[Solved] Windows Cannot Find vcredist_x64_2015.exe

The most common Error, which usually teases us especially during “Elder Scrolls,” is a Visual C++ error stating “windows can’t find vcredist_x64_2015.exe”. The Error notifies the user that the version of C++ you are having is either expired or corrupt. One can’t tell the exact cause until or unless it is presented before an expert or software personnel. The most common of the reasons may include:

Solutions for the same can be many as it depends on the root cause of the Error. It also depends on the time when Error was seen first on the screen. Let us have a look at the best one of them.

Working Around for the vcedist_x64_2015.exe Error

Step 1: Explore Launcher Folder

First, you need to go to the launcher folder. It can be either steam or non-steam. For steam, its default location is in C drive. The exact path is:

C:\Program Files (86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Zenimax Online\Launcher. Please note that Program files may vary like it can be simply Program files or Program files (86) depending on your OS versions

Similarly, for non-steam, C:\Program Files (86)\ Zenimax Online \ Launcher will be its default location.

You should now locate the following below-mentioned files.


Those mentioned above are for two operating systems, i.e., 64 and 32-bit operating systems. X86 is for 32-bit systems, and the other one is for 64 bit OS. Please note that both are exe files. Therefore, you need extra care while treating them, i.e., you should disable your antivirus to catch them anonymously, and you also need to take care of executables as they should not disturb your OS environments.

Step 2: Install the Application

When you are done finding and scanning them, you now have to choose the option “Install.” Right after you that, it will either accept your install request or will prompt you with some error messages.

Remember, if you get an error message, you should follow the instructions given there within the message. Maybe, it will divert you to some web page or error report, or maybe you would be going to control panel of your computer where you can make certain repairs or uninstalls. 

Step 3: Locate exe files (Depending on OS version)

Third, if you are sent to the control panel of your OS, you will be locating the files and perform repairs. If Error is not solved, you might need to uninstall the given files. The files include:

Visual C++   2-15 Redistributable (x64) by Microsoft
Visual C++   2-15 Redistributable (x864) by Microsoft

As we said earlier, these mentioned above are also for both OS versions. 

Step 4: Re-Install Application again and Check

After complete and clean uninstallation, you can now launch “Elder Scrolls” and their launcher. You can now repair the application and check everything from the launcher.

Technically, it should re-install and download the “vcredist_x64_2015.exe” file again for 64- bit OS or the same (86) file for a 32-bit system. If the same is not available, it should take the same either form windows update or directly from Microsoft website.

One most important factor is to be noted here, i.e., if you have the latest version of this file, but the windows version is old, or vice versa is even true; Error would still exist. Hence, it will help if you make updates in any of them, depending on OS or file’s expiry.

Step 5: Run Windows Update

You are not ought to ignore windows update. It will help if you assure first that there are no windows glitches, and all updates are thoroughly done for OS. You can do so by visiting the Windows Update section on your Cpanel. After running al updates, check if there are any missing or need up-gradation.

Do so and restart your PC. After rebooting, check if an additional updates are remaining and install them too.  The below-menti0oned ones are core ones and must exist in your system.


The first one needs 800 MB or more space on your HDD and may need some pre-requisites also. OS needs to be fully updated for the same. The second one is for Universal runtime in Windows.

The said Error also can take place if graphic drivers are either not in place or updated. You can also have a look at integrated GPUs. Please keep in mind that sometimes, Windows Update may not run due to some inconsistencies, and you need to contact Microsoft Support in this regard.

Note: The settings we have discussed above are for Windows 7 OS. The procedure remains the same, but yes, some of the features, repairs, or file locations may vary. You should look for the same somewhere or ask an expert if you have other OS or MAC. But the solution steps remain the same for all OS systems.

Causes of the Error

Software Malfunctioning
C++ is outdated
C++ is corrupt
Older OS  
OS is not upgraded
RAM/storage issues
Cache issues (very rare)
Registry issues
Low HD
Non-supported exe file versions

Windows update halted (This is the most common issue as many users are fed up with updates, and close/restart their PC. This results in windows crash or system files modifications). Even though there is a notification coming, i.e., please don’t turn off your computer, but more than 60% of the users ignore it.


Summing it all up, if you are doing repairs, it won’t be a problem, but yes, if you are making installation of re-installs, you better check system requirements for your OS. We are saying this because sometimes an application is installed, but technically, it is either not supported or not suitable for the current OS.

Though there is no error displayed when you run the application or check logs, there are some discrepancies shown.

Therefore, make sure that you are having supported OS for the same exe file, i.e., minimum Windows 7 SP1, or windows server 2003 R2 SP1, 1.6 or more GHz processor, 1.5 GB or more RAM, more than 5 GB HDD, more than 5400 RPM HD, and the most important one, i.e., DIRECTX 9 or more for the best video-playing capability for higher resolutions. Browsers supported include IE 10 or more and Chrome latest version.