What is ppcontrol.exe?

Have you ever seen the folder name ppcontrol.exe on your computer? You may think what it is, and is it safe to have this executable file on your computer? And ppcontrol.exe stands for what? These are the common questions that arise in our minds while exploring the windows. 

The process name is PestPatrol tray application, and the application using this process is PestPatrol. The .exe shows that the file is executable and executable files can sometimes harm the computer. After reading this article, you will be able to decide whether it is something you should remove, or it is a file that belongs to Windows or a trusted application. So read this article till the end to get an idea of what ppcontrol.exe is.

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File information

 It belongs to software PestPatrol or SetupPPUpdater or StompSoft'”https://www.file.net/search.html?q=StompSoft+Spyware+X-terminator” https://www.file.net/search.html?q=StompSoft+Spyware+X-terminator”Spyware X-terminator by Computer Associates International ca.com. 

What is It?

The location of ppcontrol.exe is a well familiar subfolder  “C:\Program Files.” It is mainly located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32. If this file is not present in this location, then it is considered a trojan. But if it is present at its appropriate location, it is neither spyware nor a trojan or virus. And it won’t harm your system, nor reveal any of your personal information.

 Ninety-eight thousand three hundred four bytes (66% of all occurrences), 98,816 bytes, 53,248 bytes, or 61,440 bytes are the known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP. On the taskbar, you can see the icon of this program next to the clock. This file can monitor applications because it is not the windows core file. 

That’s why the technical rating shows that it is 25% dangerous; however, we recommend you to look for the user experience and reviews as well. 

The ppcontrol.exe process may be security-related and should not be deleted or prevented from loading because it could compromise the safety of your computer. However, if you think this security-related utility isn’t needed, and you want to release system resources, or want it removed, so another security-related program will be installed, uninstall the program associated with ppcontrol.exe. 

How to resolve PPControl issues

It is easy but tricky to remove all the PPControl.exe issues. Here are some top suggestions that can help you in this regard. Moreover, it is our sincere advice: Do not try handling everything on your own. Take the help of an IT expert, a programmer, or a computer professional to resolve these issues. Otherwise, no one will be show willingness to solve your problem.

Let’s dive in.

We suggest running a scan for malware, cleaning your disk drive using cleanmgr, and SFC /scannow. Moreover, you must uninstall the programs that you do not need and check for Autostart programs (using MSConfig), as well as enable Windows’ Automatic Update.

Always remember to perform periodic backups or a minimum of to line restore points. If you want to avoid the problems with PPControl, you must keep your computer clean. Delete all the junk files and useless pop-ups.

If you no longer use PestPatrol, then you can quickly get rid of this executable file. How? Here is the simplest method ever. Remember that you will have to delete this software permanently. To do this, you should press Windows Key + R simultaneously and type “appviz.cpl.” As a result, you will see PestPatrol in the list of installed programs, select and uninstall this software. 

If some other programs are giving the error related to PPControl.exe, it is suggested that you should uninstall and then install such programs again. Hopefully, you won’t get errors.

Security Task Manager and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware display all the running and processing window tasks, including the hidden and embedded process plus detect and remove the sleeping spyware, malware, and keyloggers. 

These were some of the simple and easy techniques now. Let’s discuss further whether it is harmful to our computer or not. 

Is PPControl.exe harmful to my computer?

When we told you the tricks and techniques to uninstall this file, the question may have come in your mind, is it harmful? Or not? Should I work to remove it or leave it as such? 

To your surprise, we love to share that it is not harmful or dangerous for your computer. It is entirely safe and should never be considered a threat. Moreover, instead of being a trojan, it saves and protects your computer. Against what? Against internet bound threats like spyware and trojans, Because such threats are spread and distributed easily through emails, direct attacks, or allowing unauthorized access to your computer. 

As we have discussed earlier that ppcontrol.exe is a non-system process and originates from the software that is installed from an external source. Maximum data of the applications are stored on the hard disk or in the registry of your system; the presence of this file reveals the chance of presence of fragmentation or accumulated invalid entries that are the leading cause of slow PC performance. 

Is ppcontrol.exe CPU intensive?

Don’t worry, and this is not the CPU intensive process. But if you want to run your PC smoothly, avoid running too many programs simultaneously. The use of Windows Task Manager is beneficial in this regard. 

As we know, the Windows process requires three main types of resources to function correctly, including CPU, Memory, and Network. CPU cycles to try computational tasks, memory to store information, and network to speak with the specified services.

If any of the resources aren’t available, it’ll either get interrupted or stopped. Any given process features a process identification number(PID) related to it. A process can be easily identified and tracked by a user using its PID. 

Task Manager may be an excellent way to determine what proportion resources the ppcontrol.exe process is allocating to itself. It showcases process resource usage in CPU/Memory/Disk and Network. If you’ve got a GPU, it’ll also showcase the share of GPU it’s using to run the method.


How to fic ppcontrol.exe errors?

When you see ppcontrol errors in your system, there may be some arrows like 

Malicious software or incomplete installation. Application conflicts, corrupt or missing window drivers can also worsen the situation.

There is no doubt that malicious software infects the system with malware, keyloggers, spyware, and other similar factors. They hamper the entire system and also cause .exe errors. This happens because they modify the registry, which is extremely important within the proper functioning of processes.

 Another common thing that causes ppcontrol.exe error is an incomplete installation. It can happen due to errors during installation, lack of hard disc space, and any crash that might occur during install. This also results in a corrupted registry causing the error.

There can be various solutions for this like you should install the anti-virus program, remove the windows registry by running a registry cleaner, and updating the system’s device driver. Moreover, don’t forget to regularly run a power scan of your computer to optimize the memory and CPU automatically. 

In the end, I would like to say that it is a non-system file, and it will not affect your computer in any way. You can uninstall not only it but also restrict its activity; this will only halt or block the application, while your PC will perform typically.