  After the weekly bounties, that will gift you with about 100 Imperials. If you complete one of his Weeklies for the first time, you’ll unlock a Triumph, which is priced at a cool 500 Imperials a time.  Ensure you’re checking Triumph’s progress regularly.


Have you been wondering how to farm imperials in Destiny 2? If so, then we hope this article helped you get some things sorted out. When playing Destiny 2, the last thing you want to happen is to run out of Imperials. Imperials are used to assist the gaming process and without them, you would be prevented from being able to unlock new upgrades and other things that are crucial to the Destiny 2 experience.

When farming for Imperials in Destiny 2, its important to upgrade your Chalice’s power and efficiency to level II and collect and complete all of your Werner 99-50 weekly bounties. Then, make sure to open all the chests on Werner 99-50’s barge and finish all of your Menagerie triumphs. Once all that is done, check out all the readily known Menagerie triumphs and the rest is a breeze.