Netflix Error Code M7363-1260-00000026 [Solved]

If you are looking to solve Error code: M7363-1260-00000026, you are at the right platform. Before digging the details further, let us clarify that the mentioned error code is a Netflix error code and is one the most basic encountered errors by users while using Netflix applications on their systems. The error mostly has its roots attached to system browsing issues.

What Causes This Error?

.As we said earlier, the mentioned error code appears to Netflix users when they are browsing in Private modes. Having private browsing turned on in your system lets you keep your internet sessions and works privately from other users on the same devices.

The mode doesn’t tend to retain your temporary browsing data, i.e., history, caches, cookies, records, passwords, usernames, and search logs, which are generally saved by other public mode browsers.

Another cause for the same error code may also be due to having expired, old, or outdated versions of a web browser in your system. Storage issues, i.e., having no storage in the system when you are running out of space or having expired or turned-off content decryption modules, also result in the same error code.

Possible Solutions 

To assist those users who are facing the same problem, we will be providing possible solutions and fixes for the said error. Applying all of a few of them may let you resolve potential glitches n the system.

Before digging further, we recommend you to reboot your system first. After you are done rebooting, you must first check if the error persists. If it does, check below for all possible solutions.

Solution 1: Perform Effective Disk Clean-Up 

The very first step, which might help you is to clean your primary disk. You should clean the browser’s local storage by making use of the following the below-mentioned steps

  1. Keep pressing the Windows button and press E key from the keyboard. You will see the File Explorer window on the screen right away. You can find the windows button between CTRL and Alt or Alt and Fn buttons on your keyboard
  2. From the Explorer window, you got from the last point, select the option This PC and select the drive you want to clean. If you are using windows 7, you can choose the Computer option on left Pane and right Pane; you will be seeing drivers, i.e., C, D, and so on. Select any one of them, which you want to clean
  3. Right-click on your desired drive and select Properties 
  4. Now go to General and select  Disk Cleanup option
  5. Cleaning will start right away. Once cleaned, you can reboot the system now

Check if the error persists and if it does, follow Solution 2

Solution 2: Remove User from Browser

This Netflix error code also comes up on the screen if there is an issue with the browser’s user profile. You must delete the user profile, in this case, to get rid of the same.

If you are using Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click three dots at top right
  • Select the user profile you are using
  • Select turn off synchronization
  • It will ask you a popup that you will lose passwords and everything, say yes
  • You will see your profile removed

Reboot the system and check if the error persists. 

Note: There may be other ways to remove profiles too. It depends on Chrome version plus windows versions you are using. You better need to check the system preferences first 

If you are using Firefox

Launch Mozilla 

  • In Firefox window, visit profile section
  • Select your profile (the one you are using)
  • Click Turn off synchronization and profile will be deleted  

Here also you should check the version of Mozilla you are having as the process may vary

Reboot the system and check if the error persists. If it does, move to solution 3.

Solution 3: Clear Cookies and Cache

Clearing cache solves many issues, especially the ones related to browsing. Your history gets accumulated if you don’t regularly remove the cache. 

For Chrome, follow these steps

  • Launch Chrome application
  • Click settings from top right three dots
  • Click advanced (you will find it at the end of the page down)
  • Click Clear Browsing Data option under the Privacy section
  • Select time range for clearing data, i.e., last 4 hours, last 24 hours, last week, last month, or all-time, etc. All time option will reset your browser to initial state and other options will work accordingly too
  • You can select what data you want to keep, i.e., keep passwords or username, etc. You can uncheck them if needed. If you don’t uncheck, all will e removed between selected time ranges
  • Close Chrome
  • Reboot System and relaunch Chrome

Check if the error persists

For Firefox, follow these steps

  • Launch Firefox
  • Go to the menu option and choose Options 
  • From options, scroll down to privacy section
  • Click clean your recent history
  • Now, go to advanced on left Pane and go to the Network tab
  • Keep scrolling until you get Cached web Content
  • Click Clear Now
  • Close Mozilla and reboot your system now

Relaunch Mozilla and check if the problem persists. If it does, move to solution 4.

Solution 4: Browser Update

Keeping your browser up to date also solves numerous issues. If the same is old, this Netflix error very commonly arise.

For Chrome, you can update by following these steps

  • Launch Chrome application
  • When the window opens, go to Help button from top right three dots, It will second last before exit
  • In the Help section, choose About chrome option
  • Now, Chrome will start checking for new updates (if any)
  • If there will be any updates, it will notify you. But remember to have a good internet connection with you for the same

Relaunch Chrome and check if Netflix error code still exists

For Firefox, you can update by following these steps

  • Launch Firefox application
  • Go to the menu and click the Help button
  • Firefox will start checking if there are any updates
  • Based on your connection speed, it will start downloading them automatically

Now, start using Netflix application, and error must have gone. If it still exists, check some common issues as listed below

Common Issues

  • Check Internet connection
  • Reinstall Chrome or Firefox browsers
  • Perform regular page refreshing 
  • Remove any Ajax or scripts or popup restrictions
  • Close private browsing

Summing it all up, the fixes mentioned above are all common and must surely help you with the same Netflix error code. If you are still experiencing the error with you (which may not be the case mostly if you followed everything we said), you can contact some expert or look for any software changes within your system.

Last but not least, do have the last check on your antivirus tool also because it may sometimes block certain websites or applications, considering them possible malware or security threats. You better should provide your site exclusions for the same for automatic unblocking.