Pokemon Go Error 29 [Super Easy Fix]

If you play Pokemon Go you must have across Pokemon Go Error 29. Here, I will fill you in on why it happens and how to make it go away. 

Pokemon Go is a game that took the world by storm in 2016. It gives you the chance to catch Pokemon while you’re strolling around town or walking around your property. Since it’s such an interactive game, it has its fair share of bugs.

What is Pokemon Go Error 29

Error 29 pops up when you are in a gym and leave for some reason. Whether your game crashes, freezes, or you voluntarily leave, you end up with the error code. Fortunately, it’s quite a simple fix and the reason it pops up is something you would expect from a high-volume game with tons of people on its server. 

Pokemon Go seems to be riddled with errors. Whether it’s a network error, GPS signal error, or other various error codes, there always seems to be something. One of the most disruptive errors that we have come across is Error 29.

Why Error 29 Happens

Error 29 happens because when you are kicked from or leave the gym battle, the server thinks you’re still there. If you attempt to get back into the gym, it will give you the error code 29 notification. 

Most of the time it happens if you leave in the middle of attacking another pokemon in the gym. The battle will start, but before any of the attacks can be initiated, the battle pauses and you see that error code. 

You may also see this error if you are trying to knock out multiple gym defenders at a time. Additionally, it will give you the error if you flee right after defeating a gym defender. 

How to Fix Error 29

After you leave in the middle of a battle, there is a 5-10 minute cooldown time that is meant to deter spoofers. These spoofers will use spoofing apps to fake or change their location in order to catch more pokemon. 

Because of these spoofers, cool down periods are put into place. So when you leave a battle and try to get right back in, the game blocks access. They throw up the error 29. The fix for this is simple. Wait for 10-minutes and try again. 

Exit out of your game, wait the 10-minutes and try to get into a gym battle again. If you cannot get back into it, wait 5-more minutes or so. 


Error 29 is an error that no Pokemon Go player likes to see, especially during an intense battle. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix and all it requires is an extra 10-minutes of your time. So, before you uninstall your game, reach out to technical support, or throw your phone across the room, just wait and try again.