Improve Your Gaming Experience On Mac

Mac is an amazing game machine. The bigger screen and high speed of processing always serve as a breathtaking experience. Unfortunately, a great machine needs time to time care and maintenance. Otherwise, software and hardware start troubling by letting speed down and improve buffering time. Therefore, to improve your gaming experience, here we have a list of minor adjustments.

Clear Desktop Clutters

An abundance of images, videos, and other documents on the desktop can affect Mac efficiency. Because when you turn on Mac, it renders all the documents for a quick preview and slows down Mac processing. Therefore, try to save all your important information in folders. You can also set a weekly schedule to clear all data from the desktop and save them in their respective places.  

Create Space in Hard Drives

Same as a desktop, a hard drive plays an important role in your mac performance. When it will be filled with duplicate files, apps, or other information, you won’t be able to enjoy the gaming experience on your favorite iDevice. Therefore, the best way is to read on the article and know how to find and delete duplicate files to improve storage space. Keep in mind, always leave more than 10% storage space on mac for enjoying games. 

Restart Your Mac

Restarting a mac helps to resolve many troubles. Some of the benefits of restarting mac are freezing issues, operating system updates, network issues, and more. All these issues sometimes grab your lots of time and attention to resolve. Therefore, do not forget to restart your Mac once a month. If somehow it is not possible to remember, you can also set a mac calendar and fix a time and date for restart. Pop-up messages alert you to restart and refresh your machine. Moreover, temporary network glitches can also be resolved with the Mac restart option. 

Run Cleaned Applications

Most of the time users download the applications without caring about malware and connected issues. Some of the applications download their copies and result in affecting system memory. The best way to protect the system from threats is to install only secured apps. Keep an eye on the system too, remove unwanted apps that you are not using for a long time. 

Transfer Data to External Storage 

With regular downloading, even the highest data storage system may look shorter. Therefore, the best solution is to transfer files to external storage. It can be a time machine to backup your valuable files and information. All you need to do is connect the system with a time machine and set a time for automatic data transfer. There is another way to store data in iCloud. Share your files to iCloud and get access to all essential documents anywhere and anytime with an Apple id and password. Apple offers 5GB of iCloud space to every user, you can too avail that space or take advantage of more by purchasing it. 


Optimizing your Mac is a perfect way to enjoy gaming on your mac. Therefore, do not forget to clear the desktop, create space in hard drives, restart your Mac, download clean applications, and transfer data to external devices.