How To Find 3ds MAC Address

Nintendo 3DS was released right after DS version of the same brand, which is no doubt a well-maintained line of handheld gaming devices and systems. The 3DS version is at all capable of designing and developing 3D effects by making no use of special 3D glasses.

Nintendo is developing lots for its users and they released and unveiled this 3DS version at E3 2010 along with some third party game announcements. These 3D titles of Nintendo products are specially designed for the system and all 3DS versions are compatible enough with games from all Nintendo DS iterations. Moreover, users can also enjoy playing the downloadable versions of DSiWare games, which are programmed effectively for Nintendo DSi.

No doubt, Nintendo 3DS has inner hardware, which is much powerful as compared to the DS family’s innards, yet  outside casing is more catchy, beautiful, and noticeable. Its clamshell design looks alike DS version of Nintendo having two-screen setup. Moreover, 3DS’s top screen displays 3D visuals and the smaller screen at the bottom side keeps and retains the touch sensitive functions of the DS. 

Still, there are some noticeable aesthetic differences lying between DS, DSi, and 3DS versions of Nintendo but 3DS has a capability to capture 3D images whereas DSi doesn’t offer the same. Moreover, 3DS comprises of analog nub located above cross-shaped d-pad. 

As far as its initial release is concerned, 3DS was released in Japan in Feb 2011.  The system was completely received by North America and Europe effectively by the end of March.

GPU of this 3DS device is Pica200 chip, which is manufactures by Digital Media Professionals. Pica200 has the ability to produce 15+ million polygons within a second at 200 Megahertz having capability of anti-aliasing (a strategy to make graphics smooth). Other capabilities of the same include lightning per pixel and procedural textures. For informal descriptions, 3DS graphics are at all comparable to the ones found in GameCube tables.

How to Find 3DS MAC Address

For finding the MAC address on 3DS, follow the steps below

  • From the HOME menu, highlight and select the System Settings Icon
  • System Settings highlighted on the HOME Menu Screen
  • Select Internet Settings
  • Internet Settings option highlighted on the System Settings Menu screen
  • Tap Other Information
  • Other Information option highlighted on the Internet Settings Menu screen
  • Tap Confirm MAC Address. Your system’s MAC Address will be displayed on the screen
  • Confirm MAC Address option highlighted on the Other Information Menu screen

Device’s Display

The top screen of 3DS is about 3.5 inches, which is a 12% longer length noticed as compared to the old versions i.e. Nintendo DS lite. Moreover, the bottom screen is about 3 inches and is approx. 3% smaller as compared to DS Lite’s bottom screen.  


3DS’s batter has awesome capacity to last 5 hours before final recharge. Life of the battery varies and is affected by how user users the 3DS system. This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3D Display, Screen brightness, and much more. These are some of the factors, which may rapidly drain the battery.

Motion Sensors

3DS features beautiful and catchy motion vendors similar to the iPhone games. It also features a gyroscope. Its touchscreen makes traditional return using A, B, X, Y, L, and R buttons and the D-pad, which is cross-shaped. It comprises of an analog nub known as circle pad and the same is located above d-pad, which is ideal   to navigate 3D games. Slider in 3DS perfectly adjusts 3D image’s depth on top of the screen and the same also turns off the entire 3D effects.


3DS consists of three cameras front, and two back ones. Front one faces the user above the top screen and the back ones are for 3D photos plus flash purposes. 

Wireless Communication

3DS, like DSi and DS, has a wide capability to go online wirelessly and the same easily and perfectly communicates with other 3DS devices too within the same environment. It has a built-in feature known as Stress Pass. This swaps Miis and game information with other 3DS products within the range and even if any of them is in sleep mode can be detected.

Which Games this 3DS Has?

The 3DS product comprises of enough genres and the varieties alognwith the best third-party support. This includes veteran studios, Capcom, Konami, and much more. They are developing installments for franchise like Resident evil, Metal Gear, and lot more. Nintendo has also revived the Icarus series on 3DS, which is a perfect remake of Legend of Zelda (The most beloved and mostly-played game all over).  


The Nintendo 3DS comprises of custom-designed components, which are co-developed by the Nintendo Research & Engineering department and numerous other manufacturers. They are all merged and combined into a single unified system on chip. It has main CPU, which is a dual-core ARM11 MPCore-based processor and is manufactured at 45 nanometres, and the same is clocked at 266 MHz. One of the processors’ cores is completely dedicated to game playing and applications while the other one is at all exclusive and desiccated for the OS, which, enables enough multitasking and background tasks. All of these tasks is managed and handles perfectly plus seamlessly in the background while game-playing or even in sleep modes.

The system also comprises of a single-core ARM9-based processor, which enables superb backward compatibility for both Nintendo DS and DSi versions. The graphics processor Unit (GPU) is a PICA200 (as said before) and runs at 133 MHz The system comprises of 128 MB of random-access memory (RAM) having 128 MB of FCRAM effectively developed by Fujitsu, with a peak bandwidth of 3.2 GB/second. 


The Nintendo 3DS comprises of OS known as Home Menu as of system version 9.3.0-21. The 3DS’s upper screen shows a beautiful 3D animated logo for each individual application whereas the bottom one displays application icons.

An interface present the user with a Home Menu, which is a catchy graphical user interface (GUI), looks exactly similar to the Nintendo DSi Menu and Wii U Menu for Nintendo 3DS systems (old ones). The same is used for launching software applications stored on Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS Game Cards, applications installed on SD cards, and DSiWare titles installed in the system’s internal memory.

Application icons are set in a customizable grid navigable on the lower screen. On the device’s upper screen, there is present a special 3D animated logo, which is displayed for each individual application, as well as system information including wireless signal strength, date,  time, and battery life. By making the best use of the home button, users can kill, close, or suspend any of the software programs effectively, which are currently running. They can easily bring up the Home Menu and can effectively launch certain multitasking applications including Internet Browser and Miiverse etc.


MAC address is a physically provided address to each hardware for smooth running and proper identification. This has specific format for each product. 

Normally, MAC addresses of all hardware products are of the same formats i.e. they are of 12 digits (either 6 bytes or 48 bits mostly). They are all hexadecimal numbers. By law, all of these addresses are written in any of the formats mentioned below with minor variations.


The leftmost six digits i.e. 24 bits are known as prefix and are linked with manufacturer adapters known as M. Each of the vendors registers and gets MAC prefixes for their products and they are all assigned effectively by IEEE. Vendors normally possess prefixes linked with their products like for example, 00:25:9C and 68:7F:74 are the MAC addresses of Cisco Systems.

Similarly, rightmost ones indicate a unique identification number for specific products known as S. As they are all manufactured by same vendor, they comprise of a unique 3 byte or 24-bit number but this can be same for various vendors if they share some portion of addresses.

We can also discuss about the cloning sloves process, which is a process to enable gateway or router to preserve old MAC addresses for providers even if hardware addresses vary. System administrators can configure their routers and network devices if they support this feature. Their products and hardware must support cloning options to use this feature for entering MAC addresses of old gateways in configuration portals. When there are no cloning options available, customers can contact service providers to provide the same or register for them the new gateway devices.

One must know device’s MAC address for smoothly registering the product within the network. If the same is not known, network configuration may fail immediately. We have provided some of the steps below to find MAC address of 3DS. 


In this all content, we have discussed about 3DS, its features, working, and the MAC Address. We also have done bit of comparisons of the same product with previous Nintendo versions. We also have mentioned briefly about how we can find MAC address of 3DS products. There is lot more to discuss in MAC address finding domain actually but we have provided limited information.