How to Make a Flower Pot in Minecraft

To make a flower pot in the Minecraft game, you need to find some clay, harvest the clay and break it to get clay balls. You should then heat the balls in a furnace to produce bricks, which you can use to make a flower pot. 

A flower pot may be placed just like any other block in the game, except that it needs to be placed on solid ground. Once placed, the decorative block may be used to plant such things as saplings, cactus, flowers, bamboo, mushrooms, ferns, and dead bushes. 

Throughout this guide, you will learn the materials you need to make the various types of flower pots in Minecraft. It will also take you through the steps you need to take while making a Minecraft flower pot. 

Things You Need to Know About Flower Pots 

Before taking you through the necessary steps, here are a few things you need to understand regarding Minecraft flower pots and their contents:

  • Cactus cannot harm the player when grown inside flower pots
  • When grown in flower pots, saplings do not grow into trees as they would in other environments 
  • The texture of the flower pots received by executing the /give command is a bit different 
  • Pistons can destroy flower pots if used to push them 
  • Flower pots will appear naturally in witch huts, especially when they have mushrooms planted in them 

Where to find a Flower Pot in Different Minecraft Game Versions 

Minecraft comes in different game versions for various platforms. The following table shows where you can find a flower pot in the creative inventory menu for the various Minecraft versions:

Materials Required to Make a Minecraft Pot

To make a flower pot in Minecraft, you need to have a crafting table, a furnace, and clay to make the required bricks. Each pot will require a total of 3 solid bricks.

How to Craft a Flower Pot in Minecraft

In most cases, Minecraft players use conventional red clay bricks to make flower pots. However, several other types of bricks may be used, such as nether bricks and stone bricks. For the purpose of this guide, we will be making a clay pot in Minecraft. 

To begin with, you need to mine the clay and craft enough bricks depending on the number of flower pots you want to make. Here is how you should go about it:

How to Craft Clay Bricks in Minecraft 

Just like cobblestone, Minecraft bricks are immune to fire. This makes them suited for various building scenarios, such as building a fireplace. Bricks in the Minecraft game are crafted through a process referred to as Smelting. 

To do this, you need to have a furnace, clay balls, and fuel—such as charcoal. Basically, you will need to find clay, mine it, break it into clay balls, and then heat the balls in a furnace, as follows: 

Step 1: Finding and Harvesting Clay 

Clay in this game is essentially a naturally-occurring resource that is commonly found at the bottom of lakes and rivers throughout the Minecraft map. In most cases, its occurrence is presented using a diamond-shaped pattern, as follows: 

Swamps are particularly rich sources of clay. Clay in the Minecraft map is presented using grayish blocks. This is how clay blocks appear when viewed underwater: 

Once you have found the clay blocks, you need to harvest them. You can do this using a shovel as it is faster, but it is not really necessary. 

Step 2: Break the Clay Blocks 

After harvesting the clay blocks, you need to break them down to produce the clay balls you need to make clay bricks. In this regard, every clay block should yield four clay balls, which are enough for making a single brick. 

You may break the clay blocks using hands or a shovel. Break enough blocks depending on the number of clay pots you would like to make. Bear in mind that each pot requires three clay bricks. 

Step 3: Make a Furnace in Minecraft 

If you are new to the game, chances are that you do not have a furnace. In such a case, you should start by crafting one. In addition to making bricks, a Minecraft furnace may be used to smelt ore into ingots for making armor and tools. It may also be used to cook food. 

To make a furnace for the very first time, you will need to gather wood and make a crafting table—which will also be useful while making the flower pots. You also need to create a pickaxe for mining the required stones. The following steps will help you accomplish this:

How to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft 

To make a crafting table, you need to gather wood logs, which is accomplished by punching the trunk. You will only need a single log to make a crafting table, but you can also stack up some logs for crafting the tools you will need. Next, you need to split the log into wood planks for making the table. 

Just open the Inventory and place one wooden log into the crafting area. This should give you four planks, which are just enough for creating a single table. Once done, place the four planks either into the toolbar or inventory. 

To create a table, you need to please a single wood plank into each of the blank spots on your crafting area. Now take the complete crafting table from the crafting box and place it into the toolbar or inventory. 

How to Create a Pickaxe in Minecraft 

You will need a pickaxe to mine the stone required to build a furnace in Minecraft. Open the inventory, select the crafting table you created in the above-describe step, and place it on the ground. You should then open the crafting table to display the 3X3 crafting grid. Next, you need to split a few logs into sticks. 

You will need three sticks to make a pickaxe. Therefore, you should place two wood planks into the crafting table to create sticks as follows: 

Now take the four sticks created and place them in your inventory. The next step would be to create a pickaxe now. Place three wood planks at the top slots on your crafting table, and two sticks on top of each other on the middle slots as follows: 

Grab the completed pickaxe from the completed box and place it into the toolbar for easy access. 

How to Make A Furnace in Minecraft 

As mentioned earlier in this guide, you need a furnace to make clay bricks that you will be using to craft flower pots in the game. In this regard, you have to look for stones on your map and mine them using the pickaxe you just created. You can find stone scattered on your map in various formations or caves. 

You need to mine at least eight cobblestones to build a single furnace in Minecraft. Once done, open the crafting table and place the eight cobblestones following a ring pattern—while leaving the center slot empty.

Take the furnace and place it into your inventory ready for use. 

Step 4: Get Furnace Fuel 

Before proceeding to make clay bricks in your furnace, you need to gather fuel to keep it burning. Different things may be used to fuel a furnace in Minecraft, including wood logs, charcoal, and coal. Just place your preferred fuel into the Furnace inventory and you are ready to go. 

Step 5: Create Clay Bricks in Minecraft 

At this point, you should have everything you need to create the bricks required to make clay flower pots in Minecraft. Now open the furnace menu, and place the clay balls obtained in step 2 into the top slot of the furnace grid. Next, place your preferred fuel into the bottom furnace inventory slots, as follows: 

Remove the crated brick from the completed box and place it into your inventory. Repeat this procedure until you get the bricks required to make all the pots you need. Remember that each flower pot requires a total of three bricks to craft. 

How to Craft a Clay Pot in Minecraft 

Once you have enough bricks, you can start crafting your flower pots. This should be done from the crafting table. Open the crafting table and place the bricks into the open slots, in this pattern:

Now pick the completed pot and place it in your inventory. Repeat this procedure to obtain as many pots as you need. 

Final Verdict

Creating a clay flower pot in the Minecraft game is comparatively easy, even for beginners. However, you first have to ensure that you have all the required materials and tools to craft one. For instance, you need a crafting table, a pickaxe, furnace, clay, and furnace fuel. 

Whenever you need to use a pot on your map, just get the ones you have already created from your creative inventory menu and place it where you need it to be. You should then place the desired plant into the pot to grow it. 

If for whatever reason you need to remove something from the flower pot, just target it and then take it out using the interact button. With this guide, crafting a clay flower pot in Minecraft should be easy and straightforward.