Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 [Solved]

You might have noticed the Netflix Error UI-800-3 on your streaming device often. The same occurs when Netflix crashes. After retrying X number of seconds, you may get frustrated at one time.

You may try some general fixing procedures first, i.e., shutting down the device, clearing application caches, reinstalling the application, and so on. The error may arise on any streaming device you might be using, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Blu-Ray players, smart TV devices, or gaming consoles.

What Causes Error UI-800-3?

Having the Netflix error UI-800-3 indicates that there is some issue with Netflix application of the particular device. It can be any reason like maybe cached data is corrupted, or application needs restart or reinstall or anything.

The exact cause can only be told by having the device live in hand. Minor issues can be easily solved by just refreshing the device\s stored information.

General Fixing Methods for Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Here we are presenting the general tips, which may work on most of the streaming devices, but you must first verify the same. If any of them don’t apply to the one you have, you can check some other way. Let us have a brief look at the most common methods

Device Restart

Most of the time, this option works for error code UI-800-3. The same involves a complete shutdown of the streaming device and unplugging it completely. You better should leave the device unplugged for a while for a minute or even more. Please keep in mind that if your streaming device has a sleep mode enabled, you will be shutting down the same altogether.

Logout Netflix Account

This is one of the possibilities of this error too. There are cases when logging out from Netflix is more than enough, which refreshes your data and storage.  If you are unable to logout from your Netflix account from your device, you must do the same through the website. Just go to the Netflix account page and choose to Sign out all devices option.

Please keep in mind that it will log you out from all devices integrated to your account. You will be reconnecting or signing in all of them separately.

Clear App Data or Cache

You can clear application storage, cached data, or cookies on some streaming devices without uninstalling Netflix application. You can clear cache and data on Fire TV from system settings without uninstalling Netflix application. This might not work on all streaming devices, so you better check first. If any of them application removal, you have to do the same to make things work. By this, you will hopefully get rid of error UI-800-3 in most of the cases.

Remove and Reinstall Netflix Application

When you are unable to remove cached data or application storage, the only option you have is to uninstall Netflix application. You can then reinstall the application again and integrate your accounts back. 

Please Note: If your streaming device has a pre-installed Netflix application, you can’t remove it. You need to contact the administrator or product manufacturer in this regard. Don’t try to remove the application; in that case, maybe you will be able to remove, but you won’t be able to reinstall it again.

Device Reset

Please don’t confuse this with the device restart. Device reset is a factory reset where you set all settings to defaults. This resets network settings, data, contacts, media, and everything to the initial stage, and you lose all stored profiles, usernames, and passwords too.

Fire TV and Roku can reset easily, but for Samsung TV, you need to reset Samsung Smart Hub. This includes removing all applications (not just Netflix).  After downloading them back again, if you get a black screen, wait for the download to finish. It may take some time to take the Netflix application interface back in normal, so be careful.

Home Network Restart

This refers to any networking device, i.e., router, switch, or data (if you have). You need to unplug your device and then try unplugging network devices and restart them again.

Check the Device You have

Possible solutions to fix UI-800-3 may depend on the device you have. They vary for each of them. We will discuss a few of them.

For Amazon Fire TV/Stick

  • Restart the device
  • Sign out of Netflix application
  • Clear Cache and application data
  • Reinstall Netflix Application

For Blu-Ray Player

  • Restart the Blu-Ray device
  • Sign out of Netflix application
  • Restart home networking devices, i.e., router, modem, etc.
  • Connect the player directly to the modem 
  • Restore default device settings
  • Check your Wi-Fi and improve it if slow
  • If above-mentioned doesn’t work, contact your ISP

For Smart TV

  • Restart Smart TV device
  • Logout Netflix application
  • Reset Smart Hub
  • Connect TTV directly to modem or router
  • Reset default settings
  • Contact your ISP (if nothing above works)

For Xbox 360

  • Logout Netflix application n Xbox device
  • Remove and reinstall Netflix application

Check Xbox DNS settings

  • Click the Guide button on your Xbox
  • Go to settings and click system settings option
  • Go to network settings
  • Select the network you are using and click configure network
  • Choose DNS settings
  • Select Automatic option
  • Turn off your Xbox
  • Try Netflix Application now

We have discussed a few of the most commonly used streaming devices, but if you have any different than them, you can opt for settings accordingly. Others may include Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Roku, or Xbox One. This depends on the device you are using, but Netflix settings are almost the same for most of them.

Summing it all up, if you are encountering UI-800-3 Netflix error, the same is indicating you that your device information needs to refresh. You have to troubleshoot accordingly. If in case, you are unable to solve the same Netflix error on your streaming device even after following our guidelines, you should look for some expert. Maybe, you need to contact your service provider for network glitches or product manufacturer for Netflix application issues.