How To Fix r6 Connection Error

Rainbow 6 is a popular video game franchise based on an equally popular series of novels written by the late Tom Clancy. The games are valued for the realistic combat simulation they provide fans. However, it’s also regrettably notorious for glitching. 

The R6 connection error notification is a frustrating problem that can stop game night dead in its tracks. But common though this problem is, it’s also not the end of the world. Connectivity problems can be fixed for free at home following one of several easy to perform methods. 

In this article, we take a look at how to fix an R6 connection error so you and your friends can get back to playing. 

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What causes the R6 Connection Error?

There could be a wide range of issues responsible for the r6 connection error. Here are several of the most common. It’s most likely that if you receive a connection error notification, one of these things is the problem:

  • Broken or missing game files
  • LAN connection settings are faulty
  • Malfunctioning server
  • Router blocking game ports

Skill Level Required

In the vast majority of cases, most anyone will be able to take care of an r6 connection error on their own. Most of the steps are easy to follow and can be performed by anyone with basic computer skills. In other words, if you know enough about computers to own the game you’ll probably be familiar enough to fix it. 

Extra Resources Necessary

There is no need to buy or download any special resources to fix an r6 connection error. 

Connectivity Error

A connectivity error in any situation could simply mean that there is an issue with the router itself. Before you get deep into the trenches with your computer files, try troubleshooting your connection. If the issue is wifi related, you’ll at least know that there is nothing to be done for the game itself. 

Start By Reviewing Game Files

The second fix to look at when you receive the r6 connectivity error alert is the game files themselves. Assuming you have purchased the game from Steam or one of the other major gaming platforms in circulation, this process also tends to be automated and fairly easy. 

Start by opening the platform for which you’ve downloaded the game. Once everything is setup, locate Rainbow 6 in your library and right-click. 

From here, select properties and then click “verify game file integrity”. The platform should then scan the game to make sure that no necessary files are damaged or missing. Where discrepancies are noticed they will be automatically fixed. 

With luck, this fix will take care of the problem. If not, there are several other ways to achieve your objective. 

Detect LAN Settings

Naturally, your internet connectivity could also be a significant factor in determining the issue. To automatically check your LAN settings start by opening your browser. To perform this check, go to the connection tab, open it, and hit “Settings for Lan”. Then check the box that says “Detect Settings Autimatically”.

 This may be the fix you need. However, in order to tell for sure, you will need to restart your computer. Otherwise, the changes may not take immediate effect and your error code will continue to occur even though the problem has been fixed.

Configuration File

Lastly, you may need to take this fix directly to the server file within the game. The idea here will be to manually connect to a server that is nearest to you. 

You may do this by locating Rainbow 6 within your computer files. Find the file called “GameSettings” and right-click to edit with Notepad.

The “server” file should be located at the very bottom operating under the designation of “default”. From here you may manually enter a three-digit server code. Server code lists may be available online. Remember, of course, that the objective to select the one nearest your location. 

Once these steps have been integrated, try running the game again. With luck, this will have solved your problem!

How to fix the R6 Connection Error on Console

While the range of options for PC users tends to be fairly robust, what about console gamers? Connectivity problems are just as prevalent fo users of the PS4 or Xbox 1. If you are a console gamer experiencing these problems, there are still some steps you can take. 

In this case, it will make sense to start by looking for external factors. With console gaming, connectivity problems are most usually a router issue. 

Start by testing your wifi connection. If you have no access, the problem may need to be worked out with your provider. If access is apparently up and running, you may find luck simply by restarting the hardware. 

Short of this, you may be able to fix the problem by playing with the settings. For example, enabling Universal Plug and Play on the Router has been known to help some players. 

Allowing forward ports may also help. These are the ports used by the game:

Ports used by the game:

TCP 80, 443

UDP: ​​​10000-10099​, 3658​, 6115


Ports used by PSN:

TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480

UDP: 3478, 3479

Unfortunately, we cannot provide detailed information on how to solve router problems. The reason for this is simply that all routers are different. For more specific help with your router, read the instructions or consider contacting the manufacturer. While help hotlines can be very frustrating, learning how to work with your router will assist with a wide range of different connectivity problems.


Not so bad, right? Though very frustrating on game night, the r6 connection error is hardly an insurmountable challenge. A little bit of basic troubleshooting will solve this problem most of the time. Though it’s often daunting for the beginner to start opening game files, we hope that this guide has been approachable. With a little bit of luck, you should have your game up and running in no time at all!