NVidia Telemetry Container Missing [Solved]

NVidia telemetry container missing is an error that many PC users experience. There are several reasons behind this particular error, and here are the solutions to help you get rid of it.

NVIDIA is the leading manufacturer of graphics cards in the PC industry. In order to get the most out of our graphics card, especially when playing, it is necessary to install the latest version of NVIDIA drivers  so that Windows is able to recognize and use it and, in addition, to have tools such as GeForce Experience.

However, once these drivers are installed, we will have seen how various NVIDIA processes are now running on our computer, processes that we will explain below.

These processes and services, for the most part, can be deactivated or closed to prevent them from running. However, it is not recommended to do so since, in addition to the fact that sooner or later they will automatically run again, we can cause our system to start malfunctioning and have stability problems.

NVidia processes in Windows explained

NVidia Container is one of the main processes and that we will see the most in the Windows task manager. As the name implies, this is a basic process of the drivers and is mainly used to store other processes or other tasks inside. By itself, this process doesn’t do much good, but it is vital so that other processes and certain tasks can run smoothly.

Another of the processes that we will find will be NVidia ShadowPlay Helper. This process is already useful, and it is in charge that, when we press the keyboard shortcut Alt + Z, the GeForce Experience superimposed screen opens from which we can access the certain recording and retransmission tools, so like game filters.

NVidia Share is another of the processes that are part of the GeForce Experience. As its name indicates, this process (in fact, there are two equal processes) is in charge of controlling the functions of taking screenshots from the application, videotaping our games, and streaming our games through social networks. If we disable these features or the ShadowPlay overlay screen, obviously, the Share process will not appear.

NVidia Telemetry is a process that has given users a lot to talk about. This process is responsible for collecting information on the status and configuration of the systems to send them to the company anonymously in order to carry out a market study. This process, in addition, is in charge of controlling the updates of the drivers, knowing what version we have installed, and notifying us when there is a new one.

Lastly, NVidia Web Helper Service, a JavaScript engine (similar to what Google Chrome or any other web browser can have), basically used so that some NVIDIA processes and tasks can execute JavaScript scripts in order to carry out certain tasks easily.


Reduce the number of NVIDIA processes 

Initially, the impact of all these processes and services on the system is minimal. However, if we want to reduce the number of these, we can easily do it by deactivating the SHARE options and the ShadowPlay overlay screen.

Once these two options are disabled within the GeForce Experience configuration, these two processes will no longer appear, leaving the containers, telemetry, and the JavaScript engine that we can no longer disable (or, at least, we should not).