Player Props: The Bet Few Know About

Many people think of betting against the spread, or Moneyline bets when they think of sports betting. They may even take a chance on the over/under. What are the similarities between these wagers?

They have something to do with the game’s outcome – even at halftime, period or quarter.

Betting on props becomes more specific. Prop betting aims to pose a question to the bettor, one that may or may not have a direct impact on the ultimate score. For instance: how many rebounds will Lebron James collect? Which player will score first? Who will win rookie of the year? Will there be over three dunks in the game? You get the general drift.

Let’s discuss prop bets in more detail, so you can find out how to make them and start having some easy, uncomplicated fun with your betting!

Basketball Props 

Basketball prop bets are among the most intriguing and entertaining wager kinds available. Prop bets, often known as specials, relate to wager types that don’t fit into the traditional gambling classifications – like who is going to lose.

It is a very vague description, but the odds are everywhere. The simplest way to explain them is to give you some instances, and then you’ll see what we are talking about.

Prop bets in basketball are divided into two categories: unskilled and skilled wagers.  It’s vital to note that the bets will never be broken up in this manner on a casino site or in a sportsbook. You can even bet on college basketball player props during March madness.

We are arranging them in this way for you to be able to see the key differences in each.

Unskilled Prop Bets 

Unskilled prop bets (the “fun bets”) are bets that are essentially straightforward gambling. You may even be able to make a small forecast this way or that, but it is a guess that you will be making. Here are some entertaining basketball prop bets to consider:

The first quarter will have how many fouls?

Will there be over 4 dunks in the match?

Which player will be rookie of the year?

The first score will come from which team?

It’s clear to see that predicting these kinds of outcomes is extremely difficult. Rookie of the year may fall in between talented and unskilled, but you’ll likely only wager on this for amusement. That is the most crucial thing to remember in this situation.

These prop bets should only be utilized for entertainment purposes and not as part of a money-making strategy. They’re a lot of fun, but long term you won’t beat these wagers. They’re fantastic if you use them for what they were designed for. Just make sure you aren’t trying to make a living as a fun prop bets pro.

Skilled Prop Bets

Basketball skilled prop bets are wagers on which you can utilize your understanding and tactics to attempt to win.

To win, you must have a thorough understanding of both the game and its players and teams involved. They can be unpredictable at times, but they’re a vital component of many successful basketball betting systems.

An example would be if the Eastern Conference Championship goes eight games.

Essentially, you are betting on items that have no direct bearing on the game’s outcome. You’re wagering on individual players’ performances in the match or teams’ performance over the course of a tournament. While these may appear difficult at first glance, you may use skill and expertise to make educated predictions for each.

Prop Types 


Player Props

A player prop is anything that has to do with a player’s stats or results.

Over or under points that a player will score is the most usual type of bet.

For example, the bet could be on Lebron James scoring over 31.5 or under 31.5. This only has to do with James’ particular line of scoring. An over bet simply means the bettor believes LeBron would score over 32 points, and a bet on the under means the bettor believes James would score under 32 points.

You could also bet over or under on three-point field goals made, total rebounds, number of steals, total assists, points/assists/rebounds combined, points and assists combined and points and rebounds combined.

Sportsbooks vary, but most do not have prop bets for all players- it is usually for around five players per team.

Advantages to Player Props

  • There are fewer variables to consider – the focus is on one player as opposed to the entire team.
  • Player props can be decided a lot quicker than other wagers and can be bet on just as quickly too – in the last few minutes or even in the final possession.
  • Prop bets can keep bettors entertained throughout the season and the game.

Knowing a player’s stats can keep you invested in a game you may not usually watch.

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