How To Fix Minecraft Not Responding Error | What Should You Do

Minecraft is a game played by thousands of people all over the world. It’s been around for quite some time, so there’s always some kind of bug or problem with it. One common issue is that error that says Minecraft (Not Responding).

 The issue of becoming not responsive is not related to PC specifications generally, but there are definitely some settings and configurations that can cause the game to no longer work properly. Fortunately, we have several methods that can fix this error for both PC and Android devices. 

What Is The Minecraft “Not Responding” Error?

Minecraft not responding error that will pop up at the top of your Minecraft main screen. It essentially means that your game has become unresponsive.

Your game will now not load and it’s probably extremely frustrating. If you are coming across this problem, there are definitely some ways that it can be fixed, all of which have been successfully proven by many users. 

What Causes The Minecraft “Not Responding” Error?

There isn’t just one specific cause to the “Not Responding” error. There are actually a bunch of different reasons that could make this issue appear. These include: 

  • Incomplete or Corrupt Minecraft Installation: If your Minecraft installation wasn’t completed successfully or it has somehow become corrupt, then this would cause the game to not respond anymore. 
  • Outdated Windows: Minecraft uses Windows to run, so if there is an outdated operating system version on your system, then Minecraft won’t run and will become unresponsive. 
  • Outdated Java: Java is what Minecraft uses to run properly. If the Java platform isn’t up to date or isn’t installed correctly, then you may get the “Not Responding” error. 
  • Mods: Mods can be more of a hassle than they are worth. They can cause errors within Minecraft which includes the “Not Responding” error. 
  • Drivers: If your video driver is outdated, it can cause issues with Minecraft. The game won’t respond and it will not launch. 
  • Minecraft is Outdated: Minecraft releases updates every now and then to bring new features and resolve errors within the game. If your version is outdated, Minecraft may not launch. 
  • Privileges: It’s rare, but sometimes you have to run Minecraft with administrative privileges. 

All of these causes have a method for fixing them that have been proven successful by other users who are coming across the “Not Responding” error. If you are playing Minecraft on an Android device, there are completely separate issues at hand. Here are some of those causes: 

  • Data Cache: If your cache is full, it can cause errors within Minecraft. 
  • Patches: Your device will occasionally update the patches that are released by developers. If they aren’t, it’s going to cause Minecraft to not work anymore. 
  • Updates: Id you haven’t updated Minecraft on your device, it won’t work correctly. 
  • Low Storage: If you want Minecraft to run smoothly, you have to ensure you have the proper amount of RAM. Your device should be fairly new and no older than 2013. 

How to Fix the Minecraft “Not Responding” Error

For all of the causes above there is a method that fixes them. Before you try any of the methods mentioned below, make sure you have an open internet connection that is active and strong. Additionally, backup Minecraft over Cloud. The methods we are going to try are the following: 

  • Update Java
  • Update Windows
  • Use Administrative Privileges
  • Disable Mods
  • Update Drivers
  • Disable Discord
  • Update or Reinstall Minecraft

If you are trying to play it on Android, here are the methods we are going to try: 

  • Restart Your Device
  • Clear App Cache & Data
  • Update Patches
  • Update the Game
  • Free Storage Space
  • Check for Mods
  • Reinstall the Game
  • Check Graphics Settings

Methods for PC

Method 1: Update Java

There are many files within Java packages that are used by Minecraft to run. If your game is crashing or not responsive, here’s how to update Java if it’s out of date: 

  1. Right-click on This-PC
  2. Choose Properties
  3. Check the type of operating system that’s installed in on your PC
  4. Click here to download the Java files
  5. Extract the files to an easily accessible location
  6. Open up the folder and copy the file version folder
  7. Press Win + E to launch Windows Explorer
  8. Go to the following paths, depending on what version you have
    1. C:\Program Files\Java (32 bit)
    2. C:\Program Files (x86) (64 bit)
  9. Paste the file you copied into the location and copy that name of the folder that you just pasted it in for future references
  10. Launch Minecraft mod manager 
  11. Click on Edit Profile
  12. Under Advanced Java Settings click on the executable option and replace the path
  13. Restart your PC and launch Minecraft

Method 2: Update Windows

Since Minecraft uses Windows to run, it’s preferred that your Windows is constantly up to date. These updates have bug fixes within them and improved features for video and sound devices. If you need an update, here’s how to get it: 

  1. Press the Win + S keys and type Update in the box
  2. Click on Check for updates
  3. Your PC will check for any updates
  4. If there are updates, they will begin to install
  5. Once done, restart your PC is your update doesn’t do it for you

Method 3: Use Administrative Privileges

Most of the time if a program is running under elevated access, they don’t have a problem running. Sometimes, Minecraft may not be able to use all of the resources because there’s restricted access. Granting elevated privileges is an easy method to fix the “Not Responding” error. Here’s how we’re going to do it:

  1. Go to the main directory where Minecraft has been installed
  2. Locate the Main game executable
  3. Right-click on it
  4. Select Properties
  5. Click on Compatibility
  6. Choose to Run this program as an administrator
  7. Click on Apply to save the changes
  8. Restart your PC and check to see if the error is resolved

Method 4: Disable Mods

Mods are popular with Minecraft players. It allows them to enhance their experience and adds more textures and customizable items. However, they are also known for creating conflict with the mechanics of the game since they change the way the game is laid out.

It’s been recommended that you disable the mods that you installed on Minecraft. You should go into your directory and disable all mods you have installed. You can either do that or move the mods from the Minecraft directory to another one. Restart your PC once this is done before you try to launch the game again. 

Method 5: Update Drivers

Each game installed on your PC uses drivers to display the game properly. If you have outdated video drivers installed, Minecraft won’t run properly. There are two ways you can update your video drivers.

The first way is to figure out which driver you are using and go to their website. You can download the driver pack directly from there and run the .exe. The way we are going to do it is to update it manually: 

  1. Press Win + R and type devmgmt.msc
  2. Expand Display Adapters
  3. Right-click on the graphics hardware and click Update Driver
  4. You can choose to make use of the Windows update so it can install the drivers automatically or you can choose the second option which is to browse your computer for driver software
  5. Restart your game after the drivers are updated and try to run Minecraft again

Method 6: Disable Discord

Discord is an overlay that puts itself over a game to communicate with other people without going to another window. This is the first step you’ll always want to try if your game is giving you problems. This is useful for players, but it can cause issues with Minecraft. Surprise, right? Since the overlay is right over the running game, it won’t let it work if they don’t support each other. Once you disable discord, don’t open it after you restart your PC. Here’s how to disable discord:

  1. Open Discord
  2. Click on the gear icon to access User Settings
  3. Select Windows Settings
  4. Turn off Open Discord from the system startup behavior section
  5. Restart the game

Method 7: Update or Reinstall Minecraft

The last method is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes your files may end up corrupt or there may be some missing files altogether. The best thing to do if all other methods have failed is to update or reinstall Minecraft. Simply uninstall it from your programs and reinstall it from the website. 

Methods for Android

Method 1: Restart Your Phone

This is the go-to method for when a game isn’t working on your Android device. All you need to do is reset your device. This is a powerful method and is one of the best solutions for fixing a Minecraft app crash issue. 

Method 2: Clear App Cache & Data

This is another easy way to fix the Minecraft “Not Responding” error. Your app cache and data is where all game information can be stored. It can clog your system and make your apps not work properly. Here’s how to clean it up: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Look for App manager or Apps
  3. Look for the Minecraft app
  4. Choose Storage
  5. Click on Clear Cache & Clear Data

Method 3: Update Patches

Minecraft is known for its bugs, so the creators are constantly sending out patches to fix them and improve game performance. WHen these patches come out, it’s important to make sure you’re installing them to get the best out of your game. If you are still getting the “Not Responding” error, then this is something you’ll definitely want to try doing. 

Method 4: Update The Game

As with the PC, you can update the Minecraft game if it’s not the latest version. If it’s not the latest version, then this could be causing your problem with the game. You can simply go to your play store and click on My Apps & Games.  From there, look to see if there is an update next to the app. If so, click to update it. 

Method 5: Free Storage Space

You should always make sure your device has enough space to run Minecraft. You should have at least 2GB of RAM for the best gameplay.

If your phone doesn’t have enough space to do this, then you should start by weeding out unwanted apps or apps that you don’t use that are taking up too much space. Try this and then run the game again to see if it made the error go away. 

Method 6: Check For Mods

You can download mods from third-party websites. It has the ability to add or remove content from your game, which can cause the error you are getting.

You should look to see if there is a custom launcher, texture pack, or shader that may be causing the issue. This is mostly an Android phone issue more than anything. Turn off these mods and try to run the game. 

Method 7: Reinstall The Game

If you recently updated your game or you may have been the victim of a bug attack, then your best option would be to uninstall and reinstall the app on your device. Here’s how to do it if you are unsure: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Apps
  3. Choose Minecraft
  4. Click on Uninstall
  5. Go back to the play store and search for Minecraft
  6. Install the game 
  7. Try to run it again

Method 8: Check Graphics Settings

The last thing we can try if all else has failed is to check the graphic settings of your device. You can simply lower the graphics on your phone. You would have to check with your model phone as each one may have different settings. However, with this general tutorial, you maybe able to find it: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to System
  3. Tap on the build number seven times to unlock Developer options
  4. Go back into system and look for Developer Options
  5. Go to Hardware and Accelerated Rendering
  6. If there are any options on that enhance graphics, turn them off
  7. Try the game again


There you have it, folks, That is how to fix the Not Responding” error for Minecraft for both Android devices and PCs. We hope that you were able to use one of these methods to get your game back up and running. Please look for more helpful tips from us in the future.