Netflix Error Code m7111-1935-107016 [Quick Fix]

Have you ever heard of or encountered Netflix error code m7111-1935-107016? Yes, you guessed right. There are instances, though very few, that this mighty platform has gone to its knees. In this guide, we will look into what is Error M7111-1935, what causes it, and how to fix it. Finally, we will look into similar errors. 

Reported just a few numbers of times, this error code was last experienced early this year in the US and UK. Most subscribers went on and on about the Netflix outage that probably was caused by power disruptions or malfunctions during streaming. This error was reported across all devices and it affected all web browsers. Meaning, it is an error that generates from the Netflix platform itself.

What Causes Error code m7111-1935-107016

Despite all the tweets and social media posts when this rare incident is witnessed, the cause of this problem is not clear even to Netflix.

Few occurrences can however be attributed to the error. These include:

A surge in people streaming at the same time.
Malfunctioning of Netflix servers
Network errors that may affect the transmission
Video-on-demand services
Netflix’s global interruptions.

1.A surge in people streaming at the same time

This may cause a delay in transmission. Due to the long delay the, Netflix system may also crash in the due to nonresponse from the servers. 

2.Malfunctioning of Netflix servers 

Unarguably, when there is a system malfunction in any server, its operations get limited and this may interfere with the streaming of live videos.

3.Netflix global interruptions

Due to system upgrades or maintenance, Netflix may occasionally communicate planned interruptions to its subscribers. This, fortunately, is usually timed and users are always informed when the process is complete. In the event a user attempts to stream before this upgrade is complete, he or she may encounter error m7111-1935-107016.

4.Netflix account payment

One more possibility (although highly unlikely) is late payment. In other words, before contacting Netflix customer care, ensure that your subscription has been renewed if it was due. A suspended account, needless to say, may not be able to stream movies or series.

5.Your subscription plan

When you have maxed out the number of people streaming at the same time based on your plan, the additional member may experience failure when he or she attempts to watch a movie.

How to Fix It?

Although most of the time an outage may originate from Netflix end, there are a few troubleshooting tips that you are advised to attempt before reaching out to them via their contact center.

These include but are not limited to:

Rebooting your device
Clearing your app’s cache
Contacting your Internet service provider
Restarting or changing your router
Contacting Netflix customer service center.

Option 1: Rebooting Your Device

This is done by switching off your device and putting it back on. This will aid in ensuring the Netflix app loads properly if it hadn’t in the beginning.

The steps involved here are so basic. You long-press your power button and select reboot or restart option. Press OK and that’s it. When your device is back on, you can log in to Netflix afresh.

Option 2: Clearing your app’s cache

When you clear cache on your app, you are making more memory space within which your new data can be stored to ensure the smooth functioning of your app.

This can be done by logging into the Netflix app and locating its storage. When there click on the clear data and cache option. Go back to the Netflix app and try streaming.

Option 3: Changing the Router or Wi-fi Network

To rule out problems with your connection, you may want to use another network and see if you will resume viewership.

If the problem is not on your end, the Netflix application won’t work, but if the problem arises from your network connection, then changing it should ensure the resumption of smooth running.

4.Contacting Your Internet Service Provider

This ensures that your router is not having issues connecting to local networks.

5.Quick browser fixes

Over time, as we browse, we leave behind a trail of web history in the caches and cookies. This enhances our future searches but they may as well lead to problems like the slow running of our devices. These then cause our devices to fail when it comes to streaming videos from sites like Netflix.

Ctrl + f5 keys can be used as a quick and easiest way to perform a full website cache clearance.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

Try uninstalling and reinstalling your app when you experience this error code. Chances are if the problem originated from your device, it will work well after this hack.
You may want to log out of all Netflix applications before you log back in.
Updating your app to the latest available version has also been proved to work best in resolving this type of error.
An android or operating system upgrade can also come in handy when resolving this problem.
Keep up to date with the Netflix outage map. This will guide you on areas where the service is interrupted and also give you an insight on when it is likely to resume.


When it comes to Netflix, service interruption can be of great disappointment. The good news is that there are various ways in which we can address this uneventful occurrence. The above troubleshooting tips usually come in handy not only to solve error code m7111-1935-107016 but other similar errors like  M7111-1935-106007.

When all the above fail to work, you are then advised to reach out to the Netflix customer care team for further assistance. In most cases, it is advisable to reach out after failed attempts from your end to resolve the problem. Otherwise, the team could refer you back to the troubleshooting tips, something most people find frustrating.