Killer Control Center Service not Running [Solved]

Services are responsible for running the machine properly. They all exist under the management console, i.e., MSC, a file that loads in Services snap-in. The same administers Windows services and provides users with a catchy GUI for performing tasks like Start, stop, disable, enable, software running, management, database management, and much more.

Similarly, the Service named Killer control center service is the one which is the program examining all machine’s applications. Moreover, it prioritizes them so that all critical applications and programs are accessed first the main bandwidth. Without this Service, every application running may use an internet connection with equal treatment causing noticeable issues and slower system speeds. 

  • To be specific, the Killer Control Center is a program that you can use to view and perfectly manage your system’s networking performance.
  • By default, every application installed on your computer will be treated equally while using the internet connection. This may lead to a slow speed on the machine (as said earlier)
  • The Killer Control Center smoothly and perfectly examines all the applications installed on your machine and then sets priority properly so that the most speed-critical ones can get first access to your bandwidth.

Let’s understand the concept using a simple example. Suppose you are playing some game, a data-intensive game with a huge file in size. The same, at the same time, is also streaming on YouTube. Without having this killer control center service, the game might experience some issues as bandwidth sharing is required at this point equally. Having Killer Control service, the game’s bandwidth will be assigned, and video will be slowed down, meaning that it will buffer more to start and run and work perfectly. Moreover, your downloads will also be slower. Similarly, if you are watching something online but there is no gaming in line, all of the bandwidth or maximum will be availed by the video, resulting in noticeable and smoother video playbacks and no or very less buffering.

The Killer Control Center’s prioritization is also superior to router-based QoS in that router-based QoS usually doesn’t throttle lower priority applications or services until you hit your bandwidth limit. Even then, there is often some time before the adjustments are made. If your bandwidth isn’t as high as usual because, for instance, your connection to your ISP is not quite as good as it was when you last tested, router-based QoS is typically rendered useless. The Killer Control Center measures bandwidth dynamically, in addition to the limits you set on the settings page.

Will the Killer Networking adapter work without the Control Center, running only the.INF version of the drivers or a driver-only package?

Yes, but you are missing out on your adapter’s best features!

We, in this content, will first discuss in detail the mentioned error, and then we can find possible fixes about the same. These are not little fixes, but yes, you can try them as maximum as you can.  

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Killer Center Service Not Running Error

Normally, what happens is that the machine you are using needs an update on its hardware or software parts. The hardware motherboard or machine’s company needs to update your system, which has to be done through Windows update. The Windows update may not register the Service properly, which results in Service being removed or deleted and can’t even be replaced by new versions.

The error received is not rare and exists on all PCs. Lots of users have reported the same error, and numerous solutions have been provided on the internet. Several reasons can exist for this error, like the old version, software interference hardware malfunctioning, and much more. 

  • Many users said they experienced Killer Control Center service not running error when trying to use it as usual.
  • The killer control center is not running, and the website is down
  • In addition to “service not running,” you may also encounter other errors while using Killer Control Center like Killer Control Center won’t open, Killer Control Center no Killer network interfaces connected, Killer Control Center error during bandwidth test, and a lot more

Brief Error Description

We must be aware that the Killer control center makes the best use of limits, i.e., speed limits set in Settings. These limits detect and determine if any service or application of low priority should be slowed down to perfectly reduce and minimize high priority applications’ latency. This, no doubt, can adjust dynamically based on current situations, but these limits act as baselines from which to gauge whether adjustments are needed or not.   

For example, limits are 500 Mbps suppose, and you have a steam download using the full 500. At the same time you load some application or game to run, this Killer service will right away throttle the download to ensure that all data packs for the game or application get enough bandwidth available to reduce latency as possible. This somehow depends on your ISP, as some ISPs will slow the responsiveness of your connection if you are downloading a large amount of data. In that case, you can use the Killer Control Center to tweak the download speed of the big file to compensate. The sliders in the Killer Control Center’s Apps menu are based on percentages of your set limits.

Troubleshooting Killer Control Center Not Running

Solution Fix One: Restart Your Computer

  • Press Windows + X to open the WinX menu.
  • Navigate to the Shutdown or sign-out option at the bottom.
  • Select Restart from the pop-up menu.

Fix Two: Turn-off Antivirus Programs on Your PC

We usually use many antivirus tools for protecting our system and secured data. This interferes with some applications currently installed and creates many issues. For this, Killer Control Center says Service is not running, and problems can be solved if any antivirus programs are closed temporarily. 

If the above-said still fails, you may as well uninstall the antivirus tools:

  • Press Windows + S.
  • Type Apps & features and press Enter.
  • Select the antivirus software from the apps list.
  • Click on the Uninstall button.
  • Click Uninstall again in the pop-up window to confirm.
  • You can also scroll down to click Programs and Features under Related settings. Then, select and uninstall the antivirus program by clicking Uninstall.

Fix Three: Update Killer Control Center

You can visit the Killer Control Center official website and perform the following 

  • Find and download the latest version.
  • Install the new version on your computer manually.
  • Also, you can open Microsoft Store -> select Downloads and updates -> choose Killer Control Center -> click Get updates.

Fix Four: Run the Killer Network Service Automatically

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Type MSC and press Enter.
  • Look for Killer Network Service and double-click on it.
  • Select Automatic as the Startup type and click OK.

Fix Five: Uninstall & Clean-install the Killer Control Center

It would be best to uninstall the Killer Control Center by following the steps mentioned in Fix Two. Then, go to clean-install it again by deleting the Temp folder.

Concluding Remarks

The Killer Control Center may seem to be a client-side QoS application, and, if needed, it can serve that purpose for the machine on which it is installed. Still, the real power comes from ordering the data packets using information gathered on your computer. The Killer Control Center can see which websites and applications are connecting and prioritize them accordingly. Internet Router and modem QoS systems do not have this information and cannot prioritize packets with the same accuracy level. Router and modem QoS systems can only prioritize based on IP or port number and, generally, need to be individually tailored to work correctly. The Killer Control Center does all of this automatically and with far more accuracy.

If you do near full usage of your available bandwidth, the Killer Control Center will first throttle lower priority applications and services. You can also exert granular control over your computer’s data streams on-the-fly instead of using only router QoS, which requires individual rules to be established for each application, Service, or port. This feature can be incredibly convenient. For instance, if you initiate a large update to a game but don’t want to slow the network down for everyone else, you can move the slider in the Killer Control Center from a maximum to 80% or so, completely removing any impact of the download on everyone else’s bandwidth. As opposed to using only router-based QoS, this can be done without the need to log in to your router’s user interface, make a specific rule, define it, and restart your router.

You can find the latest Killer Control Center, with the latest drivers, here for all Killer Wireless-n/a/ac (1435, 1535, 1525, 1550) and currently supported Ethernet adapters (E2200, E2400, E2500, E3000) with current versions of Windows 10 (1803+):