How To Fix iRobot Error 14 [Multiple Models]

iRobot Roomba is an automated vacuum that eases cleaning tasks but like all day-to-day appliance, it develops faults. The Roomba would break down and stop cleaning while beep continuously. It gives off varied error codes to indicate something wrong in your iRobot.

For the iRobot error 14, the Roomba gives an automated announcement about not detecting the bin. To troubleshoot it, check if you correctly installed the bin and filter. Then clean it with a magic eraser duster before setting it down to work.

 The iRobot Roomba comes in many models and series, yet the error codes and troubleshooting steps are similar. Please read this article; it contains a troubleshooting guide to clear the error 14  on any Roomba.

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What Is Error 14 Code Roomba?

The iRobot vacuum is an innovative automatic gadget designed by manufacturers to make cleaning easy. It thoroughly cleans homes without resting except to recharge. However, from time to time, it develops or requires routine checks.

You can perform these maintenance tasks on your own at home with our troubleshooting techniques. They are easy to do and are simply what your Roomba needs often. The beeps or indicators vary as they point out attention to what its different parts need.

As mundane as it sounds, you can count the beeps to know what your vacuum needs.  So let us go through the troubleshooting technique.

  • For Roomba 900 models- it indicates you reinstall the vacuum bin and reboot the device.
  • For Roomba 600 and 800 models- it is called the error code 1-4. it informs you to check the iRobot app for help. This message is associated with the WiFi connected 600and 800 types. The other design notifies you to check the bin placement and reboot it.

All the vacuum would further notify by blinking indicator lights except the Roomba 600 series, which has no full bin light. In most Roomba series the error 14 indicates issues with the bin. We have researched a few Roomba series and explained what error code 14 means.

How To Fix Error 14 Code

The Roomba 600 Series Error 14

The Roomba 600 series includes the models 600,677,690,671 etc. They indicate an error by abruptly stopping and announcing the issue in an automated voice. To figure out what is wrong with your device, listen carefully to the code and automated narration. 

In case you missed or didn’t understand the machine, click on the “clean” dial or the bumper, and the device would replay the message. The troubleshooting and bin light would continually blink to get your attention to check. It merely means your robot can not detect the bin. 

To fix the error code 14 on your Roomba 600 series; 

  1. Open your device to ensure you adequately installed the bin.
  2. Clean the bin and robot contacts with a damp melamine duster.

The Roomba E5 Error 14

Are you confused about the frequent beeps from your Roomba E5 or the fact that it stops sometimes? Or does it send warnings by flashing indicator lights? Your Roomba e5 is trying to get you to check it.

For error 14 on your Roomba e5, it means the robot cannot detect the bin.

  1. To fix this error, since you are sure the bin is in the device, check that you positioned it correctly.
  2. Also, check the filter; confirm you installed it the right way.

The error 14 message on the e5 indicates the bin is not connected correctly to the iRobot Roomba. You have to check the device bin; confirm and adequately install it.

The Roomba 900 Series Error 14

The Roomba 900 series include the 980 models. E14 indicates a problem with the device by continuous blinking lights, making sounds, then an automated voice recording. To replay the error message, push the “Clean” dial or the bumper. 

The device would repeat the automated message. If the audio message does not play or would not stop, contact the customer service center.

How Do I Reset A 980 Roomba Unit?

To reboot your Roomba 980, take out the vacuum from its base. Long-press the clean final on the device and release it after 20 seconds. The Roomba would make a sound to indicate the reboot has finished.

Are You Wondering If The Roomba 980 Model Been Discontinued? The iRobot Roomba 980 is no longer available on sale via the iRobot website. But the manufacturer still produces them for warranty purposes. Nonetheless, officially you may not be able to get a new Roomba 980 directly from the iRobot company.

The 14 or 1-4 error message is your device’s way to call attention to the vacuum bin. 

  1. Check if any part is chipped or broken.
  2. Check the bin placement if it’s balanced. 
  3. Clean the bin contacts and the vacuum using a damp melamine duster. 
  4. Please confirm the vacuum bin and its contacts align.

Other error messages include; Error 15 and error 5

If your IRobot Roomba 600- 900 shows the error 15, your device wants you to reset it. To reboot your Roomba, tap the clean button.

For e5 on your irobot, the device is notifying you that one of its wheels is stuck. You can confirm by listening to the number of beeps it sounds out. Please pick up your device and check the wheels; clear out whatever is blocking its movement.

If the message or error code does not stop;

  • Reach out to the customer service center and speak to an agent.
  • Ensure you have the Roomba serial code at hand because the agent would ask for it.
  • Charge your device and have it close to you; in case you are asked to perform any troubleshooting task.
  • In some cases, the agent would need your receipt details.

What Does The E14 Error Code Mean In My Irobot Roomba 671?

IRobot roomba 671 is an affordable wireless vacuum that you can use with your home assistant (Google and Alexa). The error code 14 indicates you didn’t correctly install the bin. It notifies you by beeping continuously or announcing the issue.

To fix the error code on your Roomba 671, reinstall the vacuum bin. Check the contacts, wipe to clean off debris, and restart the gadget.

How Do I Clean The Roomba 671?

Yes, you have to clean your cleaning gadget, so it remains effective. Please follow these steps to clean your Roomba 671

The Bin And Filter

Step 1

Take out dirt in your vacuum cleaner. To do this, identify the bin; it stores the dust and debris. Push the button with “clean” written on it (the switch is on the tray) and bring out the bin. Empty the vacuum bin into a trash container.

Step 2

Take out the filter from the Roomba. There is a red-colored semi-circular shape in the bin. The dust or debris may be over it, so closely look as it is the filter. The filter can come out quickly from the Roomba bin while still connected at the other side. Glide the filter out, dust off any accumulated contaminant into the trash container.

Step 3

To further clean it, use a vacuum cleaner and suck off whatever loose debris on the filter and bin. Connect a piece of crevice equipment to the vacuum and turn it on. Use the tool to suck off the trash from the iRobot Roomba bin and filter.

Step 4

Remove the equipment and change it to a brush. Please attach it to the vacuum pipe and switch on the vacuum. Rub the bin and filter with the brush tool. Take extra care to clean the filter surface, rubber, and vent. It is stationed behind the vacuum bin,  put back the filter after cleaning.

The Side Sweeper

Bring out the side sweeper; turn the Roomba over and identify it. The sweeper consists of three round prongs with a plastic covering on top. Use a screwdriver to take out the screw; it holds it together.  Use crevice equipment attached to a vacuum to remove dog hairs, debris, or any dirt from the sweeper.

The Front-Wheel

Take out the Roomba wheel located at the front. Clean any hair or anything stuck to the wheel. Use the crevice equipment attached to your vacuum and suck off any loose debris.

The Brush

Take out the brush from the Roomba. It is under the automated vacuum; identify the rectangle shape opening. Lift it to make the vacuum’s brush visible; it would be dusty. Clean it thoroughly.

The Bearing

Take out the Roomba’s bearing. It is on the brush, and it is small in size. It is commonly yellow-colored. Take them out and put them down before cleaning the brush. Clean out the stuck hair or strings on the Roomba brush.


The iRobot error 14 code indicates you did not install the bin or filter well. Check the vacuum bin and place it properly. The error 14 code means the same thing across the different iRobot series. Your automated vacuum also needs regular cleaning.