How To Fix Risk of Rain 2 Multiplayer Not Working Error [Quickly]

Is your Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer not working? You may come across this error while playing the attempting to play the multiplayer version of the popular third-person shooter online with other players.

Most of the time, this error occurs as a result of the host leaving the game. This can also happen if you have a poor internet connection. When this error occurs you will find yourself in a situation where you cant playing Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer.

Some things you can try to help resolve this issue is configuring port forwarding settings on your router or by creating an exception for the game in your firewall. If you are doing both of those things but it is still not working, you may want to run the game as admin, as this solves many common problems with several applications. 

This error happens so much, you might end up feeling like its impossible to play Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer online. This is because this annoying problem can be triggered by several different things, and each of those possible issues have their own possible solution.

In this article, we will explain what exactly making your Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer crash. We will also tell you about a few simple things you can try to resolve the problem.

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What Causes The Risk Of Rain 2 Multiplayer Failure? 

Released in March 2019, the Risk of Rain 2 is a captivating multiplayer third-person shooter. Playing the single-player mode of the game may become boring eventually. This is why so many players prefer playing against other players online, through the multiplayer mode of the game. 

One of the errors you are likely to come across while playing this mode is the multiplayer not working issue. There are a number of things that can cause this game to crash in the Online Multiplayer mode.

In most cases, the problem occurs simply because you are not running the game as an administrator. Other things that may trigger this error include: 

Missing Or Corrupted Game Files 

If any of the game files on your computer are Corrupted, you will have a problem playing the Risk of Rain 2 game. For instance, you may have the game fail in the online multiplayer mode because of Corrupted game files. If a game file is accidentally moved to a different location, you are likely to experience the same problem. 

To fix the error, in such a case, you need to repair the problematic game files(s) or restore it to its initial location in the game folder. 

Blacklisting By The Windows Defender Firewall 

Although the Risk of Rain 2 game poses no threat to your PC, the Firewall may detect it as malicious and block it from running. If this happens, the game will crash while you are playing or even fail to launch altogether. 

If this is the cause of the problem in your case, you only need to allow the Risk of Rain 2 game through the Firewall to fix the problem. 

Blocked Game Ports In The Router 

On rare occasions, a router may assign the same port to multiple applications at the same time, resulting in conflicts. If the Risk of Rain 2 game is assigned the same port with another application on the router, you may encounter the Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer not working problem. To fix the problem, you will have to forward your router ports, as discussed below. 

Verifying Game Files Integrity 

If you are having a problem playing the Risk of Rain 2 online multiplayer mode, first verify the integrity of the game files. To do that, run the Steam app on your PC, and navigate to the Library tab. Find the Risk of Rain 2 icon in the Library, and right-click on it. 

On the context menu that comes up select Properties. Now you need to navigate to Local Files and click on the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” button. Allow the computer ample time to look for any game files that may be corrupted or missing. 

If found, the system will automatically repair or download the missing files. Once down, launch the Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer mode to see whether the problem has cleared. If not, you may use any of the methods discussed below to fix it. 

Method 1. Port Forwarding

The Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer failure may be caused by improper configuration of the static IP on your router. Basically, the game requires exclusive access to router ports for the multiplayer mode to run seamlessly. 

This solution is aimed at opening the ports used by the game, hence prevent possible conflicts. To achieve this, here are the steps you need to follow: 

Step 1: Run The Command Prompt 

Press the Windows key to bring up the Start menu. Now type cmd into the search field and press enter. Select “Command Prompt” from the search results to open it. Thereafter, type ipconfig /all into the Command prompt and press enter to run the Command. 

Step 2: Open The Appropriate Network Adapter 

You will then need to scroll downwards to the network adapter that corresponds to the connection you are currently using. While at it, take note of the Subnet, Default Gateway, MAC, Mask, and DNS options. 

Step 3: Configure Internet Connection Settings 

Now press the Windows + R keys combination to open the Run dialog box. Type ncpa.cpl into the dialog box and click on OK or press enter. This way, you should be able to open the Connection settings item on the Control panel of the computer. 

At this point, you need to click on the active network adapter and open its properties. You should then find the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) item from the list of items, and click on it. Next, you should click the Properties button at the bottom of the window. 

Step 4: Fill In The Properties 

While still on the General tab, you should toggle the radio button to the  “Use the following DNS server addresses” option. Fill in the address fields with 8.8.8 and respectively. Now switch to the “Use the following IP address” option. 

Fill in the fields with the same figures as the Default Gateway, but change the last number to a different figure. 

Step 5: Allow A Few Ports On The Router 

Launch any Web Browser you prefer, and type your Default Gateway number (IP address) into the URL field on the top of the page. Press enter and enter your username and password into the login screen that comes up.

Step 6: Enable Manual Assignment Setting

Once logged in, locate and enable the Manual Assignment Setting before clicking on the radio button adjacent to Yes. Navigate to the Windows that allows you to type the IP address and MAC address. You should fill it with the figures you used in the previous steps. 

Once you are done, click on the Add button to apply the changes. This operation will add the console IP address to your router.

Step 7: Open Router Ports For The Game

Now look for the Port Forwarding section while you are still logged into the router interface. In this section, enter the range of ports you would like to open, under the Starter, and End fields. Alternatively, you can use single ports for external and internal traffic. 

To resolve the Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer not working issue, there is a specific range of ports you need to open in the router, as follows:

  • TCP: 27015-27030, 27036-27037
  • UDP: 4380, 27000-27031, 27036

Next, you need to enter the static IP address you created for the PC in the above-described steps. If the Enable option is available, click on it before proceeding any further. Now that you are done, click on the Apply or Save button to apply the changes. 

Restart both the PC and the router and try launching the Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer mode.

Method 2: Allow Risk Of Rain 2 Through Firewall 

In some cases, the Firewall may detect the game as malicious and stop it from running. This can also cause the multiplayer mode of the game to crash. If this is the case, you need to enable the game through a Firewall to solve the problem.  

Step 1: Open The Control Panel 

To do this, search for the Control Panel utility using the search field on the Start menu, and open it. You can also open the control panel by right-clicking on the taskbar. Change the view on the Control panel window to either Large or Small icons. 

Step 2: Allow The App Through Firewall 

Navigate to Windows Defender Firewall, and select the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” option. This will display a list of installed apps. Navigate to where Steam is installed in your PC, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\.

Now open the Steamapps folder, and navigate to common > Risk of Rain 2 > Risk of Rain 2.exe file. You should then click on “change settings” and check both the Public and Private boxes adjacent to Risk of the Rain 2.

Finally, click on OK  and restart the computer. 

Method 3: Run The Game As Administrator 

This is more of a workaround than a solution to the problem. Granting the Risk of Rain 2 app administrative rights is one of the easier fixes for the problems. To do this, launch Steam, and double click on Risk of Rain 2 in the Library. 

Open the Local Files tab and then select the “Browse Local Files” option. You should then take note of the executable file for the game. Navigate to this location, right-click, on the executable file, and Run as Administrator. 

Risk of Rain 2 Multiplayer Not Working – Conclusion

Despite the Risk of Rain 2 video game is comparatively popular, players are still complaining of the unexpected failure in the multiplayer online mode. As you have learned throughout this guide, the issue may be as a result of missing or Corrupted game files, or the Firewall stopping the game from running.

This issue is fairly straitforward and often deals with network connectivity, so configuring your router’s port forwarding settings or creating an exception for the game in your firewall is all your need to do. While you are at it, go ahead and make sure to run the game as admin, because this solves all kinds of common problems anyway.

We hope this article helped you solve your problem and got your Risk of Rain 2 up and running again. Thanks for reading!