ntoskrnl exe Critical Structure Corruption

Usually, users will know about the existence of the ntoskrnl.exe file only after the appearance of the “screen of death,” which is called BSOD. It indicates failures that are incompatible with the continued operation of the OS, usually of a systemic nature, and sometimes technical.

Windows itself ntoskrnl.exe is the executive file of the Microsoft Monthly Security Update. This program is a part of the system kernel.

The image of the boot is integrated into this file; we see it in the process of system startup. Thus, it is obvious that the NTLDR bootloader loads ntoskrnl.exe Windows 7, 8 and 10 in one of the first lines. Further correct operation of the entire OS also depends on its proper processing.

Possible Causes Of Failure

Since the file is a system file, simply replacing it will not work, and it is difficult to find it. And even the ntoskrnl.exe problem is not always the blue screen is in the file. In general, there are 6 main problems that prevent proper file handling:

Violation of the registry integrity, especially the keys of the corresponding file;

  • The virus impact that damaged the file;
  • The application failed due to another program;
  • Application conflict;
  • Incorrect installation of the file or its damage;
  • Hard drive malfunction.

It is because of these kinds of problems that the ntoskrnl.exe and blue screen of Windows began to appear. For a more accurate definition of the fault, you should pay attention to the actions preceding the problem.

Registry Restore

There are many programs that can help get rid of the registry of broken keys and wrong directions. Manually changing the values is not recommended, as this may entail other negative consequences.

For example, consider the application CCleaner, which copes with the task. Another similar program is Microsoft Fix It, and it is additionally ready to help with most common system faults.

So, ntoskrnl.exe how to fix with CCleaner:

  • Download the program;
  • Launch the application and go to the “Registry” section;
  • Check the checkboxes next to all items and “Search for errors”;
  • The procedure is quick, then create a restore point (optional) and click on “Troubleshooting selected problems.”

The procedure is automatic, and the application is free, so you should, first of all, refer to it. We also recommend using the application Fix It, which will analyze the system, including the registry. In addition, it is also better to clean the computer of temporary files and cookies, which can serve as a place of malfunction. CCleaner can help with this.

Virus Removal

Viruses may cause Ntoskrnl.exe blue screen of Windows 7 or in any other version. Predicting the behavior of malicious code is difficult since different work algorithms are used. Usually, serious viral diseases are accompanied by errors, and the current is no exception.

To eliminate the disease, and then remove the damage, you must use antivirus tools. By and large, they are all suitable for this procedure, and sometimes you have to use a few. Run a scan of the anti-virus installed in the system or download a separate scanner. We recommend using Kaspersky or Avast.

Program Crash

Usually, the result of a failure is the removal or corruption of files, but before you restore the correct position of ntoskrnl.exe Windows 10, you need to fix the problem.

It should be based on the memories that preceded the problem, perhaps you changed the settings or installed a new application. Updating existing programs can also be a cause.

Remove the maximum number of minor programs from autorun, and then restore the file and use the method to determine the problem — the same recommendation in case of application conflict. The procedure for copying a file is described at the end.

Program Conflict

Often, not so much applications conflict as drivers. This is not only the video “firewood” but also various others. For example, when installing a software package for a mouse or keyboard, malfunctions occurred.

Usually, if this happens through the fault of the manufacturer, then they quickly fix the problem, so you can simply update the driver.

Perhaps the problem is not in this place, so it is better to pre-diagnose the problem. Restart the computer, with F8, go to Safe Mode. If everything works correctly, secondary programs and drivers become the probable cause.

Damage To The File or System

Since the ntoskrnl.exe error is a consequence of a system problem, you need to use the tool of the desired action. For this procedure, it is better to use a special utility to check the integrity of the system. It starts:

  • Click Win + R and enter cmd;
  • Then insert sfc / scannow.


After the process is completed, the result will be written; a more detailed report can also be found in the logs.

Hard Drive Problems

If the HDD has bad sectors or bad values, then it’s difficult to expect Windows to work correctly. Yet there are special utilities that reanimate the hard drive, if possible. One of them is built into the system, first, use it.

  • Go to “My Computer”;
  • PCM on the system partition and “Properties”;
  • Go to the tab “Service”;
  • Run the function “Check disk for errors.”

There are also third-party programs that are more functional. For example, use the utility HDD Regenerator, it will also automatically diagnose and help fix the problem.

System Restore

You can try to roll back the system to normal. This approach will help not to bother with the elimination of the problem and return the correct operation.

The only condition is the presence of a point. If you created backup when Windows was working normally, now fix the error is not a problem.

  • Enter the word “Recovery” in the search and select the characteristic item, then “Next”;
  • Select the point to which you want to roll back and run the procedure.

Copy file

After performing the diagnostics and trying to eliminate the cause of the problem, you must also return the ntoskrnl.exe file to the correct state.

It is better to do this by running the recovery tool, and you need an installation disk/flash drive for it to work.

  • Restart the PC and press F9, select the desired media, run it;
  • Click on “System Restore”;
  • Now in the console, type the expand E: \ i386 \ ntoskrnl.exe c: \ windows \ system32, here E is the media identifier, and C is the system disk.

Now the blue screen should not bother you more, because the problem with ntoskrnl.exe has been fixed. If you still have questions on the topic “How to fix the error Ntoskrnl.exe?” Then you can ask them in the comments