Vcruntime140.dll is Missing From Your Computer [Wamp Fix]

Vcruntime140.dll is Missing

WAMP is a very common and frequently-used application, which is abbreviated as Windows, Apache, MYSQL, and PHP. Basically, the application is well used by IT professionals, programmers, and software developers for purposed of application and web development. You can also install them all separately too if you wish but WAMP makes it very easy and … Read more

Steelseries Arctis 7 Not Charging [100% Solved]

The Steel series Arctis 7 not charging problem is often a software issue, which may be resolved by hard resetting the headset. A considerable number of users have complained about the Arctis 7 not charging. If yours is not charging, check whether the charging cable is damaged. The headsets may also fail to charge because … Read more

Is Regsvr32.exe A Virus ? [Detailed Removal Guide]


Regsvr32.exe is a legitimate file within the Windows operating system. It’s generally stored in C:\\Windows\System32. It’s a command-line utility used to register and deregister ActiveX controls and DLLs within the Windows registry. This is strikingly similar to Idconfig in Linux. This command-line registers a DLL file and the associated files are added to the Windows … Read more

Fix the Fitbit Charge 3 Display Not Working Problem

Fitbit Charge 3 Display Not Working

The Fitbit Charge 3 display not working issue is rather random and does not seem to have a particular cause. The issue may be resolved by rebooting the watch, changing the clock face, or carrying out a long restart on the device.  What happens is that the screen on your Fitbit fitness tracking device suddenly … Read more

FIX Chromecast Keeps Disconnecting Problem [3 Ways]

Chromecast Keeps Disconnecting Problem

Depending on the cause, different methods may be used to fix the Chromecast keeps disconnecting issue. If the router is the problem, repositioning the Chromecast device, extending the range, or power cycling the router can help resolve the issue.  Other solutions that can help include updating the Chrome browser, power cycling the Chromecast device, and … Read more

Pokémon Go Error code 25 | Simple Solution

Pokémon Go Error code 25

Pokémon Go Error codes have been best described as shorthand identifiers for issues that can happen while playing the game ‘Pokémon’. The game ‘Pokémon’ usually have several error codes which can mean several things. This is to say that the error ranges.  These Pokémon Go error codes are recurring when playing, and some of them … Read more

Destiny Error Code Guitar [Few Solutions]

Destiny Error Code Guitar

The error code Guitar is perhaps one among the less-known error codes which you’ll encounter while playing Destiny. Bungie is yet to post any information regarding the error code. The error code is somewhat annoying because it often kicks you out mid-game. This causes you to forfeit the match and lose your progress. The Following … Read more