How To Fix Twitch Error Code 0495ba16 [On PS4]

“Twitch PS4 Error Code 0495BA16.” Are you getting this error code when you try to sign in to the app to watch streams? A considerable number of users in this platform have come across the 0495ba16 Twitch PS4 error while signing into a previously-created account. 

You may also get the error message while trying to navigate to the home screen. While Twitch does it seem to recognize it on their official website, the error is not specific to any device. You may get it while accessing Twitch from a PC, PlayStation 4, and even on Xbox One. Get to know what actually triggers this error and how you can fix the Twitch error code 0495ba16 on your own. 

The error code 0495BA16 problem, regardless of the device you are using, may be caused by a number of things. If you are getting the error message, here are some of the causes you should investigate, each of which calls for a different remedy: 

Twitch PS4 Error Code 0495ba16 Causes

Corrupt Account Credentials 

Though rare, you may be getting this error message simply because the credential data for the Twitch account you are trying to access is inconsistent.  In such a case, you will need to clear the credential data leftover from the device you are using, particularly on PC and console. 

This should clear the error message, even if for just a while. 

Server Problems 

A problem with Twitch servers may also cause a login problem. For instance, you may get the Twitch error code 0495BA16 simply because the servers are down or during server maintainable. If this is the problem in your case, you just have to wait for the issue to be resolved by the provider before trying to sign in again. 

Corrupt System Files 

This is often the cause of the error Code 0495BA16 Twitch problem in gaming consoles. The problem in this regard is a conflict between the remnant OS data and the streaming platform. Such a conflict can result in error messages when you attempt to stream in Twitch. 

A power cycling operation should be able to clear such a problem, as described later in this guide.

Login Glitch on PS4 

Are you getting the Twitch error code 0495BA16 on PS4 or PS4 Pro console? These devices are known to have a login Glitch that can trigger the Twitch error code 0495BA16 message while signing in. It is possible to go around the error without having to uninstall your Twitch app. Just use the account icon to sign in to your Twitch account, instead of the Sign-in button. Or follow the other procedures discussed below. 

How to Resolve the Twitch Error Code 0495BA16?

The right way to fix the Twitch error code 0495BA16 problem will depend on the device you are using, and what is triggering the error. On the PS4, the quickest fix is to move the left joystick upwards and then press and hold the Button almost simultaneously. 

This sends ‘spam’ to the Login Button, thus fixing the login issue. Discussed below are several other methods and steps you may use to clear this error message:

Method 1: Check Whether the Server is Up 

Users have reported getting the error code 0495BA16 when they try to sign into their Twitch accounts when servers are down or during maintenance. Before progressing to the mode advanced remedies, it is advisable to first check the server status. 

Check whether the Twitch server in your area is operational from the Twitch Status Page.  Alternatively, you can check whether other Twitch users are reporting similar problems on such platforms as DownDetector.

Method 2: Sign in Using Twitch Icon (PS4-Specific Solution)

Are you using the conventional sign-in button to log into your Twitch account? If this is resulting in the error code 0495BA16 message, there is a simple workaround you may use. Instead of this button, try logging in through the Icon—positioned on the top-right corner of the screen. 

Although this may only offer a temporary fix, a good number of users have been able to resolve the error code 0495BA16 without re-installing the app. To apply this solution, launch Twitch the way you normally do on your PlayStation 4. 

Now tap on the Account icon on the top-right corner to display a context menu. From this menu, use the Sign-in sub-menu to log into your Twitch account. 

Method 3: Power Cycling (Console-Specific Fix)

If you are getting the Twitch Error Code 0495BA16 on a game console, such as Xbox One, and PS4, this remedy can help resolve the issue. In such devices, the error is often triggered by OS inconsistencies that are brought about by temporary data stored in between restarts. 

This fix is aimed at clearing any temporary data saved in-between device restarts. At the same time, power cycling is also known to refresh the power capacitors. This makes the method effective at resolving several other firmware glitches that may be triggering the error message. 

The procedure for power cycling your game console will depend on the type of device you are using, as described below: 

Power Cycling an Xbox One Console

If the device is in hibernation, you need to power it back on. Now press, and hold the Xbox button on your console for about 10 seconds. You should only release the button once the device is completely off and the fans are no longer running. 

With the device powered off, unplug its power cord from the power outlet socket and allow the device to remain disconnected for about a minute. This gives the capacitors enough time to discharge completely. 

Plug the power cord back in and power the device on. If the device was successfully reset, it should display the longer starting animation. You should now try launching the Twitch app once again to check whether the problem has been resolved. 

Power Cycling a PlayStation 4 Console

If your PS4 console is in hibernation, you first need to power it back on. With the device powered on, press and hold the Power button on your console until the device shuts off completely. You should release the button after the second beep, and after the fans have stopped.

Now unplug the PS4 power cord from the outlet socket and allow the device to sit for about 30 seconds. Plug the console back in and power the device. Wait until the startup is complete and launch the Twitch app to see whether the error 0495BA16 message has cleared. 

Method 4: Clearing Twitch Account Credential Data

With the Twitch error code 0495BA16, the system detects that you are already signed into the account, but gets stuck somewhere along the sign-in process. To resolve the problem, you need to clear all the associated login data before attempting to sign in. The procedure for clearing Twitch account credential data varies from one device to another, as follows:

Clearing Twitch Credential Data on Xbox One 

Launch the Twitch App on the Xbox One console, and tap on the top-right corner account icon to disconnect your account. Now return to the Main Console Dashboard. Press the Xbox button on the controller to display the Guide Menu. 

Navigate to My Games & Apps on the Available Options list, and scroll through the list of installed apps to locate the Twitch App. Select the app and click the Manage App/Game option from its context menu. Under the Saved Data, on the right menu, select your Gamer tag. 

Afterward, press the menu button, and select “Delete Saved Data” from the list of options displayed. Allow the device to complete this operation before rebooting. 

Clearing Twitch Account Credential Data on PC 

You can also get the Twitch PS4 Error Code 0495BA16 while accessing the platform from a PC. If you are getting this error message on your PC, click on the user icon (on the top-right corner) to bring up a context menu. 

Click on “Logout” from the list of available options and then close the browser. Open the browser once again and navigate to the Twitch Home Screen. From this screen, click on the login button and enter your Twitch account credentials to sign in. 

Clearing Twitch Account Credential Data on PS4 

From the main PS4 Dashboard, navigate to the Settings menu. Select the “Sharing, and Broadcast” tab and navigate to the “Link with Other Services” option. Scroll down to locate Twitch from the list of items displayed. 

Click on Twitch, and choose the Sign Out option. Confirm this operation and then proceed to restart the console. Once the startup process is complete, launch Twitch and attempt to sign in to see if the error has been resolved. 

Final Verdict 

The Twitch error code 0495BA16 is a rather common login problem that occurs on different devices, including PC, PS4, and the Xbox One console. The error message may be triggered by something as simple as corrupt account credentials. 

The right fix for the error code mainly depends on the device you are using and what is triggering the error. Regardless of the device, you are using to access the Twitch platform, this guide will help you fix the Twitch error code 0495BA16 message in no time.