How To Solve Netflix 7399-1260 Error [Incognito Mode Issue]

Netflix Incognito Mode Error, also called, Netflix 7399-1260 is a somewhat new issue. In this guide, we will look at what causes it and how you can try to fix it. 

Netflix Incognito Mode Error is a network connection issue. The main cause behind this error is currently unresolved as Netflix. However, this error surfaces when a user tries to use Netflix in a browser’s incognito mode. But, with the help of a VPN, you can override this issue.

Nevertheless, if you use a Netflix VPN for streaming and it can give you this error in incognito or guest mode. This is a simple problem concerning Netflix and your browser being in guest mode. Take a look at the troubleshooting guide below and learn how to fix this issue.

Instead of delving into the jargon that only pros can understand, let’s take us a humbler approach. Simply put, this is the same error that comes on the screen with the code M7399-1260-00000024 which in easier words we call as the “Netflix Incognito Mode Error”.

Other than this, this error majorly comes on the screen when you are using the browser on incognito mode, so the basis for the error is pretty clear up till now.

Reasons behind the Netflix Incognito Mode Error?

Since we have understood the source of this error, let us discuss the aspects that are the reason behind it. It is because incognito mode in itself is not likely to cause errors if Netflix doesn’t harmonize with this mode, this does bring the need for elaboration.

Most of the time even experts consider the reasons to be unknown because there’s no issue with Netflix’s software that causes problems, our favorite streaming app does all the incognito mode usage.

If that’s not the case, then it becomes more difficult to understand the mentioned error. However, to get a roundabout idea we can focus on some of the hypothetical approaches that depict different reasons for the Netflix Incognito Mode Error.

How to Fix the Netflix Incognito Mode Error

Learn how to troubleshoot your Netflix and get on without external help with these methods.

Available solutions for Windows

Solution # 1. Check the Available Storage Space

Steps for Windows 7

To start, launch the start menu by tapping on the ‘Windows’ icon on your desktop.
Select the option that indicates ‘Computer’. You should see this on the right side.
Here, a screen displaying a hard disk would appear. It would contain all the information about the available storage space.
If the space available is less than 100 MB then you should free up some space. You can achieve this by deleting a few files.

With the steps completed, you can head back to watch your Netflix.

Steps for Windows 8

Here, you are required to open the “Charms Bar”, by swiping up. This is visible at the right corner of the screen.
Tap on the option that reads ‘Settings’.
Next, select the option for ‘Change PC settings’.
Now you should see an option that says “PC and devices”. Select that option.
With that selected, tap on “Disk Space”.

If you notice that the available space is less than 100MB, then free up some space. With that out of the way, you can continue to watch Netflix

Steps for Windows 10

To launch the “Start” menu, tap the “Windows” icon on your desktop or keyboard.
Select “Settings” from options available on the left side of the screen.
Choose the “System” setting option that would appear on the list now.
Lastly, tap on the “Storage” option

Like the other versions, check if the available space is larger than 100MB or not. If it’s lower than 100MB then you should free some space before watching Netflix

However, if this first solution doesn’t work, then move on to the next method below.

Solution # 2.Clear all browsers

Another cause of the incognito error may be because your browser is overwhelmed. Follow these steps to clear out your browsers.

First, close all tabs and exit all your browsers. Ensure you follow this process on both your normal and incognito browsers.
Next, open up an entirely new browsing window.
Type in the Netflix URL and try to reconnect.

If you duly followed the steps above, then you can Bing away. However, the error may still exist so try another approach. I’d recommend you check out the next solution below.

Solution # 3: Restart Your Device

Turn off your laptop or PC completely.
After some seconds, turn it back on.
Open your browser and fill in the Netflix URL.

Still unable to watch your Netflix? Well, just go over a different approach by following the below-mentioned steps for the next solution.


Solution # 4: Clear Out All Your Cookies And Data

For the solution to work, you’ll need to clean out all your cache, browser history, and data. The steps below should guide you through.

Click on the browser menu button. This is mostly placed at the toolbar at the top of your browser.
Click on the option tagged “Settings”.
Swipe down to the middle  of the screen and choose “Advanced”
Check the privacy options and select “Clear Browsing Data”.
Tap on the option called “Advanced” tab.
Next, tap on the “All Time” option from the “Time Range” drop-down list.
Next, Check for the “Media Licenses”.
Select the option to “Clear Data”.
Once you have cleared out the data, then connect back to the Netflix URL

Solution #5: Reinstall the chrome

Reinstalling the chrome may sound a harder task but it can bring fruitful results. Before going for the reinstallation, you have to uninstall the original copy first and this you can do easily through the control panel.

While doing so, don’t forget to delete the browsing data as well so that there are no traces of any error. We’d suggest that you preview all the hidden files and delete them permanently as well. The better is the uninstallation, the greater are the chances of error eradication. Lastly, you can just visit internet explorer and download chrome from the official site, then you may check if the error’s gone or it persists. In conclusion, these solutions should be able to get your Netflix back to action.

Solution # 6: Go for the Protected Content option on the browser

You may have seen three dots on Google Chrome. By clicking on these dots, you will see an array of options. Primarily, you would go for the settings. There you’ll see “Privacy and security”, most probably at the bottom of the list. In Chrome, this function depicts a feature of protected content. You may click it on and then return to the previous window to check if the error is still visible.

Available Solutions for Mac

Solution 1- Check the available storage space

Tap on the “Apple” icon from the upper left corner of your screen.
Select the “About this Mac” option.
Click on “Storage”

Ensure you check for the available space to know if it’s less than 100MB or not. If it’s not then you should free some space before watching Netflix

Solution 2- Upgrade your browser to a newer version

For this method, you’ll need to update your web browser. I’d recommend that you opted for the latest version or even try out an alternative one. 

Note that the web browsers that are most efficient with Netflix include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. If this solution doesn’t get your Netflix working again then try the next solution below.

Solution 3- Shut down and restart your device

Start by turning off your Mac device completely.
After some seconds, you can turn it back on restart.
Open up your web browser and log on to Netflix again.

These three simple steps should be able to successfully troubleshoot the error problem. In any event, it doesn’t, try out the next solutions.

Solution 4- Clear your browsing data

Click on the menu button on the top right on the browser’s toolbar.
Select the option “Settings”.
Swipe down and select “Advanced”
In the privacy options, click on the “Clear Browsing Data”
Click on the “Advanced” tab option.
Here, try out the “All Time” option from the “Time Range” drop-down list
Next, select the “Media Licenses”
Lastly, tap on the “Clear Data” options.

With these four methods, you should be able to successfully troubleshoot your Netflix error on your Mac device.

Available Solutions For Android

This kind of error is less frequent on Android mobile devices. However, some subscribers have encountered this error when running Netflix on their phone’s incognito mode. Check out methods to fix the issue.

Solution 1- Clear out your Browser Cache

Launch your browser and check for the Settings
Once there, search for the option to Clear Cache 
Select  it and try watching Netflix again

Solution 2: Restart the Android Device

Turn off and restart your device
Log back into your Netflix and try watching again

Solution 3: Switch back to the Netflix App

In any case that none of the above solutions has done the job for you, I’d recommend switching to the Netflix application. This should probably fix the issue, and you can even use now commence your binge-watching sessions.


The Netflix incognito error code is prominent with subscribers that are using incognito mode on their web browsers. However, it can be easily solved by troubleshooting to free up your VPN. Be it, a windows device, a Mac device, or your android phone, there are possible solutions for you. Nevertheless, if all of this fails then just resort to the last solution. Get hooked to the Netflix app instead.

This brings us to the end of our discussion. As we told you, the sources of the Netflix Incognito Mode Error are still unknown as per the experts.

But the hacks aren’t. Reinstalling the browser or clearing the cache works out resourcefully for many users. And the plus point of these solutions is that anyone can master them overnight. So hopefully, you may enjoy an uninterrupted Netflix streaming.