How To Fix Ps4 Error SU-42481-9? [During Update]

The PS4 is characterized by a gaming console and is well known in the global gaming community. However, when trying to connect to an internet connection or launching an upgrade it might run into errors. This error is tagged as Ps4 Error SU-42481-9. In this article, I’d be showing you how to get rid of such issues.

The Ps4 Error SU-42481-9 is a type of error that is noticed when you are trying to install an update. So many users have encountered this error when there is an issue with their system software update.

You might rarely get a detailed account of the cause of this error, thereby leaning you puzzled. However, the error just requires you to troubleshoot your console using a few available means. 

What causes the Ps4 Error SU-42481-9?

Several users are riddled by the error code SU-42481-9. This error occurs when you are trying to connect to a PSN network or updating your system. Let’s check out a few things that may have prompted this error:

Corrupted temporary files

Some temporary files on your Ps4 might have not properly synced with your console. So, when running a system software update they might be unable to launch. This inadvertently prevents your system from installing the required updates. To handle this, you might require to find those files and get new ones that would save a similar purpose.

Bad file update

For an update to be installed a few files on your disks needs to be present. However, if these files are incomplete or corrupted then you risk the possibility of running into the SU-42481-9 error.

Finally, before you try fixing the error ensure your Play Station Network (PSN) credentials are at hand. You might be required to re-enter the details during the process. Also, I’d recommend that you removed all disks from your console before you start fixing. This keeps your files safe while you went about the whole process. 

How to fix the It 

To fix the Error SU-42481 9 there are not so many solutions offered out there but you can try this out. They have both proven to be reliable when upgrading your PS4 console.

Solution 1- Power Cycle your PS4

Play station 4 is known to sometimes go into error. But, this can be remedied without stress by simply power cycling the game’s console.

Power cycling entails that you completely shut down your device and ensuring all the battery power is drained.  With the power cycling, your gaming console is compelled to duplicate all the existing configurations before it starts up.

Follow the following steps to initiate the power cycle:

To Power down your PS4 device, check the front of the console for the power button and turn it off normally.
Once you’re sure that the console is properly turned off, disconnect the power cable from the outlet.
Next, press down and hold the power button on the PS4. This should last for 30 seconds to make sure all the power is drained.
Now leave the console for four to five minutes to let it sit idle. 
Once that is complete, connect all you disconnected back and try launching your PS4. 

Note: If the issue is with your computer or PC, then you should try using available repair software. This should be able to scan repositories and swap the missing and corrupt files. However, you’ll need this kind of fix when the problem was generated because of a system. Now you can verify if the error message has gone away. If yes, then you can connect to the PSN network successfully.

Solution 2- Update your console via Safe Mode

The safe mode on your Ps4 can serve as an alternative when power cycling doesn’t work. The safe mode was infused into your console to allow basic operations while it fixed unexpected issues.

You can try updating your console directly from safe mode. Though it might take a long time to avoid canceling the process but be patient as it gets the job done.

How to get into the Safe Mode:

Start by pressing the Power Button placed on the front panel of the PS4 to switch it off. The indicator should blink a few times before it entirely goes off.
Once your Ps4 is turned off, press and hold the Power Button. You should keep holding it until you hear two beeps. 

The first beep would initially be heard once you press it, while the second beep sounds as you keep pressing it. Note, this should last for about 7 seconds.

Next, integrate the PS4 controller with a USB cable and press the Play Station button. This should be seen on the controller as the Play Station will now be in the safe mode.
Now you can begin updating the System Software in Safe Mode by selecting the option and continue.
Once the process is completed, reboot your play station and confirm if the issue has been resolved.

If the error persists then you might need to contact the Playstation support center. But, if they are not quite as responsive as you need them to find the alternative. You can take your console to one of their physical offices available to you.


Gaming can be a rewarding experience but your fun can be hindered by an error popping up. The error could pop up during a system software upgrade or when you are trying to connect to a network.

The error is categorized as Ps4 SU-42481-9.  Trying to fix this issue yourself might come easy as there are not many solutions online.

On the brighter side, I have collated the various possible situations that could get you the fix you desire. I hope you get your PS4 successfully upgrade and connected to the internet without so much of a hassle.