How To Fix Pokemon Go Errors [Code 2,3,10,11,12,25,26]

Are you wondering how to fix Pokemon Go errors? Pokémon Go is a popular augmented-reality smartphone game. In the game, location tracking data and mapping technology is used to create an environment where players can catch and train Pokémon characters in real locations. Getting error codes when playing Pokemon go can be super annoying. The good news is that if you are getting a particular error number, it will make it a little easier to track down the problem.

These types of Pokémon Go errors are becoming more and more common. So, if you are facing troubles with Pokemon Go recently or just want to prepare yourself for one, then you are reading the right article. Pokémon Go is known for its many error codes, so if you are getting errors, you may have noticed that the error messages that are displayed are different almost every time.

In this article, we will go over all the reason why you may get a particular Pokémon Go error code. We will also discuss some common fixes for each error code. Learning how to fix Pokemon Go errors can save you a lot of time and headache.

Error Code 2: Network Error

This causes the app to freeze, necessitating a restart. It is a general code that may pop up for several kinds of issues. It also means you may not access Gyms which you have raided recently or be unable to monitor the status of your raids. It is very inconvenient during a gym battle. 

To resolve this problem, make sure to not put your phone on power saving mode. That is because this game needs relatively high power to send and receive data packets and keep up with all the network traffic.

Make sure the problem is not on your end by checking your device’s access to the internet

Error Code 3: Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again Later

This comes up when there is an issue with purchasing or exchanging PokeCoins. The most effective solution to resolve this error is to restart the app and try again.

Error Code 10: No Network Connectivity

When this occurs, it indicates that your smartphone is unable to access the internet independent of a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. The only fix is to make sure your internet connection is active.

Error Code 11: GPS Not Found

This is one of the errors that have been hampering gaming experience since the game’s launch. Thankfully there is a complete solution for this problem. Do so using the following steps:

Step 1: Launch Pokemon Go on an Android or iPhone

Step 2: Switch your GPS setting to low accuracy. If this option is unavailable, switch it off entirely

Step 3: While Pokemon Go is running, open up Google Maps

Step 4: Select the icon in the map which marks your location and home in on it.
If your GPS has been set to low accuracy, a prompt will request activation of high accuracy GPS

Step 5: Select Yes then return to Pokemon Go and the error message would have vanished

It seems that even when your phone’s GPS setting is at high accuracy Pokemon Go could be glitchy.

Error Code 12: Failed To Detect Location

If Pokemon Go is not able to detect your location, it can be because the Find My Device option is enabled on your device. It could also be due to Mock Location being enabled. It could also be because you are in a place where your phone is not able to receive GPS signals. If that is the case, you should try changing your location to resolve the issue if possible. 

Here are some things you can do to try to fix it:

Step 1: Restart the locations service on your phone

Step 2: Then set it to high accuracy

Step 3: Clear the game’s data and cache by going to your settings menu and tapping Apps and notifications or just Apps

Step 4: Look for Pokemon GO and select Storage. Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache then check if the issue is fixed

Step 5: Uninstall updates to Maps

Since the game uses Maps for real-time simulation, you could get error code 12 if Maps is running in the background while you spoof. Go to settings to uninstall updates.

Error Code 26: Error

This error is usually due to a lag between the server and you. This could be due to issues with your phone signal, network providers or the server itself. 

Step 1: Finding the same Pokemon within your storage

Step 2: Delete the Pokemon

Step 3: Capture it once again from the stack

Reports indicate lag spikes and large data usage when clicking on a nearby Pokémon after the error. This is an indication that large client-server sync is in progress.

Error Code 29: Error

This error pops up if you attempt to exit a gym battle then try to rejoin when the gym has not registered your absence. It usually resolves by itself within 15 minutes. However, you may try these other methods:

When done battling the initial Pokemon, do not quit to replenish before facing the next one. This is more like a prevention.Be sure to battle the next one even if there are more lined up. If you immediately begin combat in another gym, you can escape this. After some rounds here, you may try the previous gym.

Learning how to fix Pokemon Go errors can be quite the task.  In this almost the game does not register that the player is no longer in a battle in the Gym. If you try to rejoin, you will face an error code 29. There is no immediate fix, but the problem disappears after waiting 10 minutes to resume the battle.

Error Code 31: Error

The error is that the placement fails and the gym transforms into the team color of the opposing team. To correct this, reclaim the gym and later place your pokemon.

This error occurs when trying to place a Pokémon in a Gym that was unavailable. The error occurs when placing a Pokémon in the Gym and the Gym becomes the color of an opposing team. To correct it, you must recover the gym and place the Pokémon afterwards.

Error Code 32: Error

It is a general error code with no known causes. However, it seems related to GPS signal loss while you try to spin in a gym. There are also no known fixes. 

There is no conclusive evidence why this particular happens. However it is usually related to the loss of GPS signal when trying to turn a Gym.

Error Code 33: Error Or Can’t Get Past The GO Text

This error is the result of time synchronization problems between the game servers and the app. To resolve it, change you phone clock setting from manual to automatic.

Error code 33 occurs when a player is kicked out of a Raid before the match starts. The error is due to time synchronization issues between the application and the game servers. To solve this error, try to set the phone clock to automatic.

Other Pokemon Error Codes 

Are you still wondering how to fix Pokemon Go Errors? The types of errors are: error code 2, error code 3, error code 10, error code 12, error code 25, error code 26, error code 29, error code 31, error code 32, and error code 33. 

The Error code 2 means that there is “Network error”. Basically, this is an error message that appears when various problems occur. There is not much info on this one. 

The Error code 3 means that “Something is wrong. Please try again”. The code usually pops up when an attempt to buy PokéCoins or exchange coins for items fails. Unlike the error code 2 without a solution, the solution to error code 3 has been to restart the application. And redo the transaction. On most occasions, this fixes back. 

How To Fix Pokemon Go Errors

The Error code 10 signals that there is an absence of internet connection. The code reads in the statement that there is “No Internet connection”.

This error code means that for whatever reason, the game cannot access your GPS location. This error happens when is usually caused by forgetting to start location services. This error could also be the result of a poor internet connection. The solution has been discovered to be an activation of the location services on your device and checking the Internet connection of such device.

Even More Error Pokemon Error Codes

Error code 12 shows up as “Error detecting location”. This occurs when the game lost access to the GPS signal, or you are in an area where the game is not available. This often happens shortly after starting location services on the phone. This error usually occurs when trying to play in areas where the game is geo-blocked.

Error code 25 is another relatively ambiguous error. This generic error message is displayed when trying to catch a Pokémon that is already marked as trapped by the players’ device or has already disappeared. You may be able to resolve the problem by restarting the application.


Pokémon Go is not perfect. We understand just how frustrating it can be when your favorite game is not working. Getting error codes when playing Pokemon go can be super annoying, so we compiled this list to help you get your game up and running again.

Pokemon go has many error codes and they range very widely in what they mean. Also, these errors are pretty common when playing Pokemon Go. So, this was our attempt in covering the most useful ones in this article. 

We hope your game is working well now, thanks for reading!