Upc.exe Error – File Corrupt [The Procedure Entry Point]

Ucp.exe is an executable file that is developed by Uplay launcher, which belongs to Uplay. It locates in a subfolder of ‘C:\Program Files (x86)’. This file is not a part of the Windows system. This application requires LAN, internet, or the ports to connect.

It is an invisible program. Upc.exe can manipulate various programs or monitor different applications. So, its technical security rating can be dangerous, up to 35%.  Upc.exe is not necessary for Windows OS and can create some problems.

 What is the Error

Upc.exe error usually appears when users try to launch any Uplay game or Uplay launcher. The error message says, ‘The procedure entry point could not be …’.



To fix any application error, the easiest and simplest way you should prefer first is reinstalling that application or updating it to the new version. Therefore we suggest the users follow this method to fix the upc.exe error. 

Sometimes the anti-virus software is responsible for this problem. So in such conditions, temporarily delete the anti-virus program along with the reinstallation of the app. Consider these few steps for this solution.

  • Turn off the anti-virus you are using on your PC completely.
  • After you disable anti-virus, please reboot your computer to confirm it.
  • Now delete upc.exe and reinstall it again.
  • After the reinstallation process, turn on the anti-virus.

METHOD NO 2: CHANGE THE NAME OF libcef.dll.old file

Uplay installation directory has a file named libcef.dll. Old file, open it. You have to reveal File extensions, and to do that, select an option of VIEW there. And then check filename extensions. Now change the file name from libcef.dll.old to libcef.dll by right-clicking libcef.dll.old and choosing the RENAME option. Now you will see a warning on the screen. To proceed, click YES.  

This method is only applicable if the file name is not correct (libcef.dll). Because if the file name is already correct, then obviously the problem is something else and not with the file name, so you need to consider other methods to solve this problem.


Enter the Control Panel by pressing the Windows key and S key together. Select Control Panel from the list you see. Go towards PROGRAM AND FEATURES after opening the Control Panel. When you select programs and features, the list of all installed programs will come up. Choose Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable from the appeared list and hit on CHANGE. Follow the steps shown on your screen by choosing REPAIR from the menu.

To work correctly, most of the applications depend on Visual C++ Redistributable. So if there is an issue with Visual C++ Redistributable, you might face trouble. And to fix that above, instruction is recommended to follow.

Ensure that you may need to repair all versions of Visual C++ Redistributable you have on your computer to solve the issue. After repairing Redistributables, if the error is still there, you should reinstall them. It is necessary to install several versions of Visual C++ Redistributable, and not just the present one. Because every application often works with a different version of Visual C++ Redistributable.


First of all, you need to deactivate third party anti-virus tool, if there is any. Then turn off the internet connection on your PC. Enter Windows key + R and press gpedit.msc to start Group Policy Editor. Now to proceed, press OK or click Enter. Go to Computer Configuration, then select Administrative Templates, now open Windows components, and select Windows defenders from the left pane. Now from the right pane, search and click on Turn off Windows Defenders Anti-virus. Choose Enabled and to save the changes, press Apply and OK. Also, you can try another way by selecting Disable instead of Enable.

After deactivating Windows Defender, check if the issue is still there by reinstalling the game. Group Policy Editor is available on Enterprise Editions or Windows Pro. If Group Policy Editor is not in your Windows, modify your registry to disable Windows Defender. To do that, here are some instructions you have to follow. 

Press the Windows key and R key together and then enter Regedit. Click enter or press OK to open Registry Editor.

Navigate to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender’ in the left pane.

Now double click the DisableAntiSpyware, in the right pane. You need to create this key if it is not there. To create that, right-click the blank space and select New>DWORD (32-bit) Value. Please change it to DisableAntiSpyware. Now the key is created, double click it to see its properties. Insert 1 in Value Data and press OK to save changes.

It can be potentially dangerous to edit the registry, so try to be extra cautious. To enable the Windows Defender again, delete the DisableAntiSpyware or change the value data to 0.


Open the Win + X menu by pressing the Windows key and X together, and a list will appear, select Device Manager from it. Search your graphic card driver from the Display adapters section, right-click graphic card driver, and select Uninstall Device. After checking the displayed option, you have to Uninstall it. Now restart your computer. After that, Windows will install (automatically) the default driver, check if the problem still exists. If not exist, you may need to update the driver but make sure not to install the version that had the problem. 


The upc.exe error can appear while starting DWG TrueView or DWG Viewer software. You can solve the problem by changing variables with the help of these tools. For that, you need to follow these steps 

Press the Windows key and S altogether, then enter Advanced. From the menu, select ‘view advanced system setting.’ Now the system properties window will appear, hit on the Environmental Variables. After opening the Environmental Variables window, choose Path from System Variable section, and click Edit. A list will appear of Path variables; you need to add C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared if it is not on the list. Click on the space of the list and type C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared. Now to save changes, click OK. Make sure to check if the available path is correct. Most probably, the saved changes will solve the issue. It might be dangerous for other applications. If this error affects other applications, it is advised to check and edit the path variables if necessary.


If this error appears, you can fix this by performing the system restore. This feature is so useful that it will restore your computer to the back state and solve all recent problems. Be aware that this feature can remove any files that were recently saved. So back them up if you need it. Follow these steps to perform system restore.

Press Windows key + S and then enter SYSTEM RESTORE. From the menu, choose to CREATE A RESTORE POINT. It will appear system properties, click system restore. Click on NEXT after the system restore window is open. It will appear a list of a system restore point. Check out show restore additional points option if it is available. Choose the restore point you desire and click NEXT. To complete the process, follow the given instructions.