6 Underrated Spiderman Villains You Should Know About

Almost everyone loves a good superhero. Thanks to Stan Lee, we now have a group of superheroes brought to life by Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its fanbase is continuously growing, and many people seem to idolize most of the renowned heroes in the franchise. But what is a comic and movie franchise without the supervillains? These evil characters bring the Marvel universe to great excitement and thrill. 

One of the Marvel heroes who have many foes is Spiderman. This young spider-inspired hero can fly and glide through the air using strings of webs coming out of his wrists, and he never fails to save the city from destruction. Since so many people like this character, it inspired the development of the best Spiderman games to discover the notorious villains who despise this fun and charming hero.

1.Be Careful of Major Hypnosis Caused by Mysterio

Mysterio, the master of hypnosis, is one of Spiderman’s villains introduced in 1964 when comic issue #13 came out. His real name is Quentin Beck, and he used to work at Stark Industries, but the company belittled him.

Beck rebelled and created the villain Mysterio who works around hypnosis, illusions, and fictional elementals. He wanted to get close to Spiderman since he had access to the weapon Beck needed. Mysterio died after an intense battle with Spiderman, but is it over for the villains who want to return twice as strong?


2.Meet the Untouchable and Extremely Hot Molten Man

When a scientist Mark Raxton covered himself with metallic and hot alloy, he became strong and unstoppable. He has almost the same build as The Hulk, but he turns out to be Spiderman’s enemy. Thanks to the Green Goblin, he became part of the Spiderman villain squad. The Molten Man not only possesses intense heat, but he can also generate radiation. He and Spiderman have multiple battles in bars, buildings, and horse racing betting centers. Some of Spiderman’s victories and actions triggered the Molten Man, and they made him team up with other Spiderman enemies to take him down.


3.Do Not Underestimate the Intelligence and Perseverance of Looter

Looter’s real name is Norton Fester was a poor scientist. Since he did not have any resources, he could not show his abilities and was even made fun of by other scientists. One day a mysterious meteor landed on earth, and he took matters into his own hands. Experimenting with the sample, it released an unknown gas and gave him superpowers. He then became super strong and agile. Norton changed his name to Looter and took the evil route. Robbing banks and offices became his specialty until Spiderman came around to stop him. Spiderman finally beat the Looter in a hot-air balloon battle.


4.Bow Down Before the Maggia’s Boss, Silvermane

Silverman or Silvio Manfredi is one of the oldest enemies of Spiderman. His old age indicates that he has been a villain for quite a while now, mainly using his strategic brilliance in leading crime groups like the Maggia. Silverman may have made mistakes like making himself age backward and falling from a high-rise building and surviving, but his notoriety did not stop him from beating Spiderman. He even resurrected as a robot and got controlled by Mysterio. 


5.Never Let an Artificial Intelligence Malfunction Like the Living Brain

Dr. Petty, a resident scientist from Midtown High School, created the Living Brain. The robot’s prominent ability was to solve student problems. The Living Brain robot did not intentionally become Spiderman’s enemy, but its malfunctioning made him destroy property and scared the students. Since this robot can answer various questions, including who Peter Parker was, it was stolen by a couple of gamblers. During a confrontation and tackling between Dr. Petty and the workmen, the Living Brain’s part got damaged, causing him to run on a rampage. Fortunately, Spiderman was brave and powerful enough to stop this robot.


6.Do Not Let Villains Like the Mindworm Control Your Life

William Turner’s mother got involved in a government experiment gone wrong that resulted in his mutation. He was born with an enlarged head and bulging eyes. Because of his extraordinary capabilities, he accidentally killed his mother. So his father disowned him for that. His guilt ate him alive over the years and made him into a villain.

William was bullied when he came into the orphanage, which motivated him to build an enormous body and enhance his brain powers. He then went on an emotion-draining spree across the neighborhood and came up with the name, Mindworm. His notoriousness notified Peter Parker, and that is where the two battled. Spiderman was able to disconnect the link between the Mindworm and his victims. William was then taken to custody for attacking innocent people.


Special Mention: Venom, Spiderman’s Arch Enemy 

Venom may be a villain, but numerous Marvel fans worldwide love this Spiderman villain so much. He even has his movie, comic, and video game franchise. He is a symbiote that transfers from host to host, and one of the pioneer hosts is Eddie Brock, who hates Spiderman to the core.

Venom possesses all of Spiderman’s powers, exhibiting super strength and agility. Venom also can shapeshift and stretch in unlimited ways. His overall appearance and attitude are scary but won the hearts of many Marvel fanatics.

Final Thoughts

Spiderman has proven to be a tremendous and dedicated superhero because of the countless villains he defeated throughout his heroic life. But we cannot deny that these villains are notorious enough to do massively bad things to the whole city.

But these villains have also somehow won the hearts of Marvel fans. Fortunately, anyone can be like Spiderman because of all the games made after him. Gamers get to experience what it is like to beat all those villains. 

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