vcomp110.dll is missing Error [Troubleshooting Guide]

Any fatal error or missing file issue irritates, and if not solved, all dependencies and pending works are stopped. This DLL missing error, i.e., Vcomp110.dll missing, is due to a library file known as DLL file, and Microsoft has developed this library. This means that the mentioned file is a mandatory system file and must be located in the SYSTEM32 folder. The same comprises of major procedures and driver functionalities applied by Windows itself.

You must be thinking about why this DLL is used and how does it function? This DLL file is called the Microsoft C/C++ Runtime file, which is normally linked with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 version. The file plays a vital role in the system’s functionality, assuring that Windows and its related programs and features are properly working and running. Therefore, if the same is missing or is not found, this may negatively impact associated software and Windows OS. 

When you receive this DLL missing error, there can exist multiple reasons for that. These may include Registry editor issues in Windows, any malicious software entries, faulty applications, viruses, file deletion by anti-virus, and much more. All the error messages related to this also indicate that either the application is improperly installed or is corrupted, causing the removal of this file from the Windows system. Other relevant errors include vcomp110.dll missing, Error in loading vcomp110.dll file, vcomp110 crash, vcomp110.dll could not be located, can’t register vcomp110.dll, and much more.

There are numerous ways to show this vcomp110.dll Error on your personal computer. The most common of them are mentioned below.

  Vcomp110.dll Not Found – The Error states that the current application is failed and is not starting. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Cannot find [PATH]\vcomp110.dll –This is about unsuccessful application initialization saying vcomp110.dll is missing from your computer. 

The file vcomp110.dll is missing – This prevents the computer’s application to start and recommends you to restart or re-install the current application

Causes of Vcomp110.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

These Vcomp110.dll errors take place when the situations or circumstances occur, leading to critical issues. In such cases, this DLL file gets corrupted or is removed, and these errors indicate related matters. Moreover, registry issues, virus problems, malware problems, and hardware failures also occur when these DLL files are missing or are not found. 

Vcomp110.dll error messages might appear while installing certain programs, when Windows starts or shuts down, or maybe even during a Windows installation. The context of the vcomp110.dll error is an important piece of information that will help solve the problem.

The error message of this not found or missing file applies to any application, program, or system, which might use any file or library of Microsoft OS, including Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, 200, Me, or any of them.

How to Fix Vcomp110.dll Errors

The first mistake usually users make is that they start searching on Google or any search engine about the mentioned errors and downloading missing DLL files. This is done mostly from any download website or DLL site. This produces viruses and malwares in the system leading to more issues instead of solving the current.  Please install the missing file from legitimate sources or any trusted websites or platforms to ensure the best security and reliability.

Let’s have a look at the basic steps, which can be followed in this regard

  1. You can try starting Windows in Safe Mode if Windows in normal condition is not accessible. You can check this DLL file there if found and then again restart in normal mode if prompted
  2. Browse for Visual C++ for Studio 2012 Update 4 or any latest update and download the same. This package you can download and then run. The same will let you restore and replace the vcomp110.dll file with the newest copy provided perfectly by Microsoft


Note: Microsoft normally provides its users with specific download options for the same update depending on the Windows versions you are using, i.e., 32 or 64. Check first which version you are using and see if the same is compatible with you. If you have a computer less than five years old, most probably you would have a 64-bit system

  1. Try your level best to apply the update mentioned in the previous step. Hopefully, you won’t need any further assistance as this solves 80% of problems for users solving file missing issues for vcomp110.dll
  2. You can re-install Visual C++ from the installation folder. The same problem is not solved from the Microsoft website. Sometimes it happens if any application, game, or program holds or freezes the system and blocks or halts DLL file or may need the updated version of some DLL file for better and optimal performance. The installation folder, in this case, can be any maybe in C: or vcredist folder. You can open the folder and replace the vcomp110.dll with a new one. 
  3. Restore the file if you have deleted it mistakenly. If you did not press SHIFT+DELETE, you could recover any deleted file from Recycle bin easily
  4. If you have permanently deleted this DLL file, you can still recover the same, but it will need some recovery software application for the same 
  5. You can also scan your PC or system, and this Error can be due to some malware. So, deleting that malware may help you out. Infections sometimes delete these DLL files, and removing them may take files back
  6. Performing system restore can also bring your all data back to the specific date. Suppose your PC was working well, including all applications since last week. You can now restore your PC by putting the previous week’s date and click the Restore option. This will import your data back, including all configurations and initialization files


7.Re-installing the application or a program may also help in some cases to recover the fresh copy of the vcom110.dll file but not always

8.You can copy the same vcom110.dll file from your system and paste it into your application’s folder. This may help but is not guaranteed. This is because a computer system folder named System32 has this file, which may or may not help you in this regard

9.You can find the installation folder or directory of the same application you are running and check your file. You can see if there is an EXE file of your application, and you will find your missing DLL there, too, in the root directory. Similarly, if you find DLL from anywhere online or from PC anywhere, you can paste the same in this folder to make things work

10.Sometimes, Windows Updates solve many issues related to any missing files or programs. Many service packs and patches are released back by Windows updates if they are missing, especially DLL files. The vcom110.dll may be found in these updates too

11.You can also run a memory test and then a hard disk check too. Your PC memory and hard drive tests are easy to perform, and they probably fetch missing DLL files if there are any, and you can get rid of these errors usually. If any of the hardware fails these tests, you better should do memory replacement or hard drive replacement at your earliest

12.You can also repair your windows OS, and if still, it does not bring the vcom110.dll file for you, you can do startup repair for windows or restore DLL by repairing the application’s installation to previous versions


You can also use registry cleaning to repair vcom110.dll and find relevant issues in the registry editor. The registry is very important; therefore, you must take a backup of the same first. You can check online any registry cleaner program, which will eventually remove invalid vcom110.dll file entries in the registry, which cause these errors mostly 

Note: Please note that these registry cleaners you use must be authentic and genuine and must not induce any viruses in your system. This may increase your problems instead of helping you. It would be best if you check out user reviews for the same and then move ahead

The last step you can try is to perform a clean installation of Windows OS. Remember! This should be the last one. Most users keep it as first, which is never recommended. Having clean installation means to run FDISK, i.e., Format disk, meaning that it will erase each and everything from the system. This will put a new Windows copy in your system, making each and everything as fresh and replacing all new files with older ones. It is highly recommended to take backup to save you from hassles


We have tried providing the best solutions for the vcomp110.dll is missing Error. The same is not limited to these, and you can try many others as per your experiences and the application you are working for. This may include checking graphics, hardware, system memory, RAM, and much more. Moreover, you must read the developer’s manual for the same if you need any assistance.