Is BleachBit Safe?

Bleachbit is a free and open-source PC cleaner delivered in 2008. It’s broadly known to be utilized by Hilary Clinton’s group during her official mission. If you are anticipating that it should accelerate your PC, tidying up records alone will not accomplish this. Truth be told, the lone PC cleaner to accelerate my PC was Iolo System Mechanic due to its numerous different highlights other than PC cleaning. 

Bleachbit is protected as it will not put anything unsafe on your PC, for example, malware. Likewise, the PC cleaner just erases impermanent, garbage, and trivial documents. So it will not erase anything significant.

Notwithstanding, Bleachbit unquestionably tidies up unnecessary documents and security information successfully. It can likewise for all time erase records and envelopes so they can’t be recuperated by particular software.

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What is BleachBit?

BleachBit is a free and open-source disk space cleaner, protection director, and PC framework enhancer. The BleachBit source code is authorized under the GNU General Public License form 3.

Is a BleachBit safe?

Indeed, Bleachbit is totally protected as in it will not put anything destructive on your PC, for example, malware. Likewise, the PC cleaner just erases transitory, garbage, and insignificant documents. So it will not erase anything significant. 

  • However, similar to all PC cleaners, you ought to be cautious about what you physically erase. While the PC cleaner restricts itself to certain document types, you can erase anything you need with the record shredder. Remember that documents erased with the record shredder are gone perpetually, so be cautious.

Pc cleaner

  • This is the principal highlight of Bleachbit and likely the thing you’ll be utilizing it for the most. You can specifically pick which sorts of documents you need to dispose of, for example, pointless application records or your program protection data.
  • The primary concern I like about this is the measure of control you have over what gets erased. In a few other PC cleaners, you can’t tidy up records from explicit applications, just framework, and protection information. One thing that could be improved however is the ease of use of cleaning your PC with Bleachbit.
  •  For instance, the sign on the privilege can be mistaking and overpowering for certain clients. Additionally, it’s not satisfactory what each choice on the left methods.
  •  Without finding it, would you be able to mention to me what “Vacuum” under Firefox means, or “.DS_Store” under Deep scan? On the other hand, this sort of detail is incredible for more experienced clients. 
  • The log can disclose to you precisely what’s being erased, and in case you’re acquainted with every one of the sorts of documents, you have a ton of customization.

File Shredder

  • Bleachbit can for all time erase documents and envelopes so they can never be recuperated. It can likewise wipe your clipboard (what you use to copy+paste) and wipe your Bleachbit settings so nobody can tell you’ve utilized Bleachbit. Did you know when you erase a document on your PC it can in any case be recuperated? 
  • This is because the genuine information is still there on your hard drive, and erasing a document just tells Windows “hello, you can overwrite this information on the hard plate with anything you desire, yet for the present, I’ll simply make it appear as though it’s gone to the client.” 
  • In any case, destroying documents and envelopes with Bleachbit likewise overwrites record information in the wake of erasing it, guaranteeing it’s gone for eternity.
  •  The “Wipe Free Space” highlight is comparable. The thing that matters is that it just overwrites free space on a drive or envelope so those erased documents can’t be recuperated, and doesn’t erase existing records. 
  • Alongside destroying documents and organizers, you can likewise shred your PC clipboard. I think this is a lovely intriguing element that I haven’t seen in other PC cleaners. 
  • It bodes well that I don’t need individuals to perceive what I have most as of late duplicated. Nonetheless, you can without much of a stretch DIY in Windows: 
  • Type in cmd/c “reverberation off | clasp” and press Enter 
  • At last, you can shred your Bleachbit settings and quit. This resembles covering your tracks because with no documented proof (for example settings and log documents), nobody can advise you ran Bleachbit. 
  • This is particularly obvious if you uninstall Bleachbit in the wake of utilizing the “Shred Settings and Quit” apparatus.


Bleachbit has a decent measure of choices for a PC cleaner, albeit some of them aren’t exceptionally direct. 

Bleachbit apparatuses 

  • As should be obvious, you can do things like check for refreshes, disregard certain envelopes when cleaning, and add admonitions to affirm you need to erase records.
  •  In any case, there are a couple of highlights I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see that a lot of different cleaners have
  • Planned PC cleaning 
  • Programmed PC cleaning 
  • Library cleaning 
  • Also, some customization alternatives are befuddling. I’m as yet not sure what the “Drives” tab does, and why I could at any point need to utilize IEC measures rather than SI sizes. Some extra clarifications or tooltips would help a ton here. 
  • Perhaps I’m asking for a lot of programming that is 100% free and open source. 


  • There are numerous other PC cleaners out there, for example, 
  • CCleaner 
  • Glary Utilities
  • Avast Cleanup 

Iolo System Mechanic 

  • In case you’re searching for another free PC cleaner with more highlights and customization choices, look at CCleaner or Glary Utilities. 
  • In case you’re searching for a PC cleaner that has a cleaner UI and accelerates your PC, look at Iolo System Mechanic. 


  • BleachBit is written in the Python programming language and utilizations PyGTK. 
  • By far most of the BleachBit cleaners are written in Cleaner, an open standard XML-based markup language for making cleaners
  • CleanerML bargains with erasing documents, yet besides executes more particular activities, for example, vacuuming an SQLite data set (utilized, for instance, to clean Yum). 
  • BleachBit’s record shredder utilizes just a solitary, “secure” pass since its engineers accept that there is an absence of proof that numerous passes, for example, the 35-pass Gutmann method, are more compelling.
  •  They likewise attest that numerous passes are altogether increasingly slow to give the client an incorrect conviction that all is well with the world by dominating alternate manners by which security might be undermined.

BleachBit Price and Cost Considerations

  • BleachBit programming is in every case free for download. BleachBit is open source programming that is ensured under the GNU permit, which is the very permit that secures the free open-source nature and accessibility of Linux. However, there’s another benefit to open source programming, as well: it very well may be reviewed by free designers and outsider security organizations. 
  • One of the issues that Edward Snowden brought into the general visibility was that the US NSA had been introducing secondary passages and information assortment code (basically malware) into a ton of normal administrations. 
  • Associations like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and others were forced into mining information to help further the wiretapping activities of the NSA.
  •  Be that as it may, the public wasn’t conscious of this data because these associations enviously and fanatically watch their product code as protected innovation. 
  • If you were to ask me, the genuine benefit to open source programming isn’t that it’s free; rather, it’s that the source can be evaluated for security purposes.

Installing BleachBit 

  • Snap-on the BleachBit installer .exe connect. You’ll be taken to the download page. 
  • Numerous programs will request that you affirm whether you need to download this record. Microsoft Edge 40 shows a bar at the lower part of the program window with a blue boundary. 
  • For any program it is ideal to initially save the record before continuing, so click the “Save” button. As a matter of course, most programs save downloaded documents in the Downloads envelope. 
  • Keep the Windows Explorer window open and double tap on BleachBit-2.0-arrangement. You’ll be inquired as to whether you need to permit the establishment of this program. Snap the “Yes” button. 
  • A window will open requesting that you select an establishment language. Select the language you need and snap the OK catch. 
  • The following window will show you the GNU General Public License. Snap “I Agree.” 
  • In the following window, BleachBit shows some customization choices. You may leave the alternatives as they are. We suggest eliminating the checkmark from the Desktop choice. Snap the Next button. 
  • Presently BleachBit will request that you affirm where you need to introduce. Snap the Install button. 
  • At long last, the BleachBit installer shows a window revealing to you the establishment is finished. Snap the Next button. 
  • The last window in the installer finds out if you need to run BleachBit. Eliminate the checkmark from the Run BleachBit choice. Snap the Finish button. 

Utilizing BleachBit Anchor connect 

  • Go to the Start menu, click the Windows symbol, and select BleachBit from the menu. 
  • A little window will open and affirm you need to open BleachBit. Snap the “Yes” button. 
  • The primary BleachBit window will open. BleachBit will distinguish a few normally introduced projects and show extraordinary alternatives for each program. 

Utilizing Presets 

  • BleachBit can wipe the follows Internet Explorer abandons utilizing the Internet Explorer preset. Check the container close to Internet Explorer.
  •  Notice how all the containers having a place with Cookies, Form history, History, and Temporary documents are likewise checked. You can uncheck them depending on the situation. Snap the Clean catch. 
  • BleachBit will now tidy up specific documents and show you the advancement.

Is BleachBit better than CCleaner?

BleachBit is FREE, though CCleaner has Fremium, Pro, and Pro Plus evaluating levels. CCleaner is considerably more mechanized and “sans hands”, though BleachBit requires some specialized skill (PC organizing) CCleaner offers worked in record recovery, while BleachBit doesn’t. 

Is BleachBit secure?

On Windows, we presently recommend utilizing BleachBit, an open-source secure erasure instrument for Linux and Windows. BleachBit can be utilized to rapidly and effectively target singular records for secure cancellation or to carry out intermittent secure erasure arrangements. It is likewise conceivable to compose custom document erasure guidelines

Wiping Free Disk Space

  • BleachBit incorporates a choice to overwrite free circle space with futile information. This overwrites erased documents that are sneaking in the free plate space, guaranteeing records erased by different applications are overwritten.
  •  To empower this component, utilize the Drives tab in the Preferences window to include a writable envelope for each parcel on your framework. 
  • On the off chance that you just have a solitary drive, the default settings will turn out great. On the off chance that you have an alternate segment mounted at/segment, you’ll need to add an envelope inside/segment to this rundown.

Deleting Languages

Your framework likely has restriction documents for a wide assortment of dialects on it. While this typically is not an enormous issue and doesn’t take up a lot of plate space, it utilizes a few. 

  • For instance, on a genuinely standard Ubuntu 12.04 framework, BleachBit offers to erase 54MB of language documents with its default settings. 
  • In case you’re feeling pressed for space, erasing language records can let loose a piece. To utilize this component, empower the Localizations alternative under System. 
  • You can choose the dialects you need to keep on the Languages tab in the Preferences window. Simply check the dialects you need to keep – BleachBit will eliminate all the other things. 
  • In case you’re erasing framework information to let loose space, you ought to likewise look at the APT classification close to the highest point of the window to eliminate superfluous programming bundles.


By and large, Bleachbit is a lightweight, powerful PC cleaner. It’s ideal for a fast perfect or if you need to wipe a few records. I likewise believe it’s noteworthy that a free and open-source PC cleaner turned into this broadly utilized. 

  • That being said, I think other free cleaners like CCleaner improve since they have more highlights and customization choices.
  •  On the off chance that you’re willing to go through some cash, you can accomplish stunningly better outcomes with Iolo System Mechanic.