Fixing Netio.sys Error | Windows 10 BSOD On Boot

Many windows users experience this BSDO error i.e. Blue Screen of Death error known as NETIO.SYS error on their screen.  They receive this error randomly on their screen and there are various ways the error is displayed to the users frequently

These include:


If you are experiencing the NETIO.SYS error on your screen there can be any cause for the same. This can be some pirated or corrupted software or a virus issue. Maybe, it can be issues in hardware or anything relevant. Whatsoever is the cause, it irritates everyone letting system to crash immediately and presenting users to use the computer furthermore

If you are one of those getting this error, you might be worried and looking for some good solution for the same.  You need not to worry because we, here, are presenting the ways and methods to fix the NETIO.SYS error covering almost each and every cause for the same. You can try any of them and do a bit of workout. Maybe, it helps and tries taking you out of the issues you are facing.

Some Common Fixes You Can Try

  1. Undo the recent changes
  2. Update your device drivers
  3. Use your security software to scan your computer
  4. Temporarily disable your security software
  5. Run System File Checker
  6. Run Check Disk

Out of the above-mentioned ones, last one may only prove helpful if you are unable to login OS entirely. But keep in mind that for the last fix, you need to have Windows OS CD and have a basic knowledge of how to boot from CD. If you are unaware of this or are not having the said media, you can create media online also using numerous tools and also, can see any related article or content online to learn how to boot from CD. It’s not that hard.

Note: OS installation may vary for all systems i.e. for 7, 8, and 10, things, configurations, and settings may vary but basics are almost same for all

Let us have a quick look at the above-mentioned fixes one by one

Solution 1: Undo Changes you have Recently Made 

This is one of the basic steps you can take for fixing NETIO.SYS error. Almost similar to system restore, you can try this fix. You need to brainstorm and thing, what changes did you make and when was the last time system worked. You can revert those back and rollover them to make things work. You can undo those changes and check if the blue screen has gone.

It might be possible that you:

  • Have installed some new hardware or software in the system
  • Have downloaded some program from internet
  • Have mistakenly checked anti-virus or system administration settings
  • Have tried to clean the files or mistakenly removed any system files
  • Have mistakenly removed or misconfigured something from registry

You can undo as many of them as you can and see if things work for you

If none of above work, you can try performing system restore till working date i.e. if your system was working two days before, you can enter the custom date and start system restore. For system restore, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Start button at the lower left of your screen. Then type “recovery“. After that click Recovery in the list of results
  2. Click Open System Restore. The System Restore wizard will appear
  3. Open System Restore” in Windows 
  4. Follow the instructions of the wizard to restore your system from a system restore point
  5. After the process completes, check your computer and see if the blue screen error disappears

Solution 2: Update/Repair Device Drivers

This might be possible that error is coming because your drivers are out of date or are wrongly installed. Maybe, they are not configured well or are not placed properly in root directory. Incorrect installation of driver’s conflict with OS and results in NETIO.SYS BSOD error. Try updating drivers and see if error goes

If you don’t already know how to update drivers, you can follow the steps below

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Go to device manager
  3. Select driver you want to update i.e. video, monitor, network, or any
  4. Right click the driver name and select properties
  5. Click Update Driver software

Note: You can do the same using driver CD and update or repair driver manually

Solution 3: Thoroughly scan your computer

This is a very common issue happening with most of the users. Existing viruses, malwares, or ransomwares cause NETIO.SYS to appear on the screen resulting in system crash. You need to scan your system completely and check if there are any malicious files and applications on your system. You can scan your computer and delete or quarantine any threats it finds. After doing so, you can restart your computer and check if everything goes smooth.

Note: If you don’t have any anti-virus installed in the system, it’s better to have one because any threats or malwares can damage system files resulting in loss of data

When you scan your computer, don’t select few drives or file instead choose FULL or CPOMPREHENSIVE scan option to get optimum results. After finished, restart your computer and check if issue is resolved. 

Solution 4: Disable your Antivirus

This is a rare happening but must not be ignored. You can try disabling your antivirus application and see if things work smoothly.

The NETIO.SYS error sometimes arises when antivirus or any security software application interferes with some core functionalities of Windows OS. To check this, you can temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall and check if the problem still exists.

Note: Please be careful before taking any steps and also, take great care especially when you are browsing internet or are downloading, sending, or opening any attachments in emails especially when antivirus or firewall is completely disabled

Solution 5: Run System File Checker

The NETIO.SYS error also occurs due to corrupted system files, which are critical and mandatory to run OS. It is highly recommended to run a complete system check if there is any similar issue faced. Windows has in-built  feature available known as System File Checker, which perfectly scan all the system files and fix any issues or corruptions in them. If you don’t already know how to run this System File Checker, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Boot your computer from your OS Media (CD or USB)
  2. Choose your preferred language please including region preferences, then, click Next.
  3. Choose Repair your computer option
  4. Now, open CMD or Command Prompt. Please keep in mind that steps for Windows 10 and 7 are bit different and same for Windows 8 too. 
  5. In Windows 10, select Troubleshoot and then Command Prompt
  6. In Windows 7, go to System Recovery Options and then choose recovery tools. Then click Next
  7. After that click Command Prompt
  8. In Command Prompt, type the command: “sfc /scannow” and press Enter. The System File Checker utility will start scanning and repairing your system
  9. After the scanning finishes,   close Command Prompt and restart your computer

Now check, if problem is fixed and NETIO.SYS error is gone

Solution 6: Run Check Disk

The NETIO.SYS blue screen error may also occur due to the errors on your hard drive. You can check the integrity of your hard drive and see if there’s any problem. You can run a hard drive troubleshooting utility called Check Disk on your Windows system to scan and repair your hard drive

  1.  Boot your computer from your Windows installation media
  2. Enter your language and region preferences and click Next
  3. Click Repair your computer
  4. Open Command Prompt. Note that the steps to do this on Windows 10 installation media are different from Windows 7. The following will show you how to open Command Prompt on these different media.
  5. After that click Command Prompt
  6. In Command Prompt, type “chkdsk c: /r” and press Enter on your keyboard. The Check Disk utility will begin to run and scan your system drive. (C mentioned here is a drive letter, you can mentioned your own drive if it is D or F etc.)

After the utility finishes scanning your hard drive, close Command Prompt and restart your computer

Concluding Remarks

Hopefully, after trying all or any of the possible solutions given above, NETIO.SYS error must have gone but still if you are having the same, you should contact system manufacturer. Please note that settings and configurations for every OS may vary and the steps we have mentioned are all general. Yo9u can try them and if any issue comes, you must try checking hardware too.

Most likely, given solutions will eradicate the BSOD error and you won’t need to re-install OS again. If any of them fails and hardware and everything is fine, there won’t be any way except re-installing the OS.