How To Use Instagram For Advertising [Pro Tips]

Many marketers think that there’s nothing more to Instagram marketing than pushing out high-quality and engaging posts. While as necessary as the tactic might be, smart marketers should also explore the opportunity of advertising on Instagram even though it does require you to spend some money to get results. However, there are many compelling reasons for you to consider advertising on Instagram.

Not only do more than a billion people use Instagram at least once every month but also, the average user spends as much as 53 minutes every day on the world’s favorite photo-sharing social media platform. With a majority of its users belonging to the young and relatively-affluent cross-section of the population, Instagram is an ideal channel for advertising products and services to your target audience.

Why Is Necessary to Advertise on Instagram 

While most marketers are enamored with organic posts on Instagram because of their cost-effectiveness, not only does the strategy take time to perfect, but also the posts can achieve brand visibility only up to a point.

How To Use Instagram For Advertising

After this, you need to try a different approach. Because no one tactic can drive business success, you need to have an Instagram marketing strategy that incorporates both organic content as well as paid advertising to get you the best of both the methods.

While your Instagram posts serve to engage audiences who see your feed, paid advertising permits you to reach out to a larger audience that might not know of your brand.

The cost of advertising on Instagram depends on several factors; among them are the audience demographics and the mobile device you are targeting, the day of the week, and whether your advertisement is being run during a major event on TV. Some useful tips on creating an effective Instagram advertising campaign:

Decide on the Objective of the Advertisements 

The most important step for creating a new advertising campaign on Instagram is deciding what the objective of the advertisement is. Some of the more common marketing objectives are increasing brand awareness, increasing reach, generating traffic to your website, and boosting engagement.

Others include encouraging the downloading and installation of apps, boosting the number of views of videos, generating sales leads, encouraging users to ask questions or giving feedback, generating sales, boosting catalog views, increasing store traffic, and more. Marketers should choose the objective smartly as the wrong objective can mean a lost opportunity.

Name Your Campaign and Test Messaging 

Naming each advertisement campaign in a meaningful way can help you to keep track of them with the Instagram ads manager, so resist the temptation to give arbitrary names that will make no sense sometime later.

A good campaign name can incorporate the name of the product and the month of its creation so that you can easily locate your campaign and track its performance. You should also test out the various sets of creative designs by running a split ad test so that you can identify which ads are working the best and allocate the maximum budget to them.

You can use campaign budget optimization to distribute your advertising budget across the different ad sets automatically, or you can intervene and manually set the budget for each ad set depending on your preferences.

Target Your Audience

Advertising campaigns fetch the best results only when they are targeted optimally because targeting the entire universe of Instagram users can be a complete waste of time and money. The factors you can consider for identifying your audience can include the location, age, gender, as well as demographics like education, lifestyle, and employment.

You can use additional filters like past purchase behavior, interests, languages spoken, connections to your page or app, or even people who have visited your website.

A useful factor is an expressed intention to do something that has a direct correlation to your product. For example, if you are selling travel bags, an audience who has expressed an intention to travel can be extremely lucrative for earning real Instagram likes and conversions.

Allocate Your Advertisement Budget and Fix Your Schedule 

While it helps to have a deep pocket, the good thing about running an advertisement campaign on Instagram is that you have complete control over your ad budget as well as the schedule. The first decision that marketers need to take is choosing between a daily budget and a lifetime budget.

While a daily budget will allow your campaign to go on perpetually till you terminate it but limit the spending to the allotted amount per day, a lifetime budget will run for the period you choose and terminate thereafter.

To execute a lifetime budget, you will need to set a schedule manually for the ads to run. You have the liberty to specify the days on which your ads will be displayed, so if you want them to run on the weekends, for example, you can do so.

Select the Format of Ads on Instagram 

At the time of designing your Instagram advertisement, you should be especially alert to the sizing specifications that Instagram has laid down so that you upload ads that are correctly sized and display optimally.

Instagram gives you the option of running different kinds of ads such as photo ads, carousel ads, collection ads, and Stories ads. Photo ads comprise a single image, so it is vital to choose the design with care while carousel ads allow users to scroll through multiple images or videos horizontally on their mobiles.

You can display up to four images on carousel ads, according to Collection ads allow users to make purchases directly from the visual while Stories ads that can either be images or videos that run when users are taping the Stories they want to view.

Build a strong brand  

Clearness, inventiveness, and consistency are rulers for ventures intending to construct brand mindfulness on Instagram. A flighty, indiscriminate methodology simply doesn’t work. Attempt to zero in on center zones like introducing your profile, making style designs that keep your pictures looking new, and acing hashtag use.

You ought to likewise be communicating consistently with your devotees to develop commitment and dedication. By road mapping your cycles and brand best practices for Instagram, you can introduce a positive and reliable brand to your intended interest group. 

Instagram Brand awareness

Have a visually consistent Instagram feed

Instagram is an outwardly determined stage that rewards stylishly satisfying substance. Albeit polished flawlessness is dropping unpopular, the core of Instagram is visual substance and that will never show signs of change.

Today, clients float towards real articulation and differing viewpoints. Outwardly, high-immersion channels and consummately situated avocado toasts have been supplanted with real shots, quieted, natural tones, and a serene altering style. A famous look is to decrease features and increment the brilliance of photographs, without contacting the tones themselves to an extreme, bringing about a characteristic look. A few people even go for a “no alter”.

Yet, more significant than following a particular altering style is to have an outwardly reliable feed. As per a Web Dam online media report, 60% of the best-performing brands on Instagram have a reliable look each time they post. Your look should coordinate with your image character and appeal to the crowd you’re attempting to draw in. Accept the Five Minute Journal for instance. Their feed brings out a sentiment of quiet, mindful reflection—simply like their image. 

Choose the right hashtags

Choosing the best hashtags for your Instagram posts can mean the distinction between showing up as a top post or sinking to the lower part of the feed suddenly and completely. Make your hashtags excessively nonexclusive – think #christmas or #fashion – and your post will confront rivalry from possibly a large number of others.

Rather, utilize a blend of moving and industry-explicit hashtags to locate the best hashtag to interface with your focused on supporters. For the best outcomes, research each hashtag. Take a gander at the sort of substance and the number of preferences on its top-performing posts—if your substance coordinates, you have yourself a triumphant hashtag.

The quantity of hashtags you send is additionally basic. While Instagram takes into account up to 30, a mass of labels underneath your inscription chances looking both untargeted and amateurish. That is the reason 91% of posts by top brands utilize seven or fewer hashtags to get numerous preferences.

As indicated by certain, posts with more than 11 hashtags get the most collaboration. Indeed, even one hashtag can expand commitment to your post by up to 12.6%. To help conclude which is the correct number for your image, distinguish the number of hashtags your rivals and area influencers ordinarily use, at that point try different things with contrasting hashtag volumes on your posts until you locate your sweet spot. 

Recall that Instagram’s calculation punishes “malicious” conduct, so differ the number and sort of hashtags you use to diminish the odds of this occurrence. Similarly, ensure the hashtags you pick are genuinely what they appear. A few brands have wound up in humiliating circumstances when they’ve guiltlessly utilized hashtags that really had a place with a portion of the web’s more unusual networks. 

Create a branded hashtag 

A marked hashtag is frequently a key aspect of an effective Instagram advertising methodology. The best beginning stage is an overall marked hashtag.

It ought to be short, vital, and incorporate your image name in some structure. Think #FrankEffect from Frank Body or #ColourPopMe from Color Pop Cosmetics. The advantages of a marked hashtag are to make your substance more discoverable, direct people to your profile, and making a more grounded network around your image.

It will likewise assist you with arranging your substance, making it effectively findable and identifiable. Spot the hashtag in your profile, with the goal that it’s effectively noticeable to anybody visiting your profile.

What’s more, nobody says you must have only one hashtag. You can likewise make hashtags for a particular mission or rivalry, grandstand brand advocates, or energize client produced content. Take the athleisure brand Athleta for instance. The brand selected the hashtag #PowerofShe, which fits directly in with its main goal of enabling ladies.


You can ensure a better chance of running a successful advertising campaign by focusing on the key objectives and goals, and putting their money behind content that you know resonates well with your audience. You should make sure that the advertising campaigns contribute to your stated objectives, and remember to measure the performance of your campaign so that you can realign it if needed.