How To Fix Quicken Error CC-501 Quickly [Capital One & Others]

The Quicken Error CC-501 interrupts your banking process. It pops up when you are trying to update your account details while doing other things. The error could even be as a result of a failed installation. In this post, I would be showing you the causes of the error CC-501 and how you could fix the problem.

Quicken Error CC-501 triggers when you use your Quicken online services simultaneously while you updated an account. This sets up a chain reaction that affects its scripts and requires escalation.

However, you can solve this easily by trying to understand the error. You could check out your account list, credentials, or maybe even network connectivity. In the next section, I would highlight the causes and then offer a few solutions.

What Causes the Quicken Error CC-501?

The Quicken Error CC-501 can be caused by the following reasons:

You are adding a new account.
Your Quicken didn’t install completely.
You filled in outdated bank credentials.
When you have temporary server problems.
You have an obsolete Quicken version.
You’re using an unsupported version of Quicken.

The error is not void of solutions, you can fix it by following all I have detailed in the next section.

What ways Can I Fix the Quicken Error CC-501?

These are the several solutions available for the quicken error CC- 501, Check these out.

Solution 1:Refresh your Quicken account settings.

You could try refreshing your account settings and it might get functional, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch your Quicken and access each account facing the Quicken error code CC 501.
Step 2: Now, you should refresh your bank account settings.
Step 4: Tap on your account name just before you click on the icon with a downwards arrow.
Step 5: Select the option to Update and with that, your account settings would be refreshed.
Step 6: Here, I’ll need you to fil in your Quicken ID and password. A new window would appear with one step update settings.
Step 7: At this step, you should click on the option saying “Update Now”.
Step 8: Next, You would receive a prompter to change your password.
Step 9: With your password set, click on Ok after setting up a new password.

If you go through the steps and it still won’t work, then head on to the next solution.

Solution 2:Deactivate your account and Validate your file.

A file may be corrupted and might be causing the error. You can follow these steps to get them in order:

Step 1: Navigate to Tools and then select your Account List.
Step 2: Once you have the list of your accounts, edit the one facing Quicken error CC 501.
Step 3: Next, you should click on Online Services.
Step 4: Here, you are required to Deactivate your account. You can do so, by clicking Yes to confirm.
Step 5: Once your account has been deactivated, head on to the Online Setup tab. There you should tap the option  “Set up Now”.
Step 6: Once the set up is done, click on Validate File before pressing Ok.
Step 7: Head back to your Tools and there you should locate your Account List.
Step 8: Try editing the particular account facing the Quicken error CC 501.
Step 9: Next, you should navigate to Online Services and choose the option to Setup Now.
Step 10: Fill in the username and password for your financial institution.
Step 10: If you are certain that the info is correct, then click on Connect.

That should fix up your quicken. However, if you still need help, then you should check my next solution.

Solution 3:Update your Account Details

This solution shouldn’t take so much of your time. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: To begin,  you should open the transaction register in which you’re facing the Quicken Error CC-501.
Step 2: Next, I’d need you to click on the gear icon present at your right-hand corner. In here, you should choose Update Now.
Step 3: In this step, you’ll just have to follow the instructions to complete your update process.
Step 4: With that out of the way, you can now refresh Quicken and check if Error CC-501 persists.

Solution 4:Update your Account Status.

Step 1: Select the options, Tools, and Online Center. 
Step 2: Search out for the offending transactions listed under your transactions list.
Step 3: Find your way into the listed transaction and cut it.
Step 4: Here, you should run an online update of your account.
Step 5: At this stage, you should reconcile your account and see if the flag is still lingering.

If the flag has gone off, then your account would be error-free. If not, move over to the next solution.

Solution 5:Reset CC Credentials

Step 1: The first thing you should do is, to choose Tools and then, click on the Online Center. 
Step 2: Hold Shift while you clicked. That should open your Recent CC Credentials.
Step 3: Once you’re done with that, follow the instructions to reset your CC Credentials.
Step 4: Now you can re-launch Quicken and open your account.

You should verify if your Quicken Error CC-501 persists. If it does, try again with the next solution.

Solution 6:Reinstall your Quicken

A fresh start would reduce your chances of error as you can begin with new data. Follow the steps to get it done:

Step 1: Hold your Windows + R keys and then fill in “appwiz.cpl” in the field before you hit Enter.
Step 2: Locate your Quicken entry and right-click on it.
Step 3: Select the option to Uninstall and ensure that all your temporary files are removed.
Step 4: Now, you should download and install Quicken again. 
Step 5: Finally, fill in your account details and check if the Quicken Error CC-501 is resolved.


In the above article, I have described a few potential solutions to the Quicken Error Code- 501. You’ll need them when your Quicken app runs into this error while updating any of your accounts. I would suggest that you thoroughly follow each of the steps to avoid making new errors.

In all, the solutions above may be all you need to get your Quicken app running again. If you still were unable to fix the error, then you should contact the Quicken Support Center.