How To Fix Minecraft Realms Error 500 [Quickly]

Minecraft Realms error 500 can be really annoying when you just want to play the game. When a server responds with ‘Internal Server Error 500,’ it means that the server encountered an unexpected problem that is preventing it from processing your request.

Minecraft has made is relatively easy for players to create their own servers in the game and invite other players to those servers. However, a considerable number of players have reported getting the generic error code 500 when trying to join such servers. 

The first thing to do is to make sure any mods you have installed are all compatible with each other. If you check those and they are all fine, you might just need to restart your computer. Also, check and make sure that there are not any plugins causing problems. In some rare cases, you may have to delete the user profile or reinstall Minecraft.

In this article, we will explain what exactly causes this error. We will also go over some simple ways that you can troubleshoot and fix this problem yourself. 

Minecraft Realms Error 500 Causes

Internal server error 500 is essentially a syntax or permissions error within a script. If you are getting the error code, the problem is with the server configuration or your local computer.

The inability of the Minecraft Realms server to process your request may be a result of different things. Here are some of the issues that are known to trigger internal error code 500 on Minecraft:

Mod Packs  

It may happen that the mods you have installed for the Minecraft sand game are either not compatible with the game version or are just corrupted. If that happens, you are likely to get an internal server error 500. 

Outdated Minecraft Version

If you are attempting to connect to the servers with an older version of the game, you are likely to encounter problems. The game version you have may simply be incompatible with Minecraft servers. To fix such a problem, you will need to upgrade your game to the latest version and try connecting to the server once again. 

Temporary Game Files 

Just as is the case with numerous other video games, Minecraft creates temporary game files on your computer as you play. Such files may become corrupted with time, preventing the computer from connecting to Minecraft servers successfully. 

If such is the problem in your case, you need to clear temporary game files from your computer, as discussed later on in this guide.

Corrupted Installation Files 

If you used a corrupted installation file to install it upgrade your Minecraft game, you may also encounter the internal server error code 500. Sometimes, you may install a genuine copy of the game, but it gets corrupted along the way. 

The solution to this would be to get a genuine installation file for the game and replace the one you currently have installed. 

Bad Plugin 

Just as is the case with outdated or corrupted mod Packs, bad plugins may also prevent you from making a successful connection to Minecraft servers. You will learn how you can troubleshoot and fix the same later on in this guide. 

How To Fix Minecraft Realms Error 500

The right fix for the Minecraft Realms Error 500 will depend on what is causing the problem in the first place. Before applying any of the solutions discussed below, endure that you are logged into the computer as the administrator.

You also need to have a reliable connection to the internet. That said, here are some of the solutions that have been proven to resolve Minecraft Reams internal server error 500: 

Method 1 : Check The Installed Mods For Compatibility Issues 

As you already know, Mods are the core of the Minecraft gameplay. They are designed to make the game more interesting and interactive. Mods will also give you more control over how the game appears as well as a range of other features. 

However, corrupted or incompatible mods can result in conflicts that may trigger internal server error 500. If this is the problem in your case, you will need to disable the problematic mod(s) to clear the error.

To troubleshoot for problematic Minecraft mods, check all the mods installed on your computer to see whether they are of the same version. To do this, follow this procedure: 

Step 1: Open The Mods Storage Installation Location 

On the Taskbar, select the Windows icon, and right-click on it. From the displayed context menu, select Run. Now type  %appdata% into the Run dialog box that comes up, and then click the OK button at the bottom of the window. 

From the displayed results, double click on the Minecraft folder to open it. You should then proceed to open the Version subfolder. 

Step 2: Check For Incompatibilities 

From the list of displayed Mod folders, browse through to check whether any of them appears different from the others, with regards to Mod version. If any of the mod(s) does not match the others, you need to remove it from the computer. 

Having removed the conflicting mods, close the window and re-launch the game to see whether Minecraft Internal Server Error 500 has cleared. 

Method 2 : Restart The Computer 

If you encountered the internal server error 500 message for the first time, restarting the computer can help fix the issue. Just exit the Minecraft game completely and restart the computer from the Start menu. 

Restarting the computer will automatically refresh the operating system, and remove any corrupted temporary game files you may be having. A considerable number of players have actually been able to fix this issue by just rebooting their computers. 

Method 3 : Disable Problematic Plugins 

Vanilla Minecraft servers allow players to install plugins in their Minecraft game with ease. You may use such plugins to enhance your gameplay a bit, as well as add an assortment of cool features. Since most of the Minecraft plugins have been developed by third-party vendors, you may end up with a plug-in conflict. 

In most cases, you will start getting problems once you have numerous plugins installed or just have a few that are incompatible with the others. To troubleshoot for the problematic plugins, type ‘/version’ into the plug-in window and press enter. 

This will display a list of the installed plugins along with their versions. Check to see if some of them are different. Disable the ones that do not match, and check to see whether the internal server error 500 problem has been fixed.

Method 4 : Delete The User Profile 

If you have been connecting to Minecraft servers without a problem in the past, but just started getting error code 500, the problem is most likely your Minecraft user profile. A profile issue may also prevent one player from accessing a specific Minecraft server, while other users in the same region are connecting without a problem. 

In either case, the solution would be to obtain your UUID from an external website and try to delete all the folders it contains. These include the IDs on your computer/server. You need not worry as this procedure is only aimed at clearing temporary game data on your Minecraft account. 

To accomplish his, you need to follow the procedure described below:

Step 1: Obtain Your UUID 

On your browser, navigate to et your UUID. Next, you need to log into the server, and navigate to your Minecraft server file. From there, navigate to World, and select the ‘Players’ option. 

Step 2: Delete Account Data 

At this point, you need to delete the Username, and UUID to fix the problem. Once you are done, you need to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. Once the computer has rebooted, launch Minecraft, and try connecting to the server to see whether internal server error 500 still persists. 

Method 5 : Reinstall/ Update Minecraft 

If the above-described methods have failed to fix the Minecraft internal server problem, the last fix would be to just reinstall the game afresh or update it to the latest version. Just to be safe, ensure that you download genuine Minecraft installation files from the developer’s website, as described in this procedure:

Step 1: Uninstall The Game 

To begin with, you should remove the current Minecraft installation that is causing you problems. To do this, press the Windows key to display the Start Menu on your computer. Next, type ‘Minecraft’ into the search field on the Start menu, and press Enter. 

On the search results, select the first option and right-click on it to bring up a context menu. On this context menu, you need to select ‘Uninstall’. Continue to click OK on the pop-up window that comes up to confirm the operation. 

Alternatively, you can just open the Programs and Features window. Select the Minecraft program from the list, and then click on the ‘ Uninstall/Change’ button adjacent to the program. In both cases, you should allow the computer enough time to uninstall the program before proceeding. 

Step 2: Download And Install The Latest Minecraft Version 

On your browser, navigate to the Minecraft’s official website or download the latest version of the game. Once downloaded, open the download folder, and double-check on the installation file to run it. Follow the on-screen prompts to install a new copy of the Minecraft game. 


Minecraft Realms error 500 can be a show-stopper when you are trying to play your favorite game. ‘Internal Server Error 500’ is a rather vague error that means the server has encountered an unexpected problem.

Restarting your computer is a good place to start. After you do that, make sure you don’t have any conflicted mods or plugins installed, as those can cause problems with Minecraft. In extreme cases you might just have to reinstall Minecraft or delete and recreate the user profile.

We hope this article helped you get Minecraft up and running again. Thanks for reading!